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Aleenaia is the island residence of the goddess Aleena. When she wants visitors, she will create a magical bridge between the Isle and the person she wants to visit. No matter how far away from the Isle the person is, a magical bridge will appear to transport those who are worthy to the Isle. There are no other bridges to the Isle and the currents are such that ships could not dock there without the blessing of the Goddess.

Most people who Aleena has allowed to live on her Isle is a member her faith.

The seat of the Isle's government is also the Temple to Aleena. The Isle's currency is diamonds. The Isle's national animal is the astrodragon.


There are three islands which are near the Isle of the Goddess: Vommisu's Isle, Kord's Isle, and Ranasp's Isle. Unfortunately the details about those islands have been lost.

Marriage and family

Marriage on Aleenia is a sacred event that involves four people coming together to form a quadrinostia. Married people are given pendents to show their status in the quadrinostia. Married men wear a sapphire, and married women wear a ruby. The sapphires and rubies are worn over a gem denoting their status in the marriage. Supermates in a quadrinostia wear an emerald, submates wear an aquamarine, and the rare metamates wear a helidor.

The titles of the four people who enter into quadrinostic marriage are as follows:

The first part of the ceremony is the joining of the superandromate to the supergynomate. Then the submates are joined. After both couples are joined, the two couples are brought together and both couples are joined into the quadnostia.

The supermates are legally responsible for the quadnostia. Any children produced within the quadnostia mostly fall under the jurisdiction of the supermates. If the child is of both submates, the submates have limited jurisdiction of their issue. Normally, the supermates grant the submates all rights to their children. It is very rare that the supermates would deny submates their paternal rights.

There is a rare household called a hexanostia. This household has two additional members as follows:

The metamates stand higher in the household than the submates, yet lower than the supermates. The supermates are still the heads of the household. Metamates have more freedoms than the submates. Children of metamates fall automatically under their jurisdiction if the child is the issue of the other metamate or of a submate. A metamate's child by a supermate falls under the jurisdiction of the supermate.

The widowed quadrinostia's or hexanostia's members wear a padparadscha attached to their pendents.

A person who the supermates of a nostia feel are mature enough to marry wear a single pink sapphire. A person who is engaged wears a single yellow sapphire. It is illegal for children within the same quadrinostia or hexanostia to wed.

Adultery is rare in Aleenia. With the diversity in each household, most people live the rest of their lives having sexual relations with those to whom they are married. Divorce is very rare since it is so complicated. Divorced people do not wear any insignia.

Very rare households are the xenonostias. These households are created by the rare Aleenir citizens who are not Aleenists. Their marriages are considered legal in Aleenia with the same complicated divorce proceedings. It is extremely rare for a person who is not an Aleenist to enter into a quadrinostia. There have been only a handful of cases where a non-Aleenist has entered into a hexanostia in the history of the Aleenan faith.


This nation was initially created for the game NationStates, but I let the nation lapse every now and again.


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