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The Dragod is an unbelievably huge dragon. It is bigger than any planet. Its body is black scale plates that resemble armor. It has unlimited energy. Green vapor seeps endlessly from the gaps in the scales, eyes, nose, and mouth.


No records exist of its behavior during combat. It is believed to be able to destroy entire solar systems in one fell swoop thanks to its unimaginably powerful breath weapon. It is able to control all the elements and then some. Its only attack is its breath weapon. No one who has faced this has ever been able to defeat it. The best strategy so far seems to be not to annoy it in the first place.


Its living habits remain a mystery. It just wanders through space. One thing is known, on its regular visits to any planet, all the dragons fall quiet. Even the mighty king dragons fall silent and bow their heads. Some speculate that it is the genesis of all dragons, maybe even the first dragon god.


It would appear that it feeds off whatever it destroys, but that it eats at all is only for the taste as it is the embodiment of perpetual energy.


Created by Alan Gray.


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