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Because of their cross-breeding, gobries have flat human-like faces. Their ears are only slightly pointed. They have fangs that are rotten. They walk upright and use their wings for balance. They have the coloration of the Goblins and bright red eyes. They wear dark leather with a few modifications for their wings.

When they are first encountered, they look like oversized Goblins until they unfurl their wings. They can fly for short distances and do so frequently when they are traveling. They are not that good at flying since they are still a new race getting used to their wings.


They can not tolerate bright sunlight and fight with a -1 to their attack rolls while they are in it. They have Infravision for 60'. They can use any weapon but prefer spears and maces. They are most likely going to be wearing leather armor.

Because of their Harpy ancestry, they have the ability to charm all humans and demihumans but only half as well as a Harpy. Those who fail their saving throw vs. Spells proceed towards the Gobpry. Unlike the Harpy when attacked the victim gets another saving throw vs. Spells. They can not sing while in melee. The song can be fended off with the proper preparation.

They use their talons when they do not have their weapons on them. The talons do 2-5 points of damage each, and they can attack with both sets of talons in one round.

When the Gobpry is killed, the charm spell is nullified.


They make their lairs in coastal regions or in high mountains. The lairs are always filthy with debris everywhere. They do not have a pecking order but know who is better at what in their tribe. They live communally in their lairs. Sometimes they live with other Goblin tribes, and if they are, the Gobpry is usually in command of the tribe because of their superior abilities and their ability to charm. If they have any Harpies in their lairs, they just leave the Harpy alone and act as if the Harpy is not there.

The females, who call themselves Harblins, are more like Harpies than they like. The Harblins have leg feathers which gives them more warmth so they do not wear as much clothing.


Read The Creation of Monsters.


This monster was inspired by the Xanth series by Piers Anthony.


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