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Olakeen - The City of Money and Magic

The city of Olakeen is a vast city of commerce. Built around the Temple of Waukeen and the School of Sorcery, it has spread out for miles in all directions. It is located on Toril. Tantras is to the north, Procampur is to the south, and the Dragon Reach in the Sea of Fallen Stars is to the east.

The massive gates open to the Market which lies between the Temple and the School. Behind the Temple and the School is the Military District. There are four major commercial districts, and the Garden of Shrines. The main gate faces the Dragon Reach, but there is a smaller gate that leads directly to the Garden. Both gates are tightly guarded.

The sisters Eileen and Alexana Olara rule the city jointly. Holycoin Eileen rules from The Temple of Waukeen while Arch-Sorceress Alexana rules from The School of Sorcery. The military is shared by the sisters, as are all the expenses of running the city. When they are absent, the Assembly rules the city.

The Temple of Waukeen

The Temple of Waukeen is one of two massive structures in the city of Olakeen. It was built by Holycoin Eileen Olara after Waukeen\'s rescue from the Abyss. The towers of the Temple soar over the city, which can be seen five miles out from the city.

The School of Sorcery

The School of Sorcery is the other massive structure in the city of Olakeen. It was built by Arch-Sorceress Alexana Olara after she helped her sister Eileen rescue Waukeen from the Abyss. The towers reach the same height as the towers of the Temple and are just as lovely to behold.

The Assembly

Assembly terms
Magistrate 5 years
Prefect 5 years
Guild Master varies
Captain retirement
Shrine Priest retirement

The Assembly is the voice of the city. Alexana and Eileen created the Assembly so that they could hear the complaints and suggestions of their residents. The Assembly votes on issues that affect the city, but Alexana and Eileen have the final say on any matter if they choose to intervene at all. The Assembly is also the voice to the city. They are the ones who have to inform their constituents of any changes in the law or new laws.

The Assembly is made up of the Magistrates, the Guild Masters, Prefects, Captains in the Military, and the Priests of the Garden. The Assembly meets on the last day of every month alternatively at the Temple or the School. Alexana or Eileen presides over these meetings depending on where it is being held. These meetings can get heated and last all day. At the end of the day, they have to come to a consensus. If a consensus has not been reached, Alexana or Eileen will make a decision without their vote. Some of the Assembly members are amazed at how fast news travels between the sisters. Every once in a while one or the other has been seen acting as if some private internal battle is taking place. Though strange most ignore this since the Ladies are very powerful in magic lore.

If the sisters are not in the city, the Assembly can pass temporary laws in their absence. These laws will have to be ratified by Alexana and Eileen upon their return, but most of the time they show full confidence in the Assembly.

No one can hold two offices at the same time.

The Market and Bazaar

The Market and Bazaar are very crowded places and are the first things a visitor will see upon entering Olakeen. The Market boarders a grand Bazaar. The Bazaar is a vast open area where almost anything can be bought or sold. You should not be surprised if you sell something to one vendor and then see it being sold by another vendor on the other side of the Market a few hours later. That is normal for the Bazaar.

Before going 50 feet into the area, visitors must stable their animals. No large animals will be allowed into the area unless it is being loaded or unloaded. Stalls can be rented in the Olakeen Stables for 10 gp a day per animal. The animals are carefully tended, and visitors belongings will be stored in a secure locker by the stalls. The storage comes with the stall rental.

On the outskirts of the Bazaar is the Market where more wealthy traveling merchants sell their wares. The Market is a little quieter than the Bazaar. The closer to the center of the Bazaar; the louder and more crowded it will become. The poorer traveling merchants are in the middle. Some of these poor merchants do not have any way to divide their merchandise from their neighbors', unless a neighbor has such a divider. Most of the middle is a muddle of assorted goods and services. The riot of color and sound, it is said, is enough to blind and deafen a person who is not used to it.

Throughout the Bazaar there are members of various Guilds. These guilds are primarily for the appraisal of items bought. If a customer thinks feels cheated, the item can be taken to an Appraiser. The normal fee for services rendered is 1 gp per item appraised. Most of the Appraisers are reformed thieves. A person can take a magic item to a Market Mage to have the dweomers checked. This can cost 100 gp or more per item. If either of these guilds finds a flaw in the product or finds that the item was not sold fairly, the Appraiser or the Market Mage has the authority to shut down the operation of the merchant involved and launch an investigation. If the merchant is found at fault, his merchandise, money, and the rest of his property in Olakeen will be confiscated. The merchant will be able to resume trade the day after the investigation is complete after being found innocent of willful deceit.

