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Necessary Roughness

These are all my hopes and dreams for the television series Necessary Roughness after season 3. With Necessary Roughness cancelled, this is all I have in my head. There will be complete scenes and incomplete thoughts. This may be a bit of a jumbled mess, but I will try to keep it in my mental chronological order. If you like something, please let me know.

4.01 unnamed

Nico and Dani are about to get on the plane when a car rolls up. It is Agent Bennet.

Nico steps forward and in anger says, I thought we were done!

I'm not here for you Careles, I'm here for her. Bennet replies looking at Dani.

I thought you had everything you needed for your V3 case? Dani says confused.

This has nothing to do with V3, Dr. Santino.

Then what?

Doctor, you have a reputation for quick fixes from your time at the Hawks and now with V3, and I am desperate for one of your quick fixes now.

As you know, I am exclusive to V3 Agent Bennet. I can't help you.

Please, it will be completely off the books, V3 will never know. I'm trying to put a killer away and now a key witness won't testify no matter how many assurances I give. We have him going into Witness Security already after he testifies, he's sequestered and protected by agents at all times, but something has spooked him over night, and we don't know what it is. Our psychologists are stumped.

Dani looks up at Nico.

Doctor, I know you don't like me, and I am not asking for a full course of treatment. Please, just talk to him for an hour, consult with our psychologists, then you can fly away and never see me again, hopefully.

Just an hour, Bennet?

Just an hour, Doctor.


I'll close up the plane. I'm coming with you. Nico says with a scowl.

Dani is told by the FBI psychologists the witness has always been erratic but consistent. He complains of increasingly bad headaches. An MRI reveals he does not need therapy, but emergency brain surgery. He has a brain tumor that has been slowly growing, and the night before it grew to the point where it finally made him nearly shut down.

Dani berates the young criminal psychologists for not finding the tumor sooner. She warns Bennet the surgery may not save his case.

A week later...

Terrence is in his his old neighborhood visiting with friends and checking in with the manager of the Winky Dog which he still owns. While talking with the manager, he notices people running and shouting outside. He goes outside and sees a building down the block with smoke pouring out of the windows. When he gets to the building, he looks up at a window in an alley and sees a woman at a fourth story window holding her baby out of the window. Without thinking Terrence runs into the alley, not hearing the fast approaching sirens, as he sees the woman lose her grip on the baby and the baby falls. Some of the people who were in the Winky Dog who followed Terrence out grab their phones and record Terrence running into the alley.

As if everything were in slow motion, Terrence reaches out with his good arm and snatches the baby out of the air. He pivots quickly and runs out of the alley to the sidewalk across the street. When he gets to the sidewalk, he cradles the baby in his good arm. Then the ambulance chasing reporters arrive on the scene and see Terrence holding the baby he just rescued. They ask onlookers questions about Terrence and the baby and those who recorded the rescue show their videos to the reporters. The reporters descend on Terrence as the amatuer videos hit social media websites.

TK, what a magnificent catch! says a reporter.

Thank you, I'm glad I was here to save this little girl.

You're a hero TK! another reporter shouts out.

I am not a hero! TK begins with a hint of the anger he was known for in the past. I hope that had I not been here, someone else would have run into the alley and tried to save her! I'm no hero, just a man who was in the right place at the right time to do something good. I'm not going to get a big head over this because my therapist would have to shrink it back down to size. I don't know why her mother didn't use the fire escape, but I would suggest to everyone when you get home tonight check your fire escape plans. I will be calling my security guy to go over the fire escape route out of my building. Now, if you will excuse me, I have a meeting with my coach in a couple of hours, so I'd best be on my way.

As he was talking, an EMT came up to Terrence to take the baby to an ambulance. Before the EMT could leave, Terreance calls out What's your name?

Adam Johnson. the EMT replied.

Now there is a hero ladies and gentlemen. was Terrence's parting remark as he walked briskly away from the reporters.

Dani and Nico, at about the same time the TK catches baby videos are going viral, are eating lunch with Jeanette and Agusto in one of the better resteraunts in Barcelona. Within moments of each other Dani's and Nico's phones lit up with text messages from Paloma.

