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Chaos elemental-kin


Chaos elemental-kin are born with only a hint of their true race. Their hair, if they have hair, has a metallic sheen; their eyes, if they have eyes, have an oily look; and their skin is opalescent.

They speak Eledrin, Genie, Imp, Limbo common, Planar common, Slaad, and Tanar'ri, though they don't know why they know these languages.


They use the weapons of their current form. If cornered and without other options, they can turn gaseous for 1d6 rounds as a random gas type. The gas type can be anything from chlorine gas to ordinary fog. The gas roughly keeps its shape. If one is disarmed, it will fly away to safety if it can.


Chaos Elemental-kin are born as a random creature. They have 1d100 lives and can change form 1d100 times in each life. Upon death chaos elemental-kin will assume the body of the nearest unborn creature of its gender no matter what the creature is. The creature could be anything from a common housefly to a dragon.

Chaos Elemental-kin are reckless to a point. They do not have any reason to be except they have a feeling they will continue after their death.

Each Chaos Elemental-kin has a 50% chance of remembering its immediate past life. To remember its entire history, the chance of knowing is its current intelligence.

The body of a Chaos Elemental-kin will age and die allowing the creature to move onto a new form.

They do not form communities. If two meet they may share a drink or try to kill each other. If two mate the child will be a new Chaos Elemental-kin. If one mates with a normal creature, there is a 50% chance the child will be one. Parenting is not its forte, unless it is an instinctively parental creature.


They are creatures of chaos. No one knows how long one can live or how to kill one completely. Even they don't know how they can be completely killed. Some say they were first spawned with the creation of the multiverse, others say that they are the souls of chaotic creatures who can not rest. Those who remember all their past lives have not revealed what they know of their creation.


Half Kin can turn gaseous, but it is always a non lethal gas. They can fly for up to an hour. Their appearance is not as visible as their parent. Their hair is a more natural color with only a slight metallic tinge. Their eyes look natural with only a light oily sheen to them. Their skin is only partially opalescent.


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