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2002 - 2009 (8 seasons, 125 episodes)

Monk is a 2002 detective television series that ran for seven years.


Season one

(13 episodes)

  1. “Mr. Monk and the Candidate”, Part 1
  2. “Mr. Monk and the Candidate”, Part 2
  3. “Mr. Monk and the Psychic”
  4. “Mr. Monk Meets Dale the Whale”
  5. “Mr. Monk Goes to the Carnival”
  6. “Mr. Monk Goes to the Asylum”
  7. “Mr. Monk and the Billionaire Mugger”
  8. “Mr. Monk and the Other Woman”
  9. “Mr. Monk and the Marathon Man”
  10. “Mr. Monk Takes a Vacation”
  11. “Mr. Monk and the Earthquake”
  12. “Mr. Monk and the Red-Headed Stranger”
  13. “Mr. Monk and the Airplane”

Season two

(16 episodes)

  1. “Mr. Monk Goes Back to School”
  2. “Mr. Monk Goes to Mexico”
  3. “Mr. Monk Goes to the Ballgame”
  4. “Mr. Monk Goes to the Circus”
  5. “Mr. Monk and the Very, Very Old Man”
  6. “Mr. Monk Goes to the Theater”
  7. “Mr. Monk and the Sleeping Suspect”
  8. “Mr. Monk Meets the Playboy”
  9. “Mr. Monk and the 12th Man”
  10. “Mr. Monk and the Paperboy”
  11. “Mr. Monk and the Three Pies”
  12. “Mr. Monk and the T.V. Star”
  13. “Mr. Monk and the Missing Granny”
  14. “Mr. Monk and the Captainʼs Wife”
  15. “Mr. Monk Gets Married”
  16. “Mr. Monk Goes to Jail”

Season three

(16 episodes)

  1. “Mr. Monk Takes Manhattan”
  2. “Mr. Monk and the Panic Room”
  3. “Mr. Monk and the Blackout”
  4. “Mr. Monk Gets Fired”
  5. “Mr. Monk Meets the Godfather”
  6. “Mr. Monk and the Girl Who Cried Wolf”
  7. “Mr. Monk and the Employee of the Month”
  8. “Mr. Monk and the Game Show”
  9. “Mr. Monk Takes His Medicine”
  10. “Mr. Monk and the Red Herring”
  11. “Mr. Monk vs. the Cobra”
  12. “Mr. Monk Gets Cabin Fever”
  13. “Mr. Monk Gets Stuck in Traffic”
  14. “Mr. Monk Goes to Vegas” crossed with Las Vegas
  15. “Mr. Monk and the Election”
  16. “Mr. Monk and the Kid”

Season four

(16 episodes)

  1. “Mr. Monk and the Other Detective”
  2. “Mr. Monk Goes Home Again”
  3. “Mr. Monk Stays in Bed”
  4. “Mr. Monk Goes to the Office”
  5. “Mr. Monk Gets Drunk”
  6. “Mr. Monk and Mrs. Monk”
  7. “Mr. Monk Goes to a Wedding”
  8. “Mr. Monk and Little Monk”
  9. “Mr. Monk and the Secret Santa”
  10. “Mr. Monk Goes to a Fashion Show”
  11. “Mr. Monk Bumps His Head”
  12. “Mr. Monk and the Captainʼs Marriage”
  13. “Mr. Monk and the Big Reward”
  14. “Mr. Monk and the Astronaut”
  15. “Mr. Monk Goes to the Dentist”
  16. “Mr. Monk Gets Jury Duty”

Season five

(16 episodes)

  1. “Mr. Monk and the Actor”
  2. “Mr. Monk and the Garbage Strike”
  3. “Mr. Monk and the Big Game”
  4. “Mr. Monk Canʼt See a Thing”
  5. “Mr. Monk, Private Eye”
  6. “Mr. Monk and the Class Reunion”
  7. “Mr. Monk Gets a New Shrink”
  8. “Mr. Monk Goes To a Rock Concert”
  9. “Mr. Monk Meets His Dad”
  10. “Mr. Monk and the Leper”
  11. “Mr. Monk Makes a Friend”
  12. “Mr. Monk is at Your Service”
  13. “Mr. Monk Is on the Air”
  14. “Mr. Monk Visits a Farm”
  15. “Mr. Monk and the Really, Really Dead Guy”
  16. “Mr. Monk Goes to the Hospital”

Season six

(16 episodes)

  1. “Mr. Monk and His Biggest Fan”
  2. “Mr. Monk and the Rapper”
  3. “Mr. Monk and the Naked Man”
  4. “Mr. Monk and the Bad Girlfriend”
  5. “Mr. Monk and the Birds and the Bees”
  6. “Mr. Monk and the Buried Treasure”
  7. “Mr. Monk and the Daredevil”
  8. “Mr. Monk and the Wrong Man”
  9. “Mr. Monk Is Up All Night”
  10. “Mr. Monk and the Man Who Shot Santa”
  11. “Mr. Monk Joins a Cult”
  12. “Mr. Monk Goes to the Bank”
  13. “Mr. Monk and the Three Julies”
  14. “Mr. Monk Paints His Masterpiece”
  15. “Mr. Monk Is On The Run”, Part 1
  16. “Mr. Monk Is On The Run”, Part 2

Season seven

(16 episodes)

  1. “Mr. Monk Buys a House”
  2. “Mr. Monk and the Genius”
  3. “Mr. Monk Gets Lotto Fever”
  4. “Mr. Monk Takes A Punch”
  5. “Mr. Monk Is Underwater”
  6. “Mr. Monk Falls In Love”
  7. “Mr. Monkʼs 100th Case”
  8. “Mr. Monk Gets Hypnotized”
  9. “Mr. Monk and the Miracle”
  10. “Mr. Monkʼs Other Brother”
  11. “Mr. Monk on Wheels”
  12. “Mr. Monk and the Lady Next Door”
  13. “Mr. Monk Makes the Playoffs”
  14. “Mr. Monk and the Bully”
  15. “Mr. Monk and the Magician”
  16. “Mr. Monk Fights City Hall”

Season eight

(16 episodes)

  1. “Mr. Monkʼs Favorite Show”
  2. “Mr. Monk and the Foreign Man”
  3. “Mr. Monk and the UFO”
  4. “Mr. Monk is Someone Else”
  5. “Mr. Monk Takes the Stand”
  6. “Mr. Monk and the Critic”
  7. “Mr. Monk and the Voodoo Curse”
  8. “Mr. Monk Goes to Group Therapy”
  9. “Happy Birthday, Mr. Monk”
  10. “Mr. Monk and Sharona”
  11. “Mr. Monk and the Dog”
  12. “Mr. Monk Goes Camping”
  13. “Mr. Monk Is the Best Man”
  14. “Mr. Monk and the Badge”
  15. “Mr. Monk and the End - Part I”
  16. “Mr. Monk and the End - Part II”


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