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Poems of Fear

The Black Deed

Out of the shadows
walks a man
in a dark cloak
through the mists
Touched by madness
haunted by his past
he strides quickly
past the light.
I call to him
hold my arms open
for his embrace
to heal him.
He sees me
stalks me in the night.
He enters my embrace
but takes my soul.
He left me for dead
in the gutter
filthy from his deed
yet I live.
In the place of
my soul
he left his instead.

Broken Promises

Shattered dreams are what I cherish.
My hope and dreams have been burned.
My fears lay ahead of me.
My nightmares have returned.

I fly from shadows and light.
My soul reaches out for aid.
Warped and twisted is my heart.
The light in my eyes will fade.

Childʼs Nightmare

Bash boom bang
It's killing time.
Slash vroom clang,
Death is mine.
Blow, shrug, roar,
Weapons out.
Slow, mug, bore,
All will shout.
Crunch, stomp, splat,
Knives are out.
Scrunch, tromp, scat,
Blood all about.
Wail, howl, moan,
Terror reigns.
Hail, scowl, drone,
All in pain.
(Sounds of terror)
(Sounds of fear.)
(Sounds of death.)
(But no tears.)

Fever Dream

Fire everywhere
Throats parched

See the fires
Smoke everywhere
Sooty walls
Silenced screams

Fallen bodies
Children dead
Weeping women
Sense of dread

Barking dogs
Pyres piled high
Burning bodies
Darkened sky

Mute people
Throats closed
Unsteady walking
Death in throes

Desperate people
No hope
Limp babies
Mothers cope

Black smoke
Roaring fires
More dying
Bodies piled higher

Someone screaming
I drink from a cup
A fever dream
I wake up.

Soulʼs Salvation

My heart bleeds
cold on the ground.
My fear mounts,
past demons abound.
My eyes dim,
the darkness falls.
My ears ring
I hear Chiron's calls.
My hands shake,
the terror rises.
My heart pounds,
the horrid surprises.

I need to be found
My life, bleeding, palls.
My body, mind, soul dies.


The night so old-and deep
My dreams troubled-in sleep
Frontiers unknown-strong fears
Sun so bright-will sear.
Trudging through snow-so cold
My body fragile-so old
Storms rising-so fierce
Slowly I weaken-I curse
I die.

The Huntress Seductress

I am on the prowl
My methods most fowl
Words are my weapon
Hearts they do threaten

I choose words as lures
I make a tight net
They can not escape
The trap has been set.

I tease them to me
Seeing all of my charms
Quieting their fear
Quelling their alarms.

They pay a high price
For my attention
They give me their heart
Deadly attraction

Minds become obsessed
Falling into my trap
Their souls are mine
Their wills I will sap

They chase lusting for me
Hungrily I wait
The closer they come
My hunger they will sate

They offer me love
I nod and accept
I laugh as they cry
I hold them in contempt

My heart is stone cold
Their bodies they give
Their love passes through
My emotional sieve

Their tears mean little
To my stone cold heart
I feed on their love
They try to depart

When finally snared
Tightly in my grasp
I stop and stare
Hurting they gasp

They beg me and plead
For release from the pain
I refuse and taunt them
They struggle in vain.

I stand back looking
At what I have done
I crumple inwards
But tears will not come

I look at the dead
Hearts piled up high
I take knife to wrist
Why not just die

The knife falls limply
Out of my shaking
Hand, I fall on it
My heart still beating.

I cry at the moon
I yell at the sky
My heart still beating
I will not just die.

My life without love
No one touching my soul
My heart is not dead
I will never be whole.


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