You have to see this! was the text from Paloma with video attachments.

Dani and Nico look at each other; Dani grimacing, and Nico sighing.

Do you mind? Dani asks Jeanette and Agusto.

Go ahead. Jeanette says with a single wave of her hand.

Dani and Nico open the first video and watch Terrence running into the alley and catch the baby.

Oh my God! Dani softly yells involuntarily. Nico just stares.

Dani opens the next video and sees Terrence with the reporters. She rolls her eyes when Terrence mentions his therapist then looks at Nico when Terrence mentions his security guy.

He's going to be calling me tonight, isn't he? Nico says with some resgination.

Yes he is. Dani replies with a grimace.

They have barely gotten a sip of really good coffee down when Dani's phone call again, this time Paloma is calling.

What Paloma? Dani asks.

Dani you won't believe how crazy it has gotten around here! The phones are ringing off the hook. The TK video has gone completely viral, and everyone wants TK! Isn't it amazing? I've never seen V3 this busy!

It is Paloma, and you can tell me all about it when I get back, okay?

Okay, but this is so fun!

Very early the next morning in Barcelona, Nico gets the phone call from Terrence. Nico deflects and goes back to sleep.

Near the end of the episode, and two months later...

Bennett breathes a sigh of relief when the witness is found competent to testify.

Nico is in the kitchen when Lindsay clomps downstairs after just waking up.

Good morning. Nico says when she steps to the kitchen floor.

What are you doing here?! Lindsay asks startled.

Making coffee. Nico smiles.

No, what are you doing in our house?! Are you dating Mom?! Lindsay apparently is still waking up.


Lindsay suddenly looks down at what she is wearing. She is only wearing an old jersey of TK's, the same one she tried to sell all those years ago.

Oh my God! she yells as she runs back upstairs. When she gets there, she can be heard yelling Mom! Tell me the next time your boyfriend is spending night!

Dani is heard saying. Sorry Lindsay!

Dani appears in the kitchen in her robe and smiles at Nico. Sorry about that.

It's okay. Coffee?

Yes, please. she smiles as she takes the first sip.

At the Bobcats offices

Coach Pat Purnell invites Dr. India to the Bobcats offices to discuss Terrence's condition. Last season the Bobcats lost a trainer, and Purnell asks India if she wants the job after going over her credentials. The interview is akin to the interview Dani was given in the Pilot. She tels Purnell she has to think about it. He gives her until summer camp begins. (I am not sure when this happens in the episode yet.)

4.02 Keys and Locks

Several months after Dani and Nico return from Barcelona...

It is afternoon when there is a knock at the front door. Dani is just coming out of a session with a client so Lindsay comes downstairs and answers the door.

Hey Nico, Mom still makes you knock?

I hadn't really thought about it. Nico says drolly.

Dani comes around the corner from the kitchen.

Mom, you still make Nico knock? Really?

Well, Lindsay, would you mind him just walking in?

He's here almost all the time these days, so why not? then Lindsay turns and goes back upstairs.

Dani and Nico look up at Lindsay's retreating back then at each other.

The next time you come over, just walk right in. Dani says with a grin to Nico.

The next evening Nico stands facing Dani's front door. Every visit before this one, he lifted his hand and knocked. If it had been a few hours later, his knocking was always followed by the sound of Dani's footsteps coming down the stairs while pulling a robe over whatever she wore to bed that night. He remembers with a smile the first time he knocked on the front door of her house which lead to taking her into the air in her first helicopter ride.

It takes him a moment to readjust his routine. He takes a small breath, takes hold of and turns the handle, then walks inside.

Dani! Nico calls just to let her know he is there.

Here! Dani replies from the family room.

He turns to the left and sees her curled up on the sofa in the family room. He takes off his jacket and places it on the back of a chair. Dani uncurls and stands with her right hand behind her back. She walks over to him and puts her left hand on the back of his neck to draw his head down to hers for a kiss. While they kiss he tries to move his left hand behind her to find out what she is holding.

You really don't like surprises do you, Dominic? she says softly with a smile. Using his full first name has become an endearment.

It depends on the surprise. he smiles back.

