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To the people out there,
I bring you glad tidings.
A child hath been born
He will start a lot of fighting.
You, the people, will praise him
and you shall glorify His name.
When the Pharoses doubt Him,
you will follow and do the same.
You will spit on Him, mock Him,
Saying vile and evil things.
Why did this have to happen
to One for whom angels sing?
He was hung from a cross
same as a murderer or thief would get
He died a painful, hurtful death
no one would ever forget.

My September 11, 2001

It was a day like none other in the States;
a day too many people met dire fates.

As he listened, the President's eyes went blank,
the horror of the event, did not flinch just shrank.

As I sat and watched the Twin Towers fall
and saw the fires in the Pentagon walls.

My eyes teared up and I did not want to see
the videos that would record history.

I was attracted to the horrible views.
Scared, I did not know what I should or could do.

I called my mom, dad, sisters, brother, and love.
I was afraid of what could come down from above.

Yet, I had thought that the skies were cleared and empty
Then the jets and 'copters came, there were plenty.

I looked to the north, a hop, skip but not a jump.
They flew in that direction, my throat, a lump.

The rest of that day and into that dark night,
I watched those searching, I watched their plight.

And during that beautiful day, I shed tears.
For days after I continued to have fears.


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