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Phase elemental


Phase elementals are in a constant state of flux shifting through all elements trying to decide with which element they are most comfortable. They are about 9' tall but change appearance according to the element they are composed of at the time which could be fire, water, earth, air, light, or dark.


In combat they are fearless and their behavior can never be anticipated as different elemental states bring different fighting behavior. With fire they behave very much like a savage beast, snarling and snapping. In their water form, they are more relaxed. Also different states bestow different attributes. When in a earth form, they become very difficult to damage, but in air they become nearly impossible to hit. Each form has a breath weapon that does 6d6 points of damage. They are immune to spells that are based on their current elements. Below is a list of their different forms.

Fire: These phase-elementals behave like a wild animals. Any damage with melee weapons harms the attacker as well due to searing flames.

Water: These phase-elementals attack normally and take only half damage from all weapons. They regenerate 1 hp/rd. They are very calm, almost serene, but will attack when provoked.

Earth: These phase-elementals can not be hurt by slashing or piercing weapons. Blunt weapons only do half the die rolls of damage. Only the magical bonuses of any weapons do full damage. They can not move when in this form as they take on the forms of some type of hollow earthen tubes like termite mounds. They use those tubes to hurl exploding boulders which have an area of effect 3d6 damage at the center, 2d6 between 2' and 7', and 1d6 at 7' to the 10' radius.

Air: These phase-elementals are erratic. They can not seem to stay still and are hard to see unless one travels over dust. They take full damage from metal and stone weapons and only half damage from wooden or bone weapons. They appear to be a human shaped tornado. They move 300' in a round and can fly.

Light: These phase-elementals behave like water phase-elementals. They regenerate 1 hp a round. While all other phase elementals do damage, these to not. Their "attacks" are actually beneficial. They appear as blinding white light that moves 300' a round.

Dark: These phase-elementals are more menacing. They stand silent and have a fear aura. When once is encountered, the PC must make a Wisdom check each round or flee. Their attacks drain hit points from the PC which they use to heal themselves. They can move 300' a round. They appear to be three dimensional shadows sticking out of the ground.




They live everywhere, but choose not to let it be known. Only those deemed worthy by the phase elementals become aware of their presence. They live nomadic lives. If one is defeated but not destroyed, it will bind itself to the victor to be summoned at will.


Created by Alan Gray with modifications by me.


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