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Trobolds are a fierce force of hatred for all human and demihuman races. They will attack with little provocation, but they will flee when it looks as if they are loosing the fight.

Their hides are rubbery and scale-like with a green-brown hue. They blend well in forest-like surroundings. Their arms almost touch the ground. They seem frail but are surprisingly strong and agile. They have an 80% chance of climbing sheer cliffs successfully. They walk with a slight tilt towards the front. They have very short prehensile tails and small horns, ranging from tan to white, growing from the top of their heads.

When they speak, their language sounds like a smattering of common, goblin, orc, and hobgoblin with a strange yapping intermixed.


The trobold approach to combat uses basic trickery. They often hurl javelins and spears preferring not to close until they see their enemies have been weakened. Trobolds attack in waves. Trobolds are wary of spellcasters and will aim for them when possible.

They set up crude concealed pits with spikes and other basic traps. They usually have view ports and murder holes near these traps so they can pour flaming oil, missile weapons, or drop poisonous insects on their victims.

Trobold war bands are armed with spiked clubs, axes, javelins, short swords, and spears. Chiefs and guards tend to have the best weapons available. Trobolds will attack with two clawed hands and their bite if they lose their weapon.

Trobolds have 60-foot infravision but do not see well in bright sunlight suffering a -1 on their attack rolls. Trobolds regenerate starting five rounds after first blood. The creatures recover 1 hit point per round until healed. Those reduced to 0 or fewer hit points fall to the ground incapacitated but not slain. Incapacitated trobolds continue to regenerate and stand up to fight as soon as they have a positive number of hit points.

When using an edged weapon, it is possible to sever the thin limbs of a trobold (a natural 20 with an edged weapon is needed). Severed limbs continue to fight after separation from the body (hands squeeze, heads bite if stepped on, etc.). Attacks by severed limbs are at -2 normal chances to hit. Separated limbs fight for the remainder of the battle, then scuttle back and rebind with the body once the battle is over. Limbs unable to reach the body die within 12 hours, but this is of little consequence since trobolds regenerate lost body parts (including the head) within a two weeks. If a trobold is dismembered and scattered, the largest surviving piece regenerates. The others die within half a day if they cannot rejoin that piece. Only fire and acid cause permanent damage to trobolds. These forms of attack destroy their regenerative ability. A trobold reduced to 0 or fewer hit points and immersed in acid or burned with fire is killed.

Trobolds have no fear of death and launch themselves into combat flailing wildly at their opponents and biting whoever comes closest. If confronted by a large natural or magical fire, trobolds try to find some way around the flames. Trobolds combine a ravenous appetite with limited intelligence, so they are frequently distracted and break off pursuit 25% of the time to pick up food dropped by fleeing prey.


Trobolds live in dark, damp places underground and in overgrown forests. They can be found in almost any climate. As trobolds are good miners, any area with potential for mining is fair game for settlement. Inside a trobold cave are a number of nests made of straw and grass plus scattered bones and treasure from victims.

The average trobold tribe has 40-400 (4d10x10) adult males. For every 40 trobolds in a band, there will be one leader and two bodyguards (AC 6; HD 1-1; hp 4 each; damage 1-6). In a lair there will be 5-20 (5d4) bodyguards, females equal to 50% of the males, young equal to 10% of the males and 30-300 (3d10x10) eggs. There will also be a chief and 2-8 guards (AC 5; HD 1+1; hp 7 each; damage 1-8). Further, there is a 65% chance there will be guard animals: (70%) 2-5 wild boars (AC 7; HD 3+3; damage 3d4 gore) or (30%) 1-4 giant weasels (AC 6; HD 3+3; damage 2d6 bite and blood drain). There may be one or more females who act as shamans. The shamans casts priest spells at 7th level; spheres typically include Charm, Divination, Sun (Darkness only), and Weather. Females give birth to a single trobold about once every two years.

Their society is tribal but can be further broken up into packs. As many as 5 families can be part of a pack, and each pack usually is responsible for controlling the area in a 10 mile radius from the lair. Trobolds recover treasure from the bodies of their victims and often carry them back to their lair as food. In some rate instances, trobolds will not kill their victims but will sell them as slaves.

Trobolds have large appetites and eat anything from simple grubs to bears and humans. Their lairs are often located near human settlements or along well traveled roads, but not too near, for trobolds respect organized resistance by fire-bearing humans.

Trobolds are distrustful of strangers.


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