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Love in Space

"Okay Alexandra, sorry about that" he said, then he tickled her, ran across the bar, and out to the docking bay. He knows he just annoyed her to no end. He quickly boarded his ship, the JumpMaster, and took off after receiving a quick clearance from the control tower.

A look a consternation crossed Alexandra's face, and she pursued. She boarded her ship, the Star Sorceress, fuming. She was a tad more polite to the control tower and took off in a stately manner. She quickly found the JumpMaster and set her course to pursue. She chased Jacob through the vastness of space, with steel in her eyes. She had him in her sights as she caught up in her newer model ship, then in her viewer she saw that he has cloaked himself in the darkness of hell, death, and destruction. She then received a communication from him.

"What?" she said crossly.

"I dare you, Alexandra to follow the me on The Road to Styx." He replied darkly.

She followed him down the "road", a newer term for course, to the planet Styx. She did not fear that road all that much. She has followed it in times past. It is one of only a few "roads" that she knew, though this one is the most treacherous.

Both captains have to navigate through the debris from the War of Supremacy. There are fields of mines left over, too. The governments and renegade groups that seeded this area with mines never got around to cleaning up their mess. The War had just been too costly. Anyway, they didn't consider this area of space that important, since the only place to go was to Styx, and no one in their right mind went there. The people on that planet never got along with other races, so they were not disturbed if the few that did decide to take the risk of flying in that area of space got hurt or worse.

When she got to Styx, she saw, through her visual relay, that he had created a Demon's Gate, an impassable fortress of hellfire and death. She sighed, and got ready to leave her ship. Knowing what that Gate can do, she also prepared counter measures against it. She then went to the exit hatch, and ordered the lift lowered, so that she can depart from her ship.

He watched as Alexandra left her ship, and then her attempt to cross through the Gate between her and him. He started his chants softly to the gods of war, rape, looting, pillage, destruction, and death. She heard these chants and she smiled.

"I am above such things as gods" she yelled out to him.

She incanted a spell of magic power beyond any power a god could give. She walked through the gate undamaged.

He failed to notice at first that she followed him and taunted her.

"Alexandra, you did not dare to follow as I suspected you are no sorceress, but a rouge fairy" he smirked, down at the gate. He then looked up to see Alexandra, standing beside him smiling, and was amazed. He ran to her, knelt in front of her, and professed undying worship to her.

"Mistress how may I serve thee?" he gasped.

"Mistress? Me? I am just above the gods you profess to worship. I am not your mistress, so get up off you knees, and take punishment for tickling me."

He stood as commanded. She tickled Jacob furiously, enjoying her slight power over him. He endured the torture as long as any mortal can, then he grabbed Alexandra and kissed her deeply. He faced Alexandra and smiled down at her. He kissed her deeply once more.

She is startled, at first, and then she smiled knowingly at Jacob. An aura of mystery surrounded her now. He wondered what that smile meant and felt a chill run down his spine.

He held out his hand, tentatively offering it to Alexandra. She took his hand, and when they touched, she felt a thrill go through her. Though they had only met in the bar barely a day ago, she felt something marvelous about this man. Their eyes met, and they knew that destiny had thrown them together for a reason.

They went back to their ships, only to find that they are both inoperable. The trap of the planet Styx was well documented, and they in their flight had forgotten about it. The only way to get off the planet was to walk through the desert to the one and only port to get what they needed, which was permission, to leave.

Alexandra knew that they would have to pay a high price for that permission, if they got it at all.

"Walk with me through the Valley of Fear and Death and we shall conquer all" he said, seriously.

The Valley of Fear and Death is a desolate desert, only a day's walk across. The desert was formed during the War. The Styxans have riddled this newly formed desert with mines and have it patrolled. The few survivors of the attack on that military base also reside here. They are deformed beings. Their bodies had been subjected to the most horrible of weapons. The radiation caused immediate changes in them. They are so horrible to look at that even the native Styxans won't venture far into this area. The survivors are known to attack anyone that is not as deformed as they are.

The Styxans had a great military base here before the war, and this was the place where they launched their attack on the rest of this area of space. Since their defeat they have been trapping ships here with unknown technologies. Many have tried to infiltrate the Styxan military, but so far none have come back alive. Everyone knows that the Styxans will do anything to get back at the rest of the universe for their defeat even trapping ships here.

She smiled at Jacob, and takes his hand. She stepped boldly on the path to the Valley of Fear and Death.

He walked with Alexandra, slowly but with no hesitation. He enjoyed the company on this journey, not the first through this way but surely the best company. He smiled at Alexandra. The silence is comfortable between them in this place.