The Clergy of Waukeen walk the Market every day making sure that the merchants and the customers are treating each other fairly. If a merchant is not doing well, a cleric will stop by the stand and look over the goods to see if there is a good reason that the person is not selling anything. If the merchandise is of at least good quality and the merchant is amiable, the cleric will hang a non-magical coin of Waukeen on the stand. Seeing this others will be made aware of the fact that this merchant should be approached. Rarely some merchants are not so well favored. A merchant who is selling sub-standard goods or treating customers unfairly may get a curse from a cleric. Woe to the merchants who have this happen to them!

At the end of the week, the western quadrant of the Market will be cleared for trials of the more greivous crimes that occured that week. (See Crime and Punishment)

On special occasions the Market, Bazaar, or both are shut down for the celebrations of city holidays, either a full day or a half day. If a holiday happens to fall on the last day of the week, the trials are held the next day. (See Holidays)


The districts form a minor political division in the city. The northern districts are ruled primarily by Eileen, the southern districts are ruled primarily by Alexana.

Commercial Districts

There are four Commercial Districts in Olakeen. Each is subtly different from the rest. The districts have magistrates who report to Alexana and Eileen. Each Magistrate has one vote in the Assembly.

North Market District

This district is to the north of the Market beside the Temple of Waukeen. This is where nearly anything can be bought from something as simple as housekeeping tools to as dangerous as weapons. There are many shops where repair work can be done on anything from arrows to waterskins. There are very few shops that sell anything magical in this district.

South Market District

This district is south of the Market next to the School of Sorcery. This is where you can buy foodstuffs and medicinal herbs. There are many magic shops here which sell minor magic items. Some of the shops are run by students of the School.

North Garden District

This district is to the north of the Military District and the Garden of Shrines. High quality items are sold here such as jewelry and fine tapestries. This district is a relatively quiet one. Some inexpensive magic items can be found here. Taverns are not allowed in this district.

South Garden District

This district is to the south of the Military District and the Garden of Shrines. The more spectacular magic items are sold here. The shops are almost exclusively run by magic users. There are some non-magical shops which sell high quality items such as grand furniture and artwork. This district is a quiet one since most of the people who work here prefer quiet contemplative serenity. Taverns are not allowed in this District.

Residential Districts

There are ten residential districts in Olakeen. Each has an elected Prefect to represent it in the Assembly with one vote. Each district has approximately 2,500 people living in it. Residential districts do have some shops mostly for the convenience of the residents. Scattered inns are in these areas and are slightly less expensive from the ones in the Commercial Districts. They are usually bed and breakfasts catering to long term stays.

The district names are very simplistic. The northern districts are Copper, Silver, Electrum, Gold, and Platinum. The southern districts are Scrolls, Rings, Wands, Rods, and Staves.

The Military District

This is where the soldiers live and train. The Arena is part of this District, and sections can be rented by adventuring parties for non-lethal combat. The fee is 50gp for an hour in the Arena per group. The military routinely patrols the borders of Olakeen and watches the walls of the city. They rarely get into the way of the city police force. There are 18 Companies each with a Captain. Captains have one vote in the Assembly. There are 6 Companies in Olakeen at any given time.


There are many guilds in Olakeen that were set up by Alexana and Eileen to insure that quality goods would be sold within the city. Some guilds have people everywhere; some just give quick looks at the merchandise. You can register with a guild upon entry into the Market. All of them have offices near the entrance, and each has a Guildhall. A traveler who registers with a guild will be sent work while in the city. The inn where they are staying will become their address. If there is no guild that covers your specialty, you can apply in either the Temple or School for a permit to create one that will.

Guilds are excellent places to go for accurate directions within the city and can also recommend other guilds if you have a problem that needs to be solved.

Each guild has a Guild Master. Each Guild Master has one vote in the Assembly.

City Guilds

Appraisersʼ Guild

This guild regulates all the appraisers within the city. It was created by the sisters so that no one will be cheated within the city. Second opinions can be sought here.

Mages of the Market Guild

This guild regulates the mages that check the dweomers of magic items bought within the city. Its purpose is the same as the Appraisers' Guild.

