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There will be no sad good-byes
None at all
I will you through the gate
Down the hall
No good-byes just love.

Messed Up

My life is a mess.
I don't know what to do.
I need a love.
I want it to be you.
I want to be yours,
and you mine.
I have to say this.
Will you be my Valentine?

Knights of Old

From the wall of Malakar
The knights did reign
They grew old
And never seen again.

Then one day the hero came
He brought back glory
But the kinghts of old knew
That could not be the story.

They sent him on a quest
Surly to kill him
Unbeknownst to the knights
He was a strong jyn.

The hero quested far
almost to his death
He found the sacred item
and took it to the rest.


For every ping
there is a pong

For every right
there is a wrong

For every push
there is a pull

For every genious
there is a fool

For every mountain
there is a dale

For every breeze
there is a gale



I want a good life
I need a break
But now I know
My life was a mistake
I need a good rest
In a friendly abode
But I carry around
a horrid mental load
My name is opposite
of my true life
I need to know if
I am doing it right.


He walks in darkness
I walk in light.
Highs and lows are he
The middle ground is my plight.
Crooked and broken his soul
Straight and true are mine.


He is the dam that holds my emotions at bay
He the one that had come and saved my day

Until the end of time that's how strong my love is
I'm on the line until that time comes in

I can't hold my love back it might bring on madness
I don't know whose it could be his or mine.


I hope my guardian angel can see
the happiness between Richard and me.

I feel complete when he is around
I know my mental state is safe and sound.

When I'm laying there in his arms
My mind is still, with no cause for alarm.

The futre is clounded, opaque to me,
but I have a strong feeling it will be happy.


One phrase knocked me down
It stormed into my heart
I was left without
I didn't know where to start.

My heart divided
My mind racing faster
But what can be said
That won't be disaster.

I said I love you
Did I make a bad choice
I hope I did not
My hope I had to voice.

Choose now what you want
But to yourself be true
When you say the words
"I love you."


My heart bleeds
behind the walls
I built tall
around my heart.

Calls of love
lay on the ground
I take it.

Inside the room
I walk staring
at the love
not sharing it.

Love sits silent
on the shelf where
it yells out
"It is you I love"


Take me home!
Oh, please take me home.
I don't want to be with you anymore.

I don't care about you,
You hurt me too much
I need some time to breathe
and you won't give it.
Give me time to think
and I might come back.

Take me home!
Oh, please take me home.
I don't want to be with you anymore.

Don't follow me around,
that tells me you don't care.
You don't care that I might
break when I see you again.
Seeing you hurts don't you see
You hurt me!

So please...take me home!
Oh, please take me home.
I don't want to be with you anymore.


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