Dani brings her right hand forward and gives Nico a small rectangular brown box with a tiny blue bow. He opens it gently and sees three keys and a remote control. She gently lifts the keys from the box.

This one is for the front door, this is for the back door, and this is for the office door. Before she could say and this is the garage door opener, Nico pulls Dani to him and kisses her deeply and passionately. All of those times he has told her Trust me. have finally had the desired effect.

As they parted, Dani says as though she read his thoughts, I trust you Dominic.

They separate slowly. Nico picks up his jacket and takes a keyring with very few keys out of a pocket. He glides the keyring with the keys to Dani's house onto it, then puts them and the garage door opener into the same pocket.

Have you started dinner yet? Nico asks.

Not yet.

Well then, shall we see what I can make us for dinner tonight. Nico says as he takes Dani's hand and leads her into the kitchen.

Dani has to give her head a little shake. It has been a long time since anyone has made dinner for her at home.

When Dani starts waking up the next morning, she remembers watching Nico's fingers on the set of keys she gave him, then remembers her latest client also toying with a key in the last two sessions.

Dani's latest client is Darius, a male model, who has had problems in his last few photo shoots. So far all Dani knows is his girlfriend recently broke up with him. She has been trying to help him move on, but so far no success. He is very reticent to discuss his girlfriend beyond the superficial. During their session this day, she asks about the key and finds out it is to an apartment he got for his girlfriend. She asks what makes the apartment special, and he offers to show her.

Dani drives Darius to a slightly run down apartment building. He leads her inside and upstairs to the third floor, unlocks and opens a door and lets Dani see inside. What she sees scares her, in the first room she sees what look like devices of torture. She moves to the side of the door and lets the client enter. While the client's view of her is obscured and for the first time, she sends a "911" text to Nico.

Nico receives the text while briefing his V3 security teams about possible problems with some of the new clients. As soon as he sees Dani's 911, he calls off the meeting, texts Dani he is on his way, and runs to his car as soon as the elevator doors open in the parking garage. Nico pulls up the GPS locater on Dani's phone and pulls out of the space with a soft screeching of tires.

Dani has gotten the client to allow Nico to see inside the apartment just as Nico gets there. He walks in and has to take a deep breath. He leaves the apartment and goes down the hall far enough away not to hear Dani's conversation with the client, but close enough to be able to get to her quickly if need be.

Darius turns out to be a submissive masochist. He had put together this apartment for his dominant girlfriend. His girlfriend took one look at the apartment and left him. It turns out she was not as sadistic as he was masochistic. She can't give him what he wants.

Late at night Dani wakes to Nico jerking in his sleep. Usually once Nico falls to sleep, he doesn't move. Dani slips out of bed while watching Nico sleeping and turns on the lamp on her side of the bed. She knows something is going on in his head so walks to his side of the bed but out of arms' reach. She quietly but firmly calls out his name over and over telling him to wake up. He wakes finally sitting up quickly, his eyes wild for a moment.


I'm here. she says as she sits down next to him in bed. You were having a nightmare.

Nico eyes look haunted as he reaches out for her. She scoots close enough to hold him, his chin resting on her shoulder.

They tortured me. was all Nico could say. Dani already knew who he was talking about. She just held him and waited for him to tell her what he could.

Dani eventually finds out Darius became a masochist when his beautiful sister was disfigured in a chemistry lab prank at her college. Her left arm was badly burned. His dreams of being a modeling duo with his sister were crushed. As Darius, whose real name is Albert, talks about his love for his sister, she thinks of Ray Jay and Lindsay.

Late the next night, Nico arrives at the Santino home carrying a cat carrier. He comes in and sees Dani waiting for him on the steps in the foyer. He puts the cat carrier down, opens it, and brings out Onyx.

Dani, this is Onyx. Onyx, this is Dani. Nico says with a grin as he hands Onyx to Dani. Onyx purrs when Dani pets him.

Oh Nico, you're right, cats rule. He's adorable. Dani says as she puts Onyx down on a stair.

I never lie. Nico softly laughs.

Onyx bored apparently climbs up the steps and disappears somewhere upstairs.

