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Dark centaur


Dark centaurs are magically bred creatures have the torso of a Dark Elf and the hindquarters of a Nightmare. They have red eyes that glow like embers and flaming hooves that burn constantly. Their torso blends into the body with only a faint fade from the black skin of the Dark Elves to the dark black of the coat of a Nightmare.


Their first strikes are almost always with their flaming front hooves, then they fall back on the weapon(s) they are carrying. Some might cast spells as well. 25% carry Dark Elven weapons with up to a +3 enchantment on them. A few carry hand crossbows with Poisoned bolts. In the heat of battle, just like the Nightmare, they emit a smoking, hot cloud of noxious vapors. It blinds and chokes the attackers within a 5' radius of the Dark Centaur. Victims must make a saving throw vs. paralyzation or be at a -1 penalty to attack and damage rolls.

Bright light gives them a -2 to their attack rolls.

They can use these following spells 1/day: Dancing Lights, Faerie Fire, and Darkness.


They live in underground caves and hate bright light, good creatures, and Centaurs the most of all. They have an enmity for elves and horses. They look down on Dark Elves and Nightmares.

They generally live in small groups for protection and company. The strongest is always the leader, most of the time a male, but females have been known to beat out a male competitor.

They can be fighters, shamans, mages, or fighter/mages. There are no thieves because of their body construction. They do not feel a need for a god, so they have no priests. They are known to serve only more powerful beings.


They do not go out of their way to protect their young for only the strongest survive. If more than two are spotted, 50% will be male, and 50% will be female, 1 foal for every four adults encountered.

Read The Creation of Monsters.


40% of these Dark Centaurs have the ability to fly at a flying speed of 36, movement class C.


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