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Driannaʼs Citadel of Magical Creation

Places in the Citadel

The Citadel will accommodate all those who choose to work here. All species will be made as comfortable as possible from the smallest sprite to the largest of the dragons. All doors are light enough to be opened easily by everyone no matter how large they become. Some laboratories are open, such as laboratories for dragons, while others are walled for the smaller races.

The Citadel will try to keep natural enemies from being assigned close to each other. If an elf and an orc happen to be assigned laboratory sections that are close together, they must act to protect themselves. The Citadel does not force peace between its researchers.

The dimensions of the Citadel are always changing. If a researcher needs more space and the Citadel has the space available, the researcher will be moved. If the Citadel is full, a new laboratory will be created and multiple sections assigned.

Sometime in the future it may be that a dragon will be flying around the Citadel or a kobold shaman will be running as a messenger between the various other researchers. A researcher can willingly take on a task for the Citadel when low on towers or be forced by the Citadel when out of towers to do so.


Laboratories are divided into four sections with four doors leading out of them. Some researchers may be assigned one section of a laboratory while others are assigned all four or even adjoining laboratories as needed. For privacy curtains can be drawn closed around each section since to get to other laboratories people must pass through laboratories in use. There are always enough laboratories. If the Citadel is full, it will create a new laboratory for the newest researcher. When the researcher leaves, the laboratory remains.


At the base and around the perimeter of the Citadel are shelves of books. The base of the Citadel holds the main library. The shelves are spaced so that desks can be placed right where the books are. The library grows as books are added to the collection. The shelves of books around the perimeter are additional copies of books in the main library. When there are two copies of all the books in the main library, a second library will be created halfway up the Citadel. The second library will always be halfway up the tower no matter how many laboratories are created. New libraries will be created as more copies of the books come into the Citadel. These main libraries will always stay equally spaced within the Citadel. One day there may be researchers who become part-time copyists. They will receive towers for copying books.

Bathing areas

There are bathing areas for every two levels the Citadel creates. Each bathing area has private alcoves and small public pools for bathing. There are three pools in the bathing areas: calidariums, tepidariums, and frigidariums. The water to the alcoves can be set to whatever temperature the bather desires. Water closets and sinks with running water are attached to each laboratory section.

There are cafeterias for every four levels that the Citadel creates. The researchers can eat in their laboratories if they so desire. Some may have to be reminded to eat. If the threat of loss of life is not imminent, a genie may appear and suggest food is available at the moment. In cases where loss of life is imminent, food may appear near the hands of the absent-minded researchers.

The roof

The roof of the Citadel is a garden. At first the only plants growing up there are only herbalist supplies and rare plants that are used as spell components. As the Citadel grows, food gardens may be added. If the Citadel grows to cover a large enough area, whole fields of grains may be planted. In the future the roof may also become fields for the grazing of food animals. The roof may become tiered with many levels. When that happens the Citadel will look less like a building and more like a regularly shaped hill or mountain.

Money in the Citadel

Upon entering the Citadel, the supplicant will see a slot in the door opposite the enterance doors. The slotted door will not open until something, anything, is placed within it. Once an item is placed in the slot, the slot will disappear and a small shelf will appear. On the shelf will be tokens called towers. The tokens are the coin of the Citadel. The supplicant can have thousands in gold, but only the tokens will purchase the use of the Citadel's contents and services.

The gold piece value of the items exchanged has nothing to do with the token value. If the Citadel has an overabundance of magic missile spell scrolls, a decitower might be all the supplicant gets for it. If the Citadel is extremely low on oranges, the supplicant may get a tower for it. The orange could reaapear sixteen levels up at the elbow of a mage who is suffering from malnutrition or scurvy.

Creatures of the Citadel

The first creature the researcher will come across is the Administrator. The Administrator is a tasked genie who freely serves Drianna in the Citadel. The Administrator will guide or assign a guide to lead the researcher to the laboratory and show to which section or sections the researcher is assigned. As the Citadel grows, the initial Administrator can call in more Administrators as needed.

Messenger tasked genies also serve freely and willingly. There are slots by the doors of the laboratories that are for messages needing to be delivered. After a time there may be other creatures who serve as messengers. Each message will cost towers. The cost of the delivery will depend on the message or package weight.

Each laboratory will have a permanent unseen servant. If more are needed, towers may be used to create more. These additional servants are temporary.

Careers in the Citadel

There are many careers which can be undertaken in the Citadel. Some have already been mentioned. Those who willingly take on a job in the Citadel will be well paid. Those who are bound to service in the Citadel will be paid a basic wage.

As the Citadel grows, there will be more opportunities for the researchers to gain towers. One day there may even be leaders of groups of laboratories. Drianna will not always be around to keep the peace so others will have to step in to help.

It is impossible to come up with a comprehensive list of careers since they have yet to be created. One day there could be a need for animal handlers or sages who know about yachting. There may be a need for cooks to healers.

A section of a laboratory could be remade into a shrine to a god with a high priest attached. A whole laboratory could become a temple.

Moving the Citadel

The Citadel moves every day at midnight to a new location. Keeping up with it day to day is impossible. To leave the Citadel in the middle of researching a project can mean years of searching for the Citadel again. One day it may appear outside of Tantras in the Vast and the next it can appear on the island of Afyal in Zakhara and the day after that on the island of Chult. It will always appear where it will do no damage. There is no pattern or plan for its appearances. Should Drianna's influence go beyond Aber-Toril to, say, Oerth or Krynn; the Citadel could start making appearances in those locations as well.

When the tower becomes so large as to make it impossible for its appearance not to do damage, its base will narrow so that it can appear. The base of the building will be suspended in the air.


The library in The Name of the Rose (film) and the moving mountain in Krull were the basis for the creation of the Citadel.


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