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The Eldent are a hybrid race of Sea Elves and Tritons. Their hands and feet have more webbing than that of the Sea-Elf and less than that of a Triton. This race was not a magical creation, so they emanate no magic if without magic items.


Eldent are 90% resistant to sleep/charm spells and 45% resistant to all other spells. They are normally armed with tridents or spears. They do not go out of their way to start a fight and will only fight when their home or community, which includes approximately a 5 mile radius around the community, is in danger. Sometimes they are mounted on hippocampi (65%) or giant sea horses (35%). They travel with 1d3 dolphins per every 20 Eldent encountered. They will not attack to kill just to capture. If one of their number is killed, the battle will become one of retribution. They may not kill the person but will make life difficult while they are underwater.


There is only one community of Eldent on Peldeta. They live in the Sea of Eldent. They are considered an abomination to both the Sea Elven and Triton communities. The Sea Elves or Tritons that do visit stay since they may not be welcomed back home again.

The Eldent are sociable and do not mind visitors though they will be wary at first because of the threat of attack from either of the "parent" races. They normally live peaceful lives tending to their everyday affairs.


They live very closely with the underwater life like the Sea Elves and Tritons. Their race was formed from a union of a Triton Prince and a Sea Elven Princess. Since then more Tritons and Sea Elves have joined the community, but that is on the decline since the Sea Elven and Triton communities have made it almost impossible for those that just visit their community to come home again. The race now flourishes through its own people, so no new pairings with the parent races are needed to continue the species.


The only variants in this community are those that have more of one parent race in them. Some may be more Elven, and some may be more Triton. That is about the extent of the variants, though all members of the race are treated equally.


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