She smiled at Jacob, and her smile had a hint of mischief in it. He saw this and pondered the mischief in Alexandra's smile. He still walked with Alexandra down into the depth of the valley seemingly out of control here. It is Alexandra who had command. She sensed her control and found that she liked to be in control. He had no sense of direction, only to follow Alexandra's lead as they walk. She smiled as she walks through the Valley, and she made the fear and despair dissolve with her every step. She held the hand of Jacob tightly, and despite her smile, trembles as they reach the heart of the Valley. He held Alexandra's hand a little tighter then relaxed grip.

"Thank you, Jacob." She whispered. She returned the squeeze.

He walked with Alexandra as the sun was blotted by the valley walls into a black so deep and dark it could be death's door. He had no fear for he was of a warrior race and the blood of renegades flows through his veins.

"You are welcome, dear Alexandra." He smiled.

She was content with the bravery of this man and faced the challenge with renewed confidence. Jacob looked for the danger that surely lies before them.

He whispered, "I am glad you are the one here with me."

"I am glad to be with you, too." She replied.

He put his arm around Alexandra and held her as they walked. She was comforted while they walk beside him. She was shaking a little in fear but kept the face of confidence. He felt her shiver as they walked.

"What do you fear? We are the champions of this Valley and none shall defeat us?"

He held her closer, respected the straight face she wore, and admired her courage. She looked up at Jacob and smiled gratefully at him.

"Yes, we are champions, yet, we have not yet crossed the whole of it." He smiled at Alexandra and looked into her eyes. "We are in the heart now and it shall not be too long a time before we have crossed it all." He was amazed at her courage.

Thank you for being here with me. I could not do this alone, she said in a tentative voice and a smile crossed her face.

"I would not ever leave you to do this alone, ever." He stopped and faced Alexandra, held her face in his hands, and said, "Come on, it'll be all right."

She smiled at him with more confidence.

"Shall we go on, then?" she said and put an arm around his waist.

He was charmed by her smile.

"Yes, lets go ahead, now."

He liked the feel of her arm around him, very comforting, but thrilling as well. She leaned into him and was comforted by his presence.

"Yes, lets." With that she placed one foot in front of the other, and he placed left foot first walking to her cadence.

He smiled to himself as they went into the darkness. They looked into the darkness, saw a soft glow emanating from them, and knew it was the glow of truth and good. Seeing that glow lighting their path, Jacob said, "We have nothing to fear now, all doubt is gone, that's what makes us glow like this."

He was content to walk forever with her. She looked up at her companion and wished that they could be like this forever. They walked the Valley of Despair and Fear with joy and courage. He was so inclined to keep this companion for life so that all travels will be as wonderful as this.

He whispered, "I am so glad we are together here, even in this place of pain and hurt we are full of life and joy."

"Me too," she whispered.

She leaned into him and kept walking through the darkness. He started to have feelings of joy unknown well up inside him as they walked together alone in this darkness.

"Look ahead," he says, "I see something, a small flicker of light. Do you see it too?"

She smiled as she felt the joy build up in him and squeezed him about the waist with her head placed on his shoulder. Feeling her head upon his shoulder and arm about his waist, new joy welled up inside him; here was his soul mate whom he has searched for over time and space. He hoped she'll stay with him after their journey ends. She looked up at him and said not a word as she quietly acknowledged his gift. She resumed the trek across the Valley. Walking across the valley floor in the darkness with her had been the truest test of courage and challenge of all things just and right.

"Our trip is almost at an end" he said and pointed to the growing light ahead. "Please stay with me on the other side." He pled.

"I can not promise that, but I will stay as long as I can." A look of sorrow crossed her face, and she was almost overcome with remorse. She remembered where they were and thought better thoughts.

Ahead they saw their destination. After walking for what seemed like forever, they decided to rest. They set up a temporary encampment. Both had their own supplies since they both provided for themselves before leaving their ships. They each set up a survival tent, and checked to see how much rations each had brought.

"Never thought I would have to use this stuff especially not here. This place is definitely eerie." Jacob said.

"I know. I wish that this place hadn't been blasted so badly in the War of Supremacy, from what I have heard, this used to be a beautiful area. That was a bad time for all of us, wasn't it?" she said.

"Yes, a bad time." Jacob answered.

They had both finished setting up for the night, and ate quickly. They went to their separate tents to sleep. In the night, they heard strange noises. They were each alone in their tents, each alone with their thoughts, each wishing for the other. Jacob acted first.

"I want to be alone." Alexandra warned as Jacob reached out for her from the front of her tent.

He faced her and taking her hands in his, he kissed her deeply while his hands hold hers and he said, "Alone is not always a bad thing, love, but is it not better to be together?"

"Yes, Jacob," is all she could say before she lost her senses from his kiss.