TK story

Terrence begins to build friendships with his Bobcats teammates. Since he came in late the previous season, he hadn't gotten a chance to get to know them well, especially after he hurt his shoulder. He sees the offensive line captain setting up pranks around two rookies' lockers, and Terrence tells his captain to reconsider unless the captain wants Purnell to fine him $5,000 a pop. Terrence tells the captain about what happened when he hazed Razor. The offensive line captain pulls out of the pranks.

During practice Terrence's arm is strapped down so he can't hurt his nearly healed shoulder more. He may not be able to catch everything thrown at him yet, but he can still run the plays and do most of the drills. Purnell can't believe what he is seeing, Terrence with one arm is much better than he was a mere three years ago.

4.03 Baby Talk

It is an early Saturday morning, and Dani and Nico decided they would sleep into until one of them gets an inevitable phone call. Around 7:30 am they hear a light knock on the bedroom door then the clicking if the handle being turned. Both prepare to scatter when they hear Lindsay's voice.

Mom? Lindsay calls from the hallway through the crack.

What is it Lindsay? Dani calls back pushing herself up on her elbow as Nico sits up, ready to dive for his clothes.

I just woke up to find a cat at the foot of my bed. When did we get a cat?

Onyx is Nico's cat Linds.

Does this mean Nico is moving in?

Honey, can we talk about this downstairs in a few minutes?

Okay. and Lindsay pulls the door closed.

Nico looks over at Dani, Did I just lose Onyx to Lindsay?

Maybe Onyx didn't want to compete with me for your attention last night. Dani says back with a grin as she slides out of bed and grabs her robe.

No one grabs my attention quicker than you have. Nico says as he pulls a tee shirt over his head.

It is night in the Santino family room. Sports and entertainment news are playing on television with the volume turned down, and music is playing in the background also low. Dani lies on the sofa wearing a nightgown with a light robe over it with her head on Nico's left thigh. Nico has his bare feet up on the coffee table wearing only black sweat pants and a white t-shirt, his left arm stretched out on the back of the sofa.

For the last several days Dani has been pensive around Nico. He knows not to push too hard to find out what is bothering her, but his concern is rising. After taking a sip of wine, he puts the glass down and runs his fingers through Dani's hair. Even now he can not believe he was having a moment like this one. For more than twenty years his relationships with women had always been covert, but with Dani he did not have to hide it from anyone really.

Dani runs the robe's belt nervously through her fingers.

Dani, what's been bothering you? he finally asks softly.

Dani looks up at him with apprehension in her eyes.

I don't know how else to ask this, but Nico, do you want children? she asks softly.

Do I want kids? I hadn't really given it any thought. Maybe twenty, even ten, years ago; but I think I'm a bit too old to even dream of having my own kids.

So, you won't be disappointed if I don't have a baby?

No, he said with a smile I won't be disappointed. Why would you think I'd be?

With a sour expression on her face Because Matt was, it's why we broke up.

But then you were willing, right? he asks with a cocked eyebrow.

Yes, but it was already too late. she says with a shrug.

I think we've been through enough with Juliette, Ray Jay, and Lindsay; don't you?

We have, but...

No buts Dani. I don't need you to get pregnant for me. You never know, there could be a happy accident. he says with a teasing smile and a wink.

I wanted you to know I'm not afraid of getting pregnant by you, Nico.

Nico leans down and kisses Dani gently on her lips with a smile. I know.

If you two are going to have a baby, could you do it sooner rather than later? I'd like a little brother or sister to at least be out of elementary school by the time I have kids. Lindsay says from the doorway between the family room and the kitchen. Dani and Nico look at her slightly startled. And the longer Ray Jay is with Juliette At the mention of Ray Jay and Juliette's relationship, Nico slides his left arm from the back of the sofa to rest gently but firmly across Dani's collarbone. are together, I don't know what will happen. Lindsay shrugs and walks over to pet Onyx sitting near Nico's feet. Good night. And she turns and goes upstairs from the kitchen.

Dani smiles up at Nico, Happy accident? Nico smiles back.

