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1955 - 1994 (5 films, 2 television series, 1 season, 14 episodes)


1955 - 1975

Gunsmoke is a 1955 western television series based on the radio series by John Meston that ran for twenty years. It crossed with Alias Jesse James.

Dirty Sally

1974 (1 season, 14 episodes)

Dirty Sally is a 1974 western comedy television series.

  1. “Right of Way”
  2. “The Orphans”
  3. “The Old Soldier”
  4. “Convict”
  5. “Horse of a Different Color”
  6. “Too Long to Wait”
  7. “All That Glitters”
  8. “Much Ado About Nothing”
  9. “Wimmenʼs Rights”
  10. “I Never Saw the Pacific”
  11. “My Fair Laddie”
  12. “The Hanging of Cyrus Pike”
  13. “Honk ʼem, Squonk ʼem, Git the Wampum”
  14. “I Donʼt, I Donʼt”

Gunsmoke: Return to Dodge

Gunsmoke: Return to Dodge is a 1987 western television film.

Gunsmoke: The Last Apache

Gunsmoke: The Last Apache is a 1990 western television film.

Gunsmoke: To the Last Man

Gunsmoke: To the Last Man is a 1992 western television film.

Gunsmoke: The Long Ride

Gunsmoke: The Long Ride is a 1993 television film.

Gunsmoke: One Manʼs Justice

Gunsmoke: One Manʼs Justice is a 1994 western television film.


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