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The Society of Divided Light

The Society of Divided Light is dedicated to the gathering of magic and helping new adventurers get a good start on the road to glory.


The Society was founded by Drianna StrongOak-Guard after retiring from adventuring and marrying Grassguard and before becoming a goddess. Her friend Baroness Aegyn of Valachan found the idea of such a society intriguing and joined with Drianna to expand on it by recruiting members. The Society's headquarters are on the grounds of Drianna's extensive estate. There is a subsidiary headquarters on the Isle of Valachan. As the group got larger, Drianna has faded from view; new Members not knowing who is really in charge.

The Society is loosely allied with the Churches of Mystra, Azuth, and Oghma. They will deny their involvement on the request of Drianna. Any unique items found by a Society member will be taken to an Azuthan church to be studied and then returned to the member. Society members are allowed to study within the Temples of Oghma, but only if they have something to add to the church's knowledge of the Realms.

They have no connections with any other group.


The Society works in secret as not to attract attention. Current members are always on the lookout for new members. Once a person is tapped for membership, the person is watched either by scrying or spying until proven worthy of membership.

After an extensive review of the activities by the possible member by three or more Members of the Society, the person is offered a position in the Society and becomes an Initiate. The Initiate will be assigned to a mentor and taught all the rules of the Society. After successful training the Initiate is sent out with another mentor on adventures.

After training with two mentors, there will be another review. Upon an unsatisfactory review, the Initiate will be brought in and spelled to forget everything about the Society. With a satisfactory review the Initiate will be considered a Member with all the responsibilities and rights thereto. The Member will receive a unique Amulet spelled with Teleport Beacon. This is a Member's way of communicating with the rest of the Society. The Member will also receive a number of spell scrolls with spells known only to the Society. If the new Member is able to cast such spells at that time, they will only receive one copy of the spells to add to a spellbook. Any Member unable to cast such spells normally will be given special spell scrolls from which they can cast the spells.



Members must not...


Notable Non-Members

Society Spells

Find Beacon

By means of the spell, the caster can find a single Teleport Beacon and know the surroundings of that Beacon.

The material component is this spell is an enchanted crystal sphere which is not destroyed in the casting.

This spell is known only to the Society of Divided Light.

Teleport Beacon

By means of this spell, the caster can make any item touched a beacon for the secure teleport spell. The item has to be of durable manufacture, and be enchanted by means of an enchant an item spell.

This spell is known only to the Society of Divided Light.

Secure Teleport

With this spell the wizard instantly transports an item, or items in a container, to a Teleport Beacon. The Teleport Beacon must be one that the caster knows by exact description. The placement of the item(s) is specified during casting to within 100 yards of the Beacon. Distance is not a factor, but interplanar travel is not possible by means of a secure teleport spell. The spellcaster is able to teleport a maximum weight of 100 pounds per level.

If adequate space is not available for the teleported item(s) to appear in, the spell fails.

This spell is known only to the Society of Divided Light.


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