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1985 - 1989 (5 seasons, 67 episodes)

Moonlighting is a 1985 detective television series that ran for four years.


Season one

(7 episodes)

  1. Pilot, Part 1
  2. Pilot, Part 2
  3. “Gunfight at the So-So Corral”
  4. “Read the Mind… See the Movie”
  5. “The Next Murder You Hear”
  6. “Next Stop Murder”
  7. “The Murderʼs in the Mail”

Season two

(18 episodes)

  1. “Brother, Can You Spare a Blonde?”
  2. “The Lady in the Iron Mask”
  3. “Money Talks… Maddie Walks”
  4. “The Dream Sequence Always Rings Twice”
  5. “My Fair David”
  6. “Knowing Her”
  7. “Somewhere Under the Rainbow”
  8. “Portrait of Maddie”
  9. “Atlas Belched”
  10. “Twas the Episode Before Christmas”
  11. “The Bride of Tupperman”
  12. “North by North Dipesto”
  13. “In God We Strongly Suspect”
  14. “Every Daughterʼs Father Is a Virgin”
  15. “Witness for the Execution”
  16. “Sleep Talkinʼ Guy”
  17. “Funeral for a Door Nail”
  18. “Camille”

Season three

(15 episodes)

  1. “The Son Also Rises”
  2. “The Man Who Cried Wife”
  3. “Symphony in Knocked Flat”
  4. “Yours, Very Deadly”
  5. “All Creatures Great and… Not So Great”
  6. “Big Man on Mulberry Street”
  7. “Atomic Shakespeare”
  8. “Itʼs a Wonderful Job” crossed with Hart to Hart
  9. “The Straight Poop”
  10. “Poltergeist III - Dipesto Nothing”
  11. “Blonde on Blonde”
  12. “Sam & Dave”
  13. “Maddieʼs Turn to Cry”
  14. “I Am Curious… Maddie”
  15. “To Heiress Human”

Season four

(14 episodes)

  1. “A Trip to the Moon”
  2. “Come Back Little Shiksa”
  3. “Take a Left at the Altar”
  4. “Tale in Two Cities”
  5. “Cool Hand Dave: Part 1”
  6. “Cool Hand Dave: Part 2”
  7. “Father Knows Last”
  8. “Los Dos DiPestos”
  9. “Fetal Attraction”
  10. “Tracks of My Tears”
  11. “Eek! A Spouse!”
  12. “Maddie Hayes Got Married”
  13. “Hereʼs Living With You, Kid”
  14. “And the Flesh Was Made Word”

Season five

(13 episodes)

  1. “A Womb With a View”
  2. “Between a Yuk and a Hard Place”
  3. “The Color of Maddie”
  4. “Plastic Fantastic Lovers”
  5. “Shirts and Skins”
  6. “Take My Wife, For Example”
  7. “I See England, I See France, I See Maddieʼs Netherworld”
  8. “Those Lips, Those Lies”
  9. “Perfetc”
  10. “When Girls Collide”
  11. “In ʼN Outlaws”
  12. “Eine Kleine Nacht Murder”
  13. “Lunar Eclipse”


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