Independent Guilds

Agricultural Guild

This guild regulates farmers, foresters, hunters, and trappers. This is the only guild that truly appreciates the natural world. The abuse of animals is not tolerated by them since it lowers the animal's value and appeal. Many of the Guild members grow unusual crops or raise exotic animals for the School.

Guild of Arms

This guild tightly regulates armorers, bowyers and fletchers, and weaponsmiths. If this guild finds a person selling inferior armor or weapons, they will first offer assistance with training. If the merchant refuses, they will inform the Temple or School. The Guild has exclusive contracts with the military.

Guild of Artists

This guild loosely regulates painters, musicians, and writers. Traveling bards should register with them before performing within the city as a courtesy. Once registered a bard does not have to register again and will get good treatment by the Guild. They will help find venues for the weary traveler to make enough money to stay in a good inn at least. Some fortunate Bard may called to appear in front of Sorceress Alexana or Holycoin Eileen or both.

Guild of Carpentry

This guild regulates carpenters and foresters though their authority over Foresters is only over the quality of wood brought inside the city.

Guild of the Cloth

This guild regulates tailors, weavers, furriers, and coppers; and they have some authority over hunters, but only in how hides are handled.

Guild of Healers

This guild regulates all forms of healing within the city with the exception of clerical magics. When registered with this guild, a person will be sent medical cases. Most people will not want to go to a temple for a simple ailment.

Guild of the Sea

This guild regulates fishermen and shipwrights, but have no authority over the city's small navy, though they do conduct business with them. A person can go to them with pirate reports and get paid a small sum when the report is verified.

Stones and Gems Guild

This guild regulates masons, jewelers, and miners. Though there are no mines within the city, what the miners sell is under the auspices of the Stones and Gems Guild. Every stone laid and statue created in the city has been placed by a guild member. The guild is always looking for exotic gems and metals. They pay good money for these.

Thievesʼ Guild

The thieves' guild in Olakeen is closely watched by the Olaras. They will come to you if they feel you would do their little organization any good. They have been known to abduct possible members from inn rooms. They also watch for any assasins' guilds that move in. They are known to inform the Ladies if there is any threat to the city. The watch will not hesitate to arrest a bumbling member, yet if the same member came with news of trouble, the watch will listen.

Notable Inns

There are many inns throughout the city and in the surrounding area, here are the most notable of them.

The Sword and Dagger

This is one of the roughest inns in Olakeen. It is the scene of many brawls. The local police are there often breaking up fights. There isn't a single piece of unmended furniture in the whole place. Local superstition is that if a person finds a chair in this inn that does not wobble they are blessed by Waukeen. Because of the brawls and general state of the place, a night here only costs 5sp, and that includes breakfast./The innkeeper is a tough former adventurer. He keeps many swords hidden behind his bar.

The Coin

This is a comfortable establishment. The place is kept clean and free of the local troublemakers. There is a slight religious undertone here. The innkeeper is a former cleric is Waukeen who served Tymora when Waukeen disappeared. He had a crisis of the faith and left holy orders all together. It is rumored that those who fail to pay here are cursed with bad luck. The innkeeper is known to wield a mean flail upon occasion to break up fights, which he is very impartial about./The cost of staying here is 1gp a day.

The Harp and Key

This is the place for a paranoid to stay. It is a very secure establishment. The rooms all have two locks on them, and there is someone checking the halls during all times of the day. There is a secure vault here for the valuables of the guests./The innkeeper is a bard who entertains his guests while they eat their dinners./The cost to stay here is 3gp a day.

The Wand and Scroll

This is the best place for the wizard or cleric to stay. The inn is very quiet since the help staff are Unseen Servants. It can be eerie here for people who haven't had a lot of magic in their life./The innkeeper is a mage who is said to use spells on disruptive guests./The cost to stay here is 5gp a day.

Waukeenʼs Rest

This is the most expensive inn in all of Olakeen and the only inn that is in the Market itself. This inn is one of a few permanent structures in the Market. Each guest is assigned a manservant or maid. These people will help in everything from unpacking to carrying purchases from the Market back to his or her room. Each room is a suite with a bath, and warm water piped to each room for the purpose. Dinners can either be eat in the rooms or in the common room. When in the common room, the manservant or maid will order what you want beforehand so that you don't have to wait when you get down there. The guest will have the same manservant or maid for their entire stay./The cost to stay here is 100gp a day.

