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Clean Sweep

2003 - 2005 (2 seasons, 121 episodes)

Clean Sweep is a 2003 non-fiction television series about home improvement that ran for two years.


Season one

(60 episodes)

  1. “Junk Sent Packing”
  2. “The Art of Organization”
  3. “Clothes Horses”
  4. “Kitschy Clutter”
  5. “Sentimental Value”
  6. “Foster Fix-Up”
  7. “The "Oh My Gosh" Room”
  8. “6 Kid Pile-Up”
  9. