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The 5th Quadrant

2002 (1 season, 26 episodes)

The 5th Quadrant is a 2002 science fiction television series.

  1. “X-Periment-X”
  2. “Whoʼs Uncursed?”
  3. “Shock it to Me”
  4. “Astral Boy”
  5. “Doppelgangers and Mash”
  6. “Que Seance…Seance”
  7. “Alien Sex Slaves of New York”
  8. “Psychic Plastic Surgeon Parking Only”
  9. “Ghoul Whipped”
  10. “Cyborgs, Androids, and Robots, Oh My!”
  11. “Iʼm Gonna Git You Goatsucka”
  12. “American Psychokinesis”
  13. “Our Lady of Chestnut Street”
  14. “Itʼs All in Your Mind Control”
  15. “Dream Soda”
  16. “Time Travellerʼs Cheques”
  17. “One Nation…Invisible”
  18. “Where O Werewolves”
  19. “Deja Vu Couchez Avec Moi?”
  20. “Amelia…Youʼre Breaking My Earhart”
  21. “Wild Animal King”
  22. “Divining Miss M”
  23. “A Clone…at Last”
  24. “Itʼs a Hollow World After All”
  25. “Vampire of the Sun”
  26. “Can You Keep a Secret Society?”


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