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The Lonely Kitchen

Years ago I was preparing a belated Christmas dinner for my fiance and me. The kitchen was very quiet, and the lonelyness of that silence set into me. I really wanted to have someone to talk to then. I stood there chopping the onions while the stuffing heated in the microwave which hummed quietly behind me. I felt a great wave of sorrow come over me. Usually the silence doesn't bother me, but that day, while making a special occasion dinner which usually involves family, I had no one around. My fiance wasn't due home until late that night, which made it even sadder.

I continued on with dinner, but with each new task the house seemed to close in around me. At one point I wondered why I was doing it at all. Why was I making this big dinner that will take us a week to really finish? (It did take us a week, with only 2 meals that were different a couple of nights.)

There are times where being alone but for a significant other can be overwhelming, but the hardest times are those special occasions which are family centric. Am I the only lonely house"wife" that sometimes gets lonely on those days?


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