Client of the week

A children's book author, Bea Potts, was photographed coming out of an abortion clinic. While Dani works with her, they find out the Bea has had six abortions in twelve years because she has tokophobia, the fear of pregnancy. The phobia came about after Bea's favorite high school teacher went into labor and was delivered of a baby in the classroom by Bea. Bea was the only student in the class with any first aid training, which she got from being a Girl Scout. Two weeks after the baby was born, Bea found out the baby died from sudden infant death syndrome. Bea blames herself for the baby's death.

Nico works to get the pictures and finds they were taken by the same scumbag who was following Dani years ago.

TK story

TK takes Johnny Cooper, a rookie wide receiver, under his wing when he sees Johnny struggling with the plays and finds out the Johnny has a mild learning disability to Coach Purnell's delight. While working with Johnny, TK looks to the future and sees the end of his career as a player. TK won't see his future as a coach yet, but Purnell does.

4.04 unnamed

It is late at night when Lindsay is dropped off by her date. He walks her to the door, but before she can close it he pushes his way into the house since he was expecting more than just dinner and a movie. Lindsay yells out, but he shoves her to the floor.

Dani is home when this happens and rushes to the foyer. He tries to attack Dani. Lindsay calls the police.

Meanwhile, Nico is on his way to the Santino house after a long day when his cell rings.

Yes. Nico says after seeing the caller is NC Security.

Sir, Lindsay Santino has dialed 911. She is at her residence. a calm voice said.

Nico disconnects the call without so much as a thank you. He pulls a police light from out of apparently no where, puts it on his dashboard, and speeds to home, which is Dani's house.

When Nico gets to the street where Dani lives, he hides the police light as he is driving to the house. He sees the police had already gotten there. He walks by a police car and sees Lindsay's date in the back seat.

Nico comes inside to see if Dani and Lindsay are okay. They are fine though shaken up a bit.

Over the weekend, Lindsay stays in her room mostly. Dani checks on her from time to time, not pushing. Lindsay comes out the following Monday afternoon carrying her tablet. She sees Nico sitting in the family room reading the Hawks Magazine which Dani still gets.

Is Mom around? Lindsay asks.

She's in with a patient. Nico says. Are you all right?

I'm better now after writing all weekend. I had a pretty bad nightmare Friday night, so I wrote it down. It seems to have helped a lot, but Mom isn't going to like it.

Why not?

A few years ago I wrote a story where the mother died, and it hurt Mom's feelings. She asked me not to kill her in my writing, but Nico, she died in my nightmare. Would you read it and tell me if you think she'd be hurt.


Lindsay hands her tablet to Nico and goes into the kitchen to get something to snack on. Nico is a speed reader, so gets through the story in about 45 minutes. By the end, Nico is surprised to find a tear running down his cheek. Lindsay's story really affected him and was extraordinarily good.

Lindsay had been sitting on the other side of the sofa flipping through television channels with the volume down low.

This is very good Lindsay, and I don't think your mom would be mad by the ending just maybe a little sad but also proud you would think of her in that way. Just one question, was I in your nightmare too? The mom's lover in the story is me?

Of course.


What's wow, Nico? Dani says from the doorway into the kitchen.

Lindsay's writing is excellent. Nico says.

I know. Dani says smiling at Lindsay, and Lindsay smiles back.

Last patient of the day? Nico asks.


While you read it, I'll go make dinner for us. How does that sound? Nico says as he gets up to go to the kitchen. As he passes the tablet to Dani, he gives her a little kiss on the top of her head.

Aw, that's so sweet. Lindsay says from the couch.

Both turn and give mildly sour looks to Lindsay, then smile. Nico goes into the kitchen, and Lindsay follows asking if there is anything she can do to help.

When dinner is ready, Dani walks into the kitchen wiping away tears. She gives Lindsay a hug. Great story Linds. was all she could say.

In Lindsay's nightmare and story, Dani died protecting Lindsay from her attacker, and Nico arrived too late to stop it. Nico knelt and held Dani's lifeless body and wept. At the end of the story (but not the nightmare), the Nico-like character watches over the Lindsay-like character for the rest of his life.