Garden of Shrines

There is a smaller entrance to central Olakeen. This entrance leads to a quiet and contemplative garden. This is the Garden of Shrines. The garden is dedicated to the various gods that have had some impact on the Church of Waukeen or the Olara sisters personally. Each Shrine is elaborately decorated in honor of the god. These shrines are the size of small temples; some are more ornate than the temples built by the clergies of the deities themselves to the consternation of some. The High Priest who resides on the grounds of each Shrine has one vote in the Assembly.

The Shrines


Cold Counting Comfort
Date: 15th of Hammer
Celebrations: A day that all businesses are closed for their yearly accounting. Anyone at inns or boarding houses are asked to have food and other items they need for the day in their rooms. At dusk all business owners are hosted at the Temple for a buffet feast.
Date: varies
Celebrations: This is a day of planning for the rest of the year. Most businesses are open but run by apprentices this day. In the evening, all is quiet in the city. It is a day for quiet reflection on the previous year.
Great Weave
Date: 20th of Alturiak
Celebrations: This is a day when all weavers in the city show off the tapestries they have woven in the previous year. They are displayed in the Arena for the entire day. The best tapestry of the year will be awarded a prize in gold. Businesses are closed after noon on this day so that all may be able to look at the tapestries. The Bazaar area is reserved for clothiers this day.
Date: 30th of Ches
Celebrations: On this day all businesses close after noon or are run by assistants, so that business owners and their families can attend a great feast held in the Arena. They are seated by how well they did the previous year. This is the time where all business owners tithe to the Temple. These tithes will be used for the next holiday.
Date: 10th of Taraskh
Celebrations: On this day all businesses are closed. The Bazaar and Market are also closed. The Bazaar, Market, and the streets of the city are lined with people who await the throwing of the spheres. The spheres are glass globes that have gold or gems in them. This is a day of fun and revelry. The spheres are thrown from wagons by priests of the temple that drive by the people. This is the one day where all signs of greed are taken with good grace. The soldiers are known to get into the act by throwing the spheres from atop the walls of the city. The Healers's Guild is very busy that night from cuts and scrapes.
Date: varies
Celebrations: This is the day when the people of Olakeen usually open the earth for their fields and gardens. Also, this day is a day of the antics of the fairy folk, mostly because the Olaras invited them. It is a day of practical jokes taken in good humor. Most businesses close in the afternoon so that everyone can join in the revelry.
Date: 12th of Mirtul
Celebrations: On this day businesses close at noon and all are invited to the temple. The Temple names those that have died the previous year and have donated all of their possessions to the church of Waukeen. Other temples throughout the city are invited to have those listed that have done the same in the names of their temples.
Date: 21st of Kythorn
Celebrations: On this day all businesses are closed. A massive, gaudy parade is held that winds itself around the city showing off the wealth of the city. The Market and Bazaar are filled with mages who are hired to create illusions of recent works of The Lady Waukeen in hopes to gain more followers and priests.
Date: 3rd through 5th of Flamerule
Celebrations: These are the days of treaties, business agreements, and the like. These days are also filled with festivities for the masses. Businesses are usually open only half days to allow all to participate in the fun. The Ladies will hear all offers for contracts and make new contracts for the city during these days. (The Ladies do make contracts during the rest of the year, but only by appointment, never this open to anyone who wants their attention.)
Date: varies
Celebrations: This is a day of romance and many weddings happen on this day. The temples usually have long lines towards the evening. Families get together and form alliances. Many families go out on picnics. On this day all unwed women can participate in a hide and seek game with the unwed men chasing them in the outlying area of the city.
Date: This holiday happens once every four years.
Celebrations: On Midsummer's day of these years, everyone's name is put into a lottery by residential district and two from the farmers' district. On Shieldmeet, the Ladies Olara pick twelve names, one from each district, and those lucky people and their families are invited to a private dinner with one of them. They are picked up by carriages and brought to where they will dine. Six go to the temple and the other six go to the school depending on where the person lives. The people's whose name was chosen receive a beneficial magic item for their home as a gift from the Ladies. The ladies also listen to these normal folk and ask about their concerns.
Date: 17th of Elesias
Celebrations: On this day the Market/Bazaar is reserved for a great farmers' market. All the farmers of the region are invited to the temple for a grand feast in the evening.
Date: 7th of Eleint
Celebrations: On this day the Market/Bazaar is reserved for those who sell enchanted items of all sorts. In the afternoon there is a great show put on by the mages of the School to show how magic has enriched the lives of all. All mages in the city are invited to the temple for a quiet feast.
Date: varies
Celebrations: This day is one of plenty. This is a day when families get together for feasts.
Date: 1st of Marpenoth
Celebrations: On this day all are invited to the Arena to witness tests of arms within the Olakeen military and any visiting warriors that wish to participate. At the end of the day, Alexana and Eileen will sponsor a single soldier into retirement. That soldier will be given ten times his or her weight in gold. Most of the warriors in the Arena will be tossed coins from the audience, and any money found in the bleachers that day will be divided up between the warriors. All warriors are invited to a feast afterwards in the temple complex.
Date: 10th of Uktar
Celebrations: On this day the Arena is set aside as a show place for the newest inventions of the past year. The Market/Bazaar is closed in the afternoon. Alexana and Eileen walk the tables and will buy those inventions that are worthy, and they pay a room full of gold for each invention purchased. All inventors are invited to a feast in the temple, and the rest of the folk are feasted outside in the Market/Bazaar.
The Feast of the Moon
Date: varies
Celebrations: This day is a day of great feasting when family members who have died are honored.
Date: 25th of Nightal
Celebrations: Businesses are closed this day. This day is one for solemn reflection of the underside of wealth. This day is when those that have fallen prey to wealth in some form or another are remembered. There is a simple supper, called a Candle Feast, held in the temple complex for those families who lost loved ones due to the acquisition of wealth, and during that dinner all that have died in the past year in the acquisition of wealth are named.

