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Wagon Train

1957 - 1965 (8 seasons, 282 episodes)

Wagon Train is a 1957 western television series that ran for eight years. It crossed with Alias Jesse James.


Season one

(38 episodes)

  1. “The Willy Moran Story”
  2. “The Jean LeBec Story”
  3. “The John Cameron Story”
  4. “The Ruth Owens Story”
  5. “The Les Rand Story”
  6. “The Nels Stack Story”
  7. “The Emily Rossiter Story”
  8. “The John Darro Story”
  9. “The Charles Avery Story”
  10. “The Mary Halstead Story”
  11. “The Zeke Thomas Story”
  12. “The Riley Gratton Story”
  13. “The Clara Beauchamp Story”
  14. “The Julia Gage Story”
  15. “The Cliff Grundy Story”
  16. “The Luke OʼMalley Story”
  17. “The Jesse Cowan Story”
  18. “The Gabe Carswell Story”
  19. “The Honorable Don Charlie Story”
  20. “The Dora Gray Story”
  21. “The Annie MacGregor Story”
  22. “The Bill Tawnee Story”
  23. “The Mark Hanford Story”
  24. “The Bernal Sierra Story”
  25. “The Marie Dupree Story”
  26. “A Man Called Horse”
  27. “The Sarah Drummond Story”
  28. “The Sally Potter Story”
  29. “The Daniel Barrister Story”
  30. “The Major Adams Story”
  31. “The Charles Maury Story”
  32. “The Dan Hogan Story”
  33. “The Ruttledge Munroe Story”
  34. “The Rex Montana Story”
  35. “The Cassie Tanner Story”
  36. “The John Wilbot Story”
  37. “The Monty Britton Story”
  38. “The Sacramento Story”

Season two

(38 episodes)

  1. “Around the Horn”
  2. “The Juan Ortega Story”
  3. “The Jennifer Churchill Story”
  4. “The Tobias Jones Story”
  5. “The Liam Fitzmorgan Story”
  6. “The Doctor Willoughby Story”
  7. “The Bije Wilcox Story”
  8. “The Millie Davis Story”
  9. “The Sakae Ito Story”
  10. “The Tent City Story”
  11. “The Beauty Jamison Story”
  12. “The Mary Ellen Thomas Story”
  13. “The Dick Richardson Story”
  14. “The Kitty Angel Story”
  15. “The Flint McCullough Story”
  16. “The Hunter Malloy Story”
  17. “The Ben Courtney Story”
  18. “The Ella Lindstrom Story”
  19. “The Last Man”
  20. “The Old Man Charvanaugh Story”
  21. “The Annie Griffith Story”
  22. “The Jasper Cato Story”
  23. “The Vivian Carter Story”
  24. “The Conchita Vasquez Story”
  25. “The Sister Rita Story”
  26. “The Matthew Lowry Story”
  27. “The Swift Cloud Story”
  28. “The Vincent Eaglewood Story”
  29. “The Clara Duncan Story”
  30. “The Duke LeMay Story”
  31. “The Kate Parker Story”
  32. “The Steve Campden Story”
  33. “Chuck Wooster, Wagonmaster”
  34. “The Jose Maria Moran Story”
  35. “The Andrew Hale Story”
  36. “The Rodney Lawrence Story”
  37. “The Steele Family”
  38. “The Jenny Tannen Story”

Season three

(36 episodes)

  1. “The Stagecoach Story”
  2. “The Greenhorn Story”
  3. “The C.L. Harding Story”
  4. “The Estaban Zamora Story”
  5. “The Elizabeth McQueeny Story”
  6. “The Martha Barnham Story”
  7. “The Cappy Darrin Story”
  8. “The Felizia Kingdom Story”
  9. “The Jess MacAbbee Story”
  10. “The Danny Benedict Story”
  11. “The Vittorio Bottecelli Story”
  12. “The St. Nicholas Story”
  13. “The Ruth Marshall Story”
  14. “The Lita Foladaire Story”
  15. “The Colonel Harris Story”
  16. “The Maidie Brandt Story”
  17. “The Larry Hanify Story”
  18. “The Clayton Tucker Story”
  19. “The Benjamin Burns Story”
  20. “The Ricky and Laura Bell Story”
  21. “The Tom Tuckett Story”
  22. “The Tracy Sadler Story”
  23. “The Alexander Portlass Story”
  24. “The Christine Elliot Story”
  25. “The Joshua Gilliam Story”
  26. “The Maggie Hamilton Story”
  27. “The Jonas Murdock Story”
  28. “The Amos Gibbon Story”
  29. “Trial for Murder”
  30. “The Countess Baranof Story”
  31. “The Dick Jarvis Story”
  32. “The Dr. Swift Cloud Story”
  33. “The Luke Grant Story”
  34. “The Charlene Brenton Story”
  35. “The Sam Livingston Story”
  36. “The Shad Bennington Story”

Season four

(38 episodes)

  1. “Wagons Ho!”
  2. “The Horace Best Story”
  3. “The Albert Farnsworth Story”
  4. “The Allison Justis Story”
  5. “The Jose Morales Story”
  6. “The Princess of a Lost Tribe”
  7. “The Cathy Eckhart Story”
  8. “The Bleymier Story”
  9. “The Colter Craven Story”
  10. “The Jane Hawkins Story”
  11. “The Candy OʼHara Story”
  12. “The River Crossing”
  13. “The Roger Bigelow Story”
  14. “The Jeremy Dow Story”
  15. “The Earl Packer Story”
  16. “The Patience Miller Story”
  17. “The Sam Elder Story”
  18. “Weight of Command”
  19. “The Prairie Story”
  20. “Path of the Serpent”
  21. “The Odyssey of Flint McCullough”
  22. “The Beth Pearson Story”
  23. “The Jed Polke Story”
  24. “The Nancy Palmer Story”
  25. “The Christopher Hale Story”
  26. “The Tiburcio Mendez Story”
  27. “The Nellie Jefferson Story”
  28. “The Saul Bevins Story”
  29. “The Joe Muharich Story”
  30. “The Duke Shannon Story”
  31. “The Will Santee Story”
  32. “The Jim Bridger Story”
  33. “The Eleanor Culhane Story”
  34. “The Chalice”
  35. “The Janet Hale Story”
  36. “Wagon to Fort Anderson”
  37. “The Ah Chong Story”
  38. “The Don Alvarado Story”

Season five

(37 episodes)

  1. “The Captain Dan Brady Story”
  2. “The Kitty Albright Story”
  3. “The Maud Frazer Story”
  4. “The Selena Hartnell Story”
  5. “The Clementine Jones Story”
  6. “The Jenna Douglas Story”
  7. “The Artie Matthewson Story”
  8. “The Mark Miner Story”
  9. “The Bruce Saybrook Story”
  10. “The Lizabeth Ann Calhoun Story”
  11. “The Traitor”
  12. “The Bettina May Story”
  13. “Clyde”
  14. “The Martin Onyx Story”
  15. “The Dick Pederson Story”
  16. “The Hobie Redman Story”
  17. “The Malachi Hobart Story”
  18. “The Dr. Denker Story”
  19. “The Lonnie Fallon Story”
  20. “The Jeff Hartfield Story”
  21. “The Daniel Clay Story”
  22. “The Lieutenant Burton Story”
  23. “The Charley Shutup Story”
  24. “The Amos Billings Story”
  25. “The Baylor Crofoot Story”
  26. “The George B. Hanrahan Story”
  27. “The Swamp Devil”
  28. “The Cole Crawford Story”
  29. “The Levi Hale Story”
  30. “The Terry Morrell Story”
  31. “The Jud Steele Story”
  32. “The Mary Beckett Story”
  33. “The Nancy Davis Story”
  34. “The Frank Carter Story”
  35. “The John Turnbull Story”
  36. “The Hiram Winthrop Story”
  37. “The Heather Mahoney Story”

Season six

(37 episodes)

  1. “Wagon Train Mutiny”
  2. “The Caroline Casteel Story”
  3. “The Madame Sagittarius Story”
  4. “The Martin Gatsby Story”
  5. “The John Augustus Story”
  6. “The Mavis Grant Story”
  7. “The Lisa Raincloud Story”
  8. “The Shiloh Degnan Story”
  9. “The Levy-McGowan Story”
  10. “The John Bernard Story”
  11. “The Kurt Davos Story”
  12. “The Eve Newhope Story”
  13. “The Orly French Story”
  14. “The Donna Fuller Story”
  15. “The Sam Darland Story”
  16. “The Abel Weatherly Story”
  17. “The Davey Baxter Story”
  18. “The Johnny Masters Story”
  19. “The Naomi Kaylor Story”
  20. “The Hollister John Garrison Story”
  21. “The Lily Legend Story”
  22. “Charlie Wooster - Outlaw”
  23. “The Sara Proctor Story”
  24. “The Emmett Lawton Story”
  25. “The Annie Duggan Story”
  26. “The Michael McGoo Story”
  27. “The Adam MacKenzie Story”
  28. “The Tom Tuesday Story”
  29. “Heather and Hamish”
  30. “The Blane Wessels Story”
  31. “The Tom OʼNeal Story”
  32. “The Clarence Mullins Story”
  33. “The David Garner Story”
  34. “Alias Bill Hawks”
  35. “The Antone Rose Story”
  36. “The Jim Whitlow Story”
  37. “The Barnaby West Story”

Season seven

(32 episodes)

  1. “The Molly Kincaid Story”
  2. “The Fort Pierce Story”
  3. “The Gus Morgan Story”
  4. “The Widow OʼRourke Story”
  5. “The Robert Harrison Clarke Story”
  6. “The Myra Marshall Story”
  7. “The Sam Spicer Story”
  8. “The Sam Pulaski Story”
  9. “The Eli Bancroft Story”
  10. “The Kitty Pryor Story”
  11. “The Sandra Cummings Story”
  12. “The Bleeker Story”
  13. “The Story of Cain”
  14. “The Cassie Vance Story”
  15. “The Fenton Canaby Story”
  16. “The Michael Malone Story”
  17. “The Jed Whitmore Story”
  18. “The Geneva Balfour Story”
  19. “The Kate Crawley Story”
  20. “The Grover Allen Story”
  21. “The Andrew Elliott Story”
  22. “The Melanie Craig Story”
  23. “The Pearlie Garnet Story”
  24. “The Trace McCloud Story”
  25. “The Duncan McIvor Story”
  26. “The Ben Engel Story”
  27. “The Whipping”
  28. “The Santiago Quesada Story”
  29. “The Stark Bluff Story”
  30. “The Link Cheney Story”
  31. “The Zebedee Titus Story”
  32. “The Last Circle Up”

Season eight

(26 episodes)

  1. “The Bob Stuart Story”
  2. “The Hide Hunters”
  3. “The John Gillman Story”
  4. “The Race Town Story”
  5. “The Barbara Lindquist Story”
  6. “The Brian Conlin Story”
  7. “The Alice Whitetree Story”
  8. “Those Who Stay Behind”
  9. “The Nancy Styles Story”
  10. “The Richard Bloodgood Story”
  11. “The Clay Shelby Story”
  12. “Little Girl Lost”
  13. “The Hector Heatherington Story”
  14. “The Echo Pass Story”
  15. “The Chottsie Gubenheimer Story”
  16. “The Wanda Snow Story”
  17. “The Isaiah Quickfox Story”
  18. “Herman”
  19. “The Bonnie Brooke Story”
  20. “The Miss Mary Lee McIntosh Story”
  21. “The Captain Sam Story”
  22. “The Betsy Blee Smith Story”
  23. “The Katy Piper Story”
  24. “The Indian Girl Story”
  25. “The Silver Lady”
  26. “The Jarbo Pierce Story”


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