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These are statistics that can be used if you want to introduce bionics in AD&D 2nd edition.

Bionic Abilities

The eye : Acts like an Eye of the Eagle, can fire a 60' long laser 3/day that does 3d8 damage to a target (ATT roll at +2 required).

The Ear : 95% chance to Hear Noise (like a thief).

The Arms : Str of 15 - 24, Power strike 1/day (causes triple damage).

The Legs : Jump (as Wizard spell) at will, but with triple effects with safe landing guaranteed. Run at 4800' per round for up to 1 turn 3/day.



Each limb (arm/leg) represents 10% of your HP. Loss of 60% of the total HP is when the limbs start to take damage. Damaged limbs function at 1/2 normal power and cannot use special abilities (power strike, run, etc.). Loss of 80% of the total HP, the bionics cease to function until repaired.


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