He kissed her with passion and felt her chest heave against his.

"What would you have from me," he whispered.

"Swallow me whole, take me to another place and time, make me forget," she whispered urgently.

He kissed her neck and shoulders, hands cupped her breasts as they came together to form a single being here and now, no past no future only "now", no pain no tears only the pleasure of the other.

"I will, I will," he whispered.

She wrapped her arms around him, and he knelt between her legs. She kissed his lips passionately, and her body quivered when he spoke. She closed her eyes, and let him carry her away with the pleasure he was bound to give. His lips moved to the tops of her breasts and rested there kissing lightly her smooth firm flesh, and his hands slid to her hips feeling the heat rise from between them.

"Forget all that we are here now and no one can stop us, enjoy." He whispered.

She shuddered at his words, and her breath came out quivering. Her face was the face of sheer joy. Her breasts swelled in his hands, and her nipples hardened with his touch. Her juices build up, but have yet to flow. He kissed her breast lavishing his tongue across her nipple as it hardened, then sucked it into his mouth slowly gently biting and licking it again. He slid his hands under her to hold her ass as he rested atop her.

"Hold, kiss, and enjoy me." He whispered.

"Oohhhhhh," was all that was heard from her. Her arms wrapped around his shoulders, and she slid them up and down his back as far as she can reach. She leaned her head forward a bit to kiss the top of his head. He held her ass pulling her to him while sucking, licking, and teasing first one nipple then the other until they were both hard in his mouth, his penis grew feeling her warmth against it.

"I want to taste you, you to taste me."

She brought his face up to hers and kissed him passionately holding him close to her. She rolled him over onto his back.

"I go first then." She smiled at him and kissed him down his chest.

He was thrilled at her kisses and desire for him. He lay on his back as she began to kiss downward from his chest. He held her head gently as she did so.

"Be my guest." He whispered.

She kissed his earlobes and nibbled on them a little. She then kissed her way down to his collarbone touching every inch. Her hands trailed down his chest and lightly touched his nipples. Her mouth followed. She lightly traced around his nipples with her tongue. She teased one then the other. She then lightly took his right nipple in her mouth, between her teeth, and lightly pinched his left nipple in her fingers. He was completely aroused by her hands, lips, and tongue as they traveled across his body.

"Oh, yesssssssss," was all he can say.

She slowly nibbled on his right nipple and pinched his left. She switched, licking his left nipple and taking it in her mouth, between her teeth. She pinched his right nipple softly. After they were red and hard, she trailed kisses down over his stomach. He enjoyed having his nipples attended to in such a manner and ran his fingers through her hair as she slid down his stomach; the anticipation was tremendous as was the excitement. She lightly traced patterns down his stomach with her tongue. Her hands ran down his sides. She kissed his stomach and then reached his groin.

"You like this don't you?"

"I love this," he whispers, "please don't stop."

She kissed around the top of his penis. She did not yet touch it. She let her tongue gently and lightly probe the base of it. She then took it in her hand and lightly caressed it. After it started to get hard, she kissed the tip. She kissed it up and down its length. She slowly ran her tongue up and down the shaft, and she licked the sack below it. She slowly ran her tongue back up the shaft licking around the ridge of the head. Ever so slowly after that, she took it into her waiting mouth. She ran her lips slowly up and down with her tongue rubbing the underside of it, while her teeth lightly ran down the upper side.

"Oh my," he said, "this is paradise."

He twirled her hair in his fingers holding her head gently as she thrilled him.

She continued to suck gently on his shaft. The hardness made her speed up. Her breasts lie between his legs lightly touching them. She stopped for a moment to lick the head and the little hole in the tip, and then taking the whole of it into her mouth. She gently stroked it with her lips, and her tongue rolled around his penis in a circular motion. She became oblivious to the world. All she knew was his penis in her mouth. She felt it throb and she stopped.

She looked into his lidded eyes that had been watching her actions the entire time. Her eyes told him she was ready for him now showing her desire clearly. He pulled her face up to his and kissed her deeply, his tongue exploring her mouth tasting her lips and tongue. Her taste was sweet as honey; his passion for her uncontrollable. In a single movement he rolled them over so that he was positioned between her thighs, his hard cock head resting lightly upon her clit.

"Oh honey you are wonderful," he whispered and he kissed her again.

"Oh yes, please."

She said as she moved herself closer to his shaft. Her hips moved into a position so that he would penetrate her deeply. She put her arms around his shoulders kissing him back passionately.

Not wanting to give in too quickly, he teased her clit with the bulbous head of his penis, tracing it up and down slowly.

"Not just yet, Lover."

