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Magical weapons of the planes

by Robert Anderson and me

Mostly these are Robert's creations, I came up with a few of the weapon names and a some of the powers. These weapons have drawbacks which are not listed yet. When you look at them, remember when using these weapons, your character must be willing to pay the price.

Elemental Weapons

Inferno: The Fire Long Sword

Long Sword +5, +10 vs. Water Creatures

Earthquake: The Earth Maul

Maul +5, +10 vs. Air Creatures

Tornado: The Air Spear

Spear +5, +10 vs. Earth Creatures

Tsunami: The Water Trident

Trident +5, +10 vs. Fire Creatures

Para-Elemental Weapons

Frostbite: The Ice Short Sword

Short Sword +3, +6 vs. Fire and Earth Creatures

Volcano: The Magma Mace

Mace +3, +6 vs. Air and Water Creatures

Sludge: The Ooze Dagger

Dagger +3, +6 vs. Fire and Air Creatures

Asphyxiator: The Smoke Flail

Flail +3, +6 vs. Earth and Water Creatures

Quasi-Elemental Weapons

Shocker: The Lightning Dagger

Dagger +2, +4 vs. Earth and Undead Creatures

Imploder: The Vacuum QuarterStaff

QuarterStaff +2, +4 vs. Earth and Living Creatures

Decapitator: The Mineral Long Sword

Long Sword +2, +4 vs. Air and Undead Creatures

Disintegrator: The Dust Mace

Mace +2, +4 vs. Air and Living Creatures

Scalder: The Steam Spear

Spear +2, +4 vs. Fire and Undead Creatures

Agonizer: The Salt Scourge Whip

Scourge Whip +2, +4 vs. Fire and Living Creatures

FlashBurn: The Radience Scimitar

Scimitar +2, +4 vs. Water and Undead Creatures

Debilitator: The Ash Flail

Flail +2, +4 vs. Water and Living Creatures

Astral and Ethereal Weapons

ShadowStaff: The Ethereal QuarterStaff

QuarterStaff +3

ChronoFlow: The Astral QuarterStaff

QuarterStaff +3

Energy Plane Weapons

DeathBane: The Positive Material Mace

Mace +5, +10 vs. Undead

LifeBane: The Negative Material Mace

Mace +5, +10 vs. Living Creatures

Lower Planes Weapons

Dark Wind: The Pandemonium Military Fork

Military Fork +3, +6 vs. Lawful Good Creatures

Eviscerater: The Abyss Long Sword

Long Sword +3, +6 vs. Lawful Good Creatures

Blood Light: The Carceri Broad Sword

Broad Sword +3, +6 vs. Lawful Good Creatures

Tormentor: The Hades Whip

Whip +3, +6 vs. Neutral Good Creatures

Combuster: The Gehenna Short Sword

Short Sword +3, +6 vs. Neutral Good Creatures

Torturer: The The Nine Hells Military Fork

Military Fork +3, +6 vs. Chaotic Good Creatures

Tyrantʼs Hand: The Acheron Long Sword

Long Sword +3, +6 vs. Chaotic Good Creatures

Upper Planes Weapons

The Reaper: The Arcadia Scythe

Scythe +3, +6 vs. Chaotic Evil Creatures

Illuminator: The Mount Celestia War Hammer

War Hammer +3, +6 vs. Chaotic Evil Creatures

Endurer: The Bytopia Club

Club +3, +6 vs. Neutral Evil Creatures

Finder: The Elysium Dagger

Dagger +3, +6 Neutral Evil Creatures

Soul of the Beast: The Beastlands Short Bow

Short Bow +3, +6 vs. Lawful Evil Creatures

Joy Bringer: The Arborea Short Sword

Short Sword +3, +6 vs. Lawful Evil Creatures

Berserker: The Ysgard War Hammer

War Hammer +3, +6 vs. Lawful Evil Creatures

Neutral Planes Weapons

Order: The Mechanus Crossbow

Crossbow +3, +6 vs. Chaotic Creatures

Mirror: The Outlands Chakram

Chakram +3, +6 vs. Non-Neutral Creatures

Chaos: The Limbo Chaos Weapon

Chaos Weapon +3, +6 vs. Lawful Creatures

Demiplane Weapons

Twilight: The Shadow Dagger

Dagger +2, +4 vs. vs. Energy Creatures

Metal Master: The Electromagnetism Flail

Flail +2, +4 Stone Creatures

Vortex: The Time Quarterstaff

Quarterstaff +2, +4 vs. Undead Creatures

Banisher: The Imprisonment Whip

Whip +2, +4 vs. Extraplanear Creatures

Heart of Darkness: The Ravenloft Long Sword

Long Sword +5


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