Hawks in the news

During the first Hawks home game, several fans find a janitor's body hanging in a bathroom stall. Steve committed suicide just before the fans were let into the stadium. He worked for the Hawks for the last 18 years. The death of Steve overshadows the game. When he is found one fan dutifully calls the police, while other less sensitive fans tweet about it, and one is so tactless to post a picture of Steve's body on Facebook. The Hawks lose.

Nico knows Steve and his family and remembers when Steve got into financial trouble 16 years ago, which prompted Marshall to set up the Hawks Credit Union for Hawks employees. Hawks employees were able to get loans with more than reasonable interest rates. The new owner raised the interest by 1000%. Steve couldn't make payments on his HCU loan with the new interest rate.

4.05 The Crazy Things We Do

It is early morning and the sun is just now coming up while Terrence is getting dressed. He just pulls his shirt over his head when his phone rings. He swipes it from the kitchen counter and is surprised to see Ray Jay is calling. Ray Jay hasn't called him since Dr. Dani set the boundries so many years ago.

Hey Ray Jay, you shouldn't be calling me.

Mom is still your therapist, TK?

Yeah, and you know her boundries.

I'm so sorry to have bothered you. Ray Jay's voice sounds strained, but the call is terminated quickly.

Terrence shakes his head for a moment then sighs.

About half an hour later, Terrence arrives at V3 and Dani's office. Dani is there talking with Nico when Terrence arrives and asks Paloma for a few minutes of her time. Paloma looks up to see Dani waving Terrence into her office. As Terrance enters, Nico begins to stand up to leave.

You can stay Nico, this isn't a therapy thing. Terrence says as he closes the door.

Nico raises his eyebrows showing interest as he readjusts himself in the chair.

What is it then, Terrence? Dani asks.

Dr. D, Ray Jay called me this morning. I told him you were still my therapist so he hung up real quick. I think you should talk to him, he sounded strained. So, since I'm good today, I'll skip my appointment this afternoon, and we can do a week in review on Friday. Use my hour to call him, okay?

Thank you very much Terrence.

Hey, you're welcome. I feel sorry for him having to deal with Juliette Pittman all day every day. I glad I'm not working for the Pittman's anymore.

How did you know Ray Jay was with Juliette? Nico asks.

Nico, after she tried to derail my sobriety, I want to know where she is at all times. And there are plenty of pictures of her around and Ray Jay is in a few of them. Well, I have to get out of here and get to practice in half an hour.

Nico looks at his watch. Bobcats practice starts in an hour.

If I'm not half an hour early, I'm already an hour late. I'm working with rookie Johnny Cooper. Coach is in meltdown because the Bobcats servers were hacked, and he might have to write a whole new playbook. So you can imagine his temper right now. So, I'm out of here.

As he walks through the door, Nico calls after him Drive safe.

Terrence waves with his back to them and says Yes, Dad. then turns the corner.

He didn't, Nico looks at Dani.

He did! Dani smiles back.

Client of the week

An older V3 agent has a nervous breakdown in the lobby of V3. One of her clients has driven her to the edge with his constant phone calls. She deals with the fringe clients.

TK story

TK has been dealing with the press regarding the incident with the dropped baby during the fire months ago. He's been watching what he says and does in front of the cameras lately. He reviews all of his old press and winces most of the time. When he gets to the interview he did for Noelle Saris, he is surprised how wooden he was during the interview which he barely remembers. He has V3 arrange another interview with Noelle, currently married to Matt Donnally. He also invites his ex-girlfriend Vivica Stevens to be part of the no-holds-barred interview.

During the interview, TK is highly reactive and extremely honest when answering their questions. This is the interview Noelle wanted the first time.

At the Bobcats offices

Near the end of the episode...

Coach Purnell is sitting in the Bobcats conference room alone looking over the beginnings of the new playbook. He is very tired.

Hello Pat. came Nico's voice from the doorway.

Do I want to know how you got in here?

Not really.

So, why the sudden visit?

A little bird let me know you were hacked, and I wanted you to know your playbook is safe. The hackers didn't get it. Nico said as he sat down on the table top between two chairs near Purnell.

Purnell looks up at Nico and says with a sigh Terrence.

You didn't hear it from me.