She moaned and started rubbing his chest with one hand. She snaked her other arm down around their legs so that she could stroke his balls. She caressed them and gently squeezed them. Her hand on his chest lightly rubbing over his nipples and pinched them after each rub. She rubbed her clit on the head of his penis and moaned in anticipation.

Enjoying the feel of her hand cupping and squeezing his balls, he rubbed his cock head slowly up and down her clit tracing her wetness with the head not entering her, just feeling her. He cupped her right breast and gently squeezed her nipple, pulling it as he did so.

She writhed under his hand pressing herself against his penis as she writhed. She pinched his nipples lightly even more, and squeezed his balls as well, ever so gently. With a stray finger she touched his penis while she cupped his balls.

He knew that soon he would give in and penetrate her moistness, but now, he must hold on. He pinched her nipple to stiffness against his fingers. He rubbed his cock against her taught anus and moved it upward across her wet lips and finding her clit again to run the length of his thick shaft across it.

She moaned louder this time. She pulled him to her. She whispered in his ear.

"Now, please, I want you in me," she breathed in his ear. She continued to play with his nipples, rubbing, caressing, and squeezing his balls.

"In time lover, all in good time." He whispered and leaned down to suckle her erect nipple. He rubbed his cockhead against her clit with more firmness forcing it against her pink hood.

She pressed herself against him. She rubbed her smooth legs against his sides, as she laid back and enjoyed his ministrations on her breasts. She moaned quietly sighing a little contented sigh.

He took her nipple into his mouth gently biting as he does. Then swirled his tongue around it pressing her nipple to the roof of his mouth. His cock was throbbing with an anticipation that can no longer be denied. Slowly, inch by inch, he entered her tight wetness until at last the entire shaft was buried in her moist folds being held there by her.

"Oh yes," he moaned in a soft sigh.

She arched her back when he took her nipple into his mouth. She felt him enter her slowly, oh so slowly. She took a deep breath and moaned as she felt him sliding into her very tight and very wet hole. Her breathing quickened as she rubbed his chest a little faster, and she let his balls go.

Keeping his lips upon her breast, suckling her nipple, occasionally biting it; he began to fill and vacate her wet hole. Moving slowly still, but in a smooth rhythm, began to pump his hips. He reached under her and cupped her ass cheek holding her against him. The tightness of her vaginal hole was intoxicating and all thoughts of past and future dissolve into the present with this wonderful creature.

She held his ass in the same way he held hers. She pressed him to her then released in the same rhythm he had set. Her body was smooth and silky. She gasped with every thrust into her. She experienced ecstasy in this place of death. She sighed softly in his ear, and nibbled on that same ear as she sighs.

His fingers dug into to her smooth ass flesh holding her nearer. His pace quickened only slightly wanting this moment to last for eternity. He pulled himself from her tightness and in a single thrust was again engulfed by her hot wet hole. His index finger searches for her wetness as he held her ass and felt her juices run from her pussy. He eased it toward her taught anus and then pressed against it. Chills ran the length of his spine as she nibbled his ear.

She gasped as he leaves her and enters her once again, making her wetness flow out of her. She felt his probing finger and rubbed against it. She continued to nibble on his ear. She felt like she was on a cloud of pleasure. She cried out.

"Don't let this end!"

His cock reached the depths of her hot tight, hole and filled it completely; she fit perfectly around the thick shaft he has offered her. He pressed against her anus until his fingertip was inside her there. His lips and tongue still wrapped around and enjoying her nipple.

She jumped slightly as she felt his finger entering her anus. She had never felt so full before. She cried out her joy and pleasure. She pinched his nipple a little harder this time, unable to control her actions anymore. Her eyes closed completely now, and she let the waves of feeling crash over her, on her.

His fingertip pushed deeper into her tight anus and he began to quicken his strokes. His hips flexing his thrusting his cock delved deep into the wet tight folds of her vaginal hole. His balls slapped her ass with each down stroke. He looked into her eyes and got lost there, his only thoughts were of pleasing her, here and now.

She returned his lust with her own. She thrust her hips up to meet his strokes and she rubbed his chest, pinched his nipples. Her moans of pleasure filled the tent, and she laid her head back on her pillow, her eyes rolling back into her head, as she has her very exquisite orgasm. Her whole body trembled as each orgasm rippled through her body.

As she orgasms, his body tensed up, readying itself for its own release. As she has her tightest orgasm, he released all of his built up tension and blasts into her ever-tightening hole. He moaned loudly, as he fell onto her, the last of his energies released. He felt weakened and elated at the same time.

Their breathing came back to them slowly. They breathed as one as they lay there, letting the afterglow bask them in its light.

They slipped into sleep in each other's arms. They had forgotten the danger of this place.


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