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Magical staves

You are looking at the rack of magical staves in the weapons room.

Staff of Summoning +2

This staff is the perfect tool for a Conjurer since it summons creatures to aid its wielder if the wielder happens to be a Conjurer. If wielded by a normal wizard, it will function as a normal +2 staff and allow only 2 charges to be used at any given time. If wielded by a non-wizard, it will only function as a +2 staff. The powers of the staff are:

See magic items of the specialist for more about this staff.

Staff of Transmutation +2

This staff has a +2 to attacks and damage when wielded by a Transmutter and adds a +1 to save vs. Abjuration spells. If wielded by a non-Transmutter, it will not give the protection against Alteration spells. It also has these powers:

See magic items of the specialist for more about this staff.

Staff of Lightning

This staff protects the wielder from electrical attacks until all the charges are drained, then it becomes a normal staff until recharged. The powers of the staff are:

Staff of Property Protection

This staff protects a place or item and must be in the room or within 10' of the item for the protection to work. Once removed, the effects are negated. This Staff can function like the following wizard spells:


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