You don't work for me or the Babcats Nico, so what moved you to look into it?

Looking after you is a hard habit to break, Coach.

Purnell stares at Nico for a moment, then a smile slowly appears followed by a genuine mirthful laugh.

There is a certain Doctor we know who is very good at breaking bad habits, Nico.

Nico slides into a chair, both men look at each other in the dim light, then laugh.


Over the last two and a half years, Lindsay has written a lot. She was inspired by her mother's praise of her work. She also knows the college money her mom set aside has been gutted by her father, so she knows her mother is struggling with putting her through college. She did a little research online on how to set up a book for publishing and gathered all of her stories together in hopes of getting published to help her mother pay for part of her college tuition.

Even though Nico has been practically living with them for the last month, Lindsay doesn't know he is wealthy and will be helping Dani put Lindsay though college.

Lindsay, unaware of the V3 politics her mother and Nico are part of, makes an appointment at V3 to get an agent to publish her collection of short stories. She hopes there might even be an employee discount for family members. Abby Bruce agrees to take Lindsay on as a V3 client.

4.06 Coming Home

Ray Jay and Juliette return, exhausted, to New York early one late fall evening with a problem they are trying to fix without anyone's help. Juliette has noticeably changed after living with Ray Jay for over a year with him imposing the Santino family rules. Ray Jay has matured.

At the end of their stay, Juliette and Ray Jay decide having so much responsibility in dealing with her assets day to day is too much, so they put them all in The Pittman-Santino Trust with Nico Careles, Danielle Santino, and Gabrielle Pittman as the Board of Trustees. Ray Jay and Juliette decide to become college students for four years.

TK story

When Noelle's piece on TK hits the air and Vivica's story gets to newstands, TK's star rises again. The ladies were kind to TK while they edited their stories. There is a minor furor at V3 for TK with slightly more serious advertising deals coming in.

At the end of the week, TK gets a call from Vivica. She asks to come over. He immediately says yes, and she is at his door within moments with a bag of groceries. He reminds her neither of them can cook, when she reveals take out under the few items at the top of the bag. Terrance laughs and gets plates.

Client of the week

Nolan Powers is unwillingly back on Dani's couch. His latest incident could land him in jail. Dani tries desperately to convince Nolan to get treatment for his condition.

4.07 Out Loud

Rex and Jim get married; Dani and Nico reveal their relationship, and his wealth, to their friends at the Hawks.

Dani gets a flash drive with a surprising message from her former boss.

4.08 What Doesnʼt Kill You

Pater Masters, a frightning client from Dani's past, escapes from a hospital for the criminally insane sending Dani into hiding with Nico in Atlanta.

Daniʼs family

Nico sends Lindsay, Angela, and Ronnie to Paris under Xeno's protection. They stay with Juliette and Ray Jay. Jeanette and Gusto join them, too.

Hawks in the news

A Hawks cheerleader is involved in a political sex scandal involving a lesbian affair with a very prominent and married District Attorney.

Rex Evans supports the cheerleader in the press, though he moderated his support stating he doesn't condone adultery. The cheerleader still gets fired even with the other cheerleaders and more than a few players supporting her. Rex is disgusted with management.

4.09 Makes You Stronger

Peter Masters continues hunting Dani. He attacks Ray Santino Sr. when Ray goes to Dani's house looking for Lindsay. Ray is seriously injured.

4.12 unnamed

Client of the week

Rex is so dejected, TK can't stand it and sneaks Rex into a session with Dani. TK tells Dani to bill it as if he was in the session. TK waits for Rex to be done on the bench under Dani's kitchen window. (Funny moment: Nico comes home and sees the back of TK's head out the kitchen window. Nico very quietly gets a cup of coffee and sits down quietly at the kitchen table to see what is going on. After about 15 minutes, Nico sees Rex coming out of Dani's office and leaving with TK. While Nico is curious, he knows not to ask but can guess what's going on.) Rex won't leave the Hawks because Jim's software business is based out of New York.

Ray Jay and Juliette

Before coming back to New York to begin college, Juliette takes in one more fashon show. Ray Jay gives Juliette a copy of Lindsay's book. Juliette becomes so engrossed in the stories, she reads the book while at the show. A photographer sells a photo of Juliette reading Lindsay's book which increases sales from only a several hundred to millions over night.

