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Silly Poems

Momʼs Kitchen

Sizzle Sizzle on the stove
Mommy's cooking dinner
It'll taste good 'cause
Mom's cooking is a winner


Everyone gets them
Nobody sees them
But they're there
And they're going
to get you.

Aluminum Cans

Aluminum cans can hold
things untold
And if you like it
You can spike it.

Ode to my Thread

I spontaneously wrote this poem on WXCity Forums.

I love my thread.
I cherish my thread.
You want to put my thread to bed?
I feel a sense of dread.

I am pouting.
I am sniffling.
Do you want to see me crying?
This long thread is dying.

Create a FAQ?
I take that back.
Patience is the thing that I lack.
This thread is now off track.

Do what you must.
You have a trust.
My bubble you will have to bust.
Now I will have to dust.

You have control.
I'm on a roll.
This thread's death bell loudly will toll.
I will take a stroll.

Good-bye my thread.
You are now dead.
I will have to press on ahead.
Ode to my thread.


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