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Flash Gordon

1954 - 1955 (1 season, 39 episodes)

Flash Gordon is a 1954 science fiction television series based on the comic strip by Alex Raymond that ran for one year.

  1. “Flash Gordon and the Planet of Death”
  2. “Escape Into Time”
  3. “The Electro Man”
  4. “The Vengeance of Rabeed”
  5. “Akim the Terrible”
  6. “The Claim Jumpers”
  7. “The Dancing Death”
  8. “The Breath of Death”
  9. “The Great Secret”
  10. “Return of the Androids”
  11. “The Frightened King”
  12. “The Deadly Deception”
  13. “Duel Against Darkness”
  14. “The Sound Gun”
  15. “The Weapon that Walked”
  16. “Mission to Masca”
  17. “The Lure of Light”
  18. “The Rains of Death”
  19. “Flash Gordon and the Race against Time”
  20. “The Witch of Neptune”
  21. “The Brain Machine”
  22. “Struggle to the End”
  23. “The Water World Menace”
  24. “Saboteurs from Space”
  25. “The Forbidden Experiment”
  26. “Heat Wave”
  27. “The Hunger Invasion”
  28. “Encounter with Evil”
  29. “The Matter Duplicator”
  30. “The Micro-Man Menace”
  31. “The Space Smugglers”
  32. “The Mystery of Phoros”
  33. “The Shadowy Death”
  34. “Death in the Negative”
  35. “The Earthʼs Core”
  36. “Deadline at Noon”
  37. “The Law of Velorum”
  38. “The Skyjackers”
  39. “The Subworld Revenge”


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