Hawks in the news

Several Hawks players brawl in a bar (unofficially known as a Hawks hangout). A bartender and waitress end up in the hospital in serious condition. The judge sentences all the players involved to several weeks in jail. The Hawks almost forfeit the next game, and several players have melt downs in the locker room.

4.14 All or Nothing

Dani is hospitalized when a violently misogynistic client throws her through a glass panel of her V3 office. She suffers a head injury which could leave her with mild to severe memory loss.

4.15 Moving

Dani and Nico

Dani and Nico realize he has been spending almost every evening and night at Dani's house, so much so he's been given keys to the house and brought Onyx over permanently. He realizes his life has changed while washing dinner dishes with Dani. (Remember, Nico has a Tuesday night restaurant, so he doesn't normally wash dishes.) They talk about his clothes taking up almost half the bedroom closet and his go-bag being back in the trunk of his car. The products he usually uses are in the master bath. Will he take the final plunge and check out of the hotel he has been living in for over a decade?

Client of the week

A man has lived in New York City all of his life but has never been outside of his neighborhood. His whole life to this point has been lived in the same twelve blocks. He has not even been to the Empire State Building or The Statue of Liberty. He works from home and shops online mostly, only going out for groceries at a little grocer down the street. He is having trouble leaving his neighborhood, but for a new job he has to move to a new state. Can Dani get him there?

TK story

TK has been taking a larger leadership role in the Bobcats from taking a rookie under his wing to keeping his teammates out of trouble by doing little things like being the designated driver when the team goes out for fun. Purnell notices and talks to TK about his future as a player and where TK will go next. Will TK be able to move on from being a player to a coach or other position which keeps him in football?

4.16 unnamed

At the Santino home, the family is eating what may be the last whole family, which now includes Nico and Juliette, dinner for a while with Ray Jay, Lindsay, and Juliette starting college the next week. During dinner the conversation is mostly light, however, after dinner while Ray Jay and Lindsay are cleaning up, Juliette sees the headline Murder at Hawks Offices on the news. It had been a while since Juliette had spoken to Darcy, since Juliette reassigned Darcy to another office to make room for Ray Jay to be her assistant, Juliette knew who Darcy was.

Juliette spoke loudly from the family room, How did that happen?!.

Dani asks, How did what happen?

Dad's old assistant Darcy was killed at the Hawks offices!

Upon hearing those words, Nico strides into the family to watch the news story. While watching a sadness creeps unto his face. He remembers her too.

Juliette is so mad at the new owner of the Hawks she demands Nico start looking into reacquiring the Hawks for her, because her Dad is spinning in his grave with how badly the Hawks have been mismanaged over the past two years. She and Ray Jay had already decided on taking courses in business, but now they both have a goal. She tells Nico once the Hawks are reacquired, to get the personnel back from when the Hawks were actually making it to the playoffs. She even promises to be completely hands off, letting whoever the General Manager (Donnelly) is do anything he sees fit to bring the Hawks back to the playoffs. Juliette even gets on the phone to Gabrielle to borrow money from her Mom to reacquire the Hawks.

Hawks in the news

An outraged fan breeches Hawks security and makes it to General Manager and Head Coach Tom Wizinski's office. The fan kills Darcy (see The Nico Files episode one) Wizinski's assistant. Wizinski is able to subdue the fan, seriously injuring the fan in the process. Darcy leaves behind a grieving husband and newborn child.

Nico takes this one personally. Nico "introduced" Darcy to her husband soon after Darcy broke up with Donald. Nico was such a good matchmaker, this time, Darcy married her husband a mere three months after they met. Darcy and her husband were living happily-ever-after until this point. The killer will live the rest of his life in solitary confinement since whenever he gets out, he gets the crap beat out of him.


In season 5, Nico works to reacquire the Hawks for Juliette. The Hawks nearly flat line making them worth far less than when Juliette sold them.

5.8 Going Home

Nico takes Dani and Lindsay to meet his family in Pittsburg.


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