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Poems of Desire

To all the men I have loved before

I know that we have had fun
Fun with our bodies
Fun with our senses

I know that at one time I gave
Gave you my body
Gave into the fun

I know that I said I love you
You had my body
You had my soul

I know that I left you all alone
All alone without my body
All alone without my soul

I know that you left me alone
Alone without your touch
Alone without your love

I am with someone else now
He fills my senses with passion
He fills my heart with love
He fills my body and my soul

I won't leave him nor he me.

Secret Love

My heart is misplaced
My mind acknowledges

my pain.

My body felt his touch
My soul went up

in flames.

I see his face constantly
I hear his voice inside

my head.

I feel his hands on me
I must know why I

feel dread.

Heart broken I stand.
Soul pierced I fall


Eyes full of many tears.
Mouth closed many words


Passion wracks my body.
Love wavers in my heart


A spoken word can kill
A part of me dies whenever

we meet.

Illicit Love

I desire your touch on my skin
I want to feel you inside of me again.
I long for your caresses on my flesh
I need you to love me again.

I miss your arms around me still
I cry not, with only strength of will.
My heart grows colder with time.
My love for you I must kill.

I crossed that line not knowing.
I hide it within me not showing
I love you against the rules we set
Yet I found it inside of me growing.

Once I almost said those words.
Once I was tempted with the absurd.
I know you will never be mine.
I am entangled in love's cords.

I let my heart freedom to roam
And now it won't come back home.
I regret only one thing in this affair.
That I can't have you for my own.


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