Crime and punishment

Presiding at the weekly trials are a magistrate, prefect, guild master, priest, and military captain who are all randomly selected. The trials are very short, but the consequences of committing a crime can be devastating. Most trials are handled on the local level in the residential and commercial districts with only a prefect or magistrate presiding. The military handles all infractions by members internally.


Once a criminal is found guilty of a crime, the criminal forfeits property owned within the city limits. The the amount of the forfeiture depends on the severity of the crime.


The sentence for premeditated murder is death; manslaughter is lethal combat in the Arena; but self-defense is a variable term service to the city. In the case where a duel leads to a death and as long as the duel was appropriately witnessed, the victor will not be charged for the death.


The sentence for rape is lethal combat in the Arena.


The sentence for the abuse of a sentient being is lethal combat in the Arena. The sentence for the abuse of a non-sentient being is indentured service to the Agricultural Guild.


The sentence for robbery is one week per gold piece value stolen of indentured servitude to the victim, with a minimum of one day's worth of service. If the robbery involved a death, it will be considered manslaughter. The Thieves' Guild might also impose its own penalties for getting caught.


Service to the city except when murder is involed, see Murder.


The sentence for brawling is non-lethal combat in the Arena, though there is no property loss.

The Arena

Lethal Combat

In lethal combat the criminal is placed in the Arena with only one weapon and a shield. The fight will last until the criminal is dead or the opponent is unconscious. The opponent is a member of the Olakeen Military (two levels higher than the criminal). The opponent has a weapon, shield, and helmet. In the case where lethal combat ends with the opponent unconscious, the criminal is placed into service in the city. The service is the worst sort of work, and it is for life. The criminal will not get paid for the service.

Magical Lethal Combat

Magical lethal combat is used when a spellcaster is the criminal. The spellcaster is only allowed to memorize spells. The opponent is a spellcaster two levels higher. The combat will end when the criminal is dead or the opponent is unconscious. A spellcaster can be a mage, cleric, bard, ranger, druid, or even a paladin (it can happen), and in some cases a psionisist depending on how good the psionisist is.

Non-lethal Combat

In non-lethal combat the criminal is placed in the Arena without any weapons or armor and neither is the opponent. The opponent is usually the same level as the criminal. The fight will be until one of them is unconscious. In the case of brawling, all brawlers are put in the Arena at the same time so they can fight each other without hurting any innocents or the furniture. For added safety in case a mage or cleric is in the group, an antimagic shell is erected. After non-lethal combat, the criminals are set free with a warning. If the criminal is found doing the same activity again, they will be put into unpaid service to the city for a month per incident.


Olaranor is located in Myth Drannor and is where the Olara's have build their summer residences. Since Myth Drannor is not safe for the occassional traveler, not much is known about it.


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