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The Olaras Get Caught

In another part of the world, a human woman was walking beside an elven one. They were a mismatched pair, but they seem to have known each other for years. They were discussing something animatedly and laughing at a shared joke. One was a priestess, the other, well; no one could rightfully tell what she was. She carried a sword, but that was the only thing indicating her occupation.

The elven woman suddenly stopped right after they had passed an alley. She put a hand on the human's arm and stopped.

"Hey, go to that alley over there and grow something. I think that Silvanus would be pleased with your devotion to him."

The human looked speculative.

"Just when did you turn religious, sister dear?" She was smiling with irony. She dreaded what her companion had planned.

"Just now and be prepared to leave quickly, so you better hurry up and grow something over there in that alley, so I can collect a few things from this one; and one more thing, we will most likely have two new companions. So, hurry up." The last was said with a hiss.

The human shrugged and went to the other side of the street and down one alley. She dug a small hole in the ground and stuck her hand into her pouch a drew out a nut. She took a deep breath and said a brief prayer that this would work.

She knelt down, drew the symbol of Silvanus in the entrance to the alley, and poured some water over the nut. She buried the nut, watered it again, and started to pray in earnest. Whatever her elven companion was up to, she didn't want her caught at it. She was also praying for forgiveness; she would need it if her friend did anything outrageous. She briefly glanced up and saw she was attracting attention, and that is what she wanted.

In the alley the elf woman crept quietly into it and looked around the corner to the street. She smiled. The growing of a tree would have their attention for a while. She looked back down the alley and watched bemused at the two women there on opposite sides trying to pick the locks and looking quite unsuccessful. They were so intent on what they were doing that they didn't see her move between them. She rolled her eyes. She reached out and grabbed them by their belts and yanked.

"What the?!" They spoke at the same time with the same voice. That momentarily confused the older woman. She took a closer look at the two younger women and noted that they were a rarity, twins, and twin elves at that.

"If you do not succeed, move on. Don't keep trying. Come with me, and I will try to get you out of this alley without being seen. My name is Yenedra, just follow me, but be aware that I have my hand on my weapon at all times." She crept to the alley opening and glanced to see if the human was done, or nearly done, and what the crowd was doing.

The crowd was quiet, almost in awe, of what they were seeing. There was a tree growing right in front of their eyes. She led the twins out of the alley and told them in the speech of thieves that they were to act casual. They responded, and Yenedra nodded in approval. They went to the back of the crowd, and Yenedra tried to get her companion's attention, and when she did, she motioned with her head that it was time to leave.

"That is Lamaria, my sister, and if she tells you to do something, you do it." Yenedra told them as she was walking away from the crowd. "I will get your names shortly, but we have to get out of here soon before the owners' of those doors come back and see all of the scuff marks you left on them."

"Wait, you just told us that that human was your sister? " the woman on the right said

"We take it, it is in a spiritual way?" the woman on the left finished the sentence.

"More than that, but explanations will come later. We have to get out of town. We have a camp site in the woods that we just struck, so we will go back there. My sister will find us."

Yenedra lead them out of the town without any incident, and they trekked into the woods.

"What of our things, " one said.

"They are in the inn," the other finished the sentence.

"Do you always talk like that, one starting and the other finishing?" Yenedra asked.

"Mostly." They both replied.

"I see. Let's get a fire going, Lamaria will need it to guide her here. Let's get started in finding the firewood, and when she gets here, we will exchange stories."

With that Yenedra stalked out into the woods. She took on a very commanding air and made sure that her new charges were doing what they were told. She just hoped that Lamaria would think of coming back here. Her worries were unfounded, since Lamaria seemed to always know where to look for her.

When she got back she saw the twins with half armloads of firewood but enough to last the night. She needed Lamaria here to see if they would need to set up tents. Shortly after the fire was started, Lamaria entered the clearing.

"Yenedra, what is this all about?" Lamaria demanded crossly. "I was hoping to spend a night in a comfortable inn, and here we are, out in the woods again. I mean, sure, I am a cleric of Silvanus, but even we need proper beds every once in a while, and I haven't had one in months!"

"Calm down, and let me explain, but let's get the introductions over with first." She turned to the twins. "Alright, I am Yenedra, a person like yourselves. You were very conspicuous in that alley back in town, and me being the kind person I am, I wanted to make sure you two didn't get into any trouble. What are your names?"

"I am Alexana Olara, and this is my sister Eileen." She put her hand on her twin's shoulder.

They both looked formidable, and upon closer inspection, Yenedra noticed the subtle difference.

"So, Alexana the sorceress, and Eileen, the priestess. I now know how to tell you apart. Very different paths some would say."

They both shrugged at the same time.

"It doesn't bother us any." Eileen said. "Now, would you explain how you two are sisters?"

"My father married her mother to stop a war, so technically, we are step-sisters." Lamaria said in a routine sounding way.

Both twins shuddered, "Sorry something that drastic had to be done to stop a war. Do you live at your father's home?"

"No, both of our parents were exiled. So were we." Lamaria seemed sad when she said that.

Lamaria then turned on Yenedra. "You said you would explain."

"Yes, these two were doing a very bad job of picking some locks, and they were doing it while it was still light, so I decided to save them from being caught and bring them along with us. They need some training, and even if I am not that great myself, at least I can teach them more than what they know now." Yenedra looked over at the twins. "That is, if they want to come along."

"Sure, we really have no other plans right now, and we were only trying to keep in practice, it wasn't as if we were actually going to go inside." Alexana said.

"That is not the point! You could have been caught in the day like you were, if you are going to practice, do when it would serve you better. The more practice you get in the dark, the better chance you have when you are deep within a cave system or down below a castle." Yenedra said calmly, and then turned to Lamaria. "You didn't by any chance notice if anyone saw us?"

"Not that I am aware of, but I think it will be safe to go to that inn these ladies spoke of. It would be really nice if I could sleep on a bed." Lamaria said wistfully.

"Alright, we go to the inn, ladies lead the way." Yenedra said, eager herself for a bed, even if she didn't want to admit that sleeping on the ground was not like it used to be. Her soul still ached.


You can read about the pasts of Lamaria and Yenedra in "Two Worlds". This happened before Alexana and Eileen reacued Waukeen and gained extraordinary abilities.


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