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1983 - 1985 (2 miniseries, 1 television series, 1 season, 23 episodes)


V is a 1983 two-part science fiction miniseries with aliens.

V: The Final Battle

V: The Final Battle is a 1984 two-part science fiction miniseries with aliens.


1984 - 1985 (1 season, 19 episodes)

V is a 1984 science fiction television series with aliens that ran for one year.

  1. “Liberation Day”
  2. “Dreadnaught”
  3. “Breakout”
  4. “The Deception”
  5. “The Sanction”
  6. “Visitorʼs Choice”
  7. “The Overlord”
  8. “The Dissident”
  9. “Reflections in Terror”
  10. “The Conversion”
  11. “The Hero”
  12. “The Betrayal”
  13. “The Rescue”
  14. “The Champion”
  15. “The Wildcats”
  16. “The Littlest Dragon”
  17. “War of Illusions”
  18. “The Secret Underground”
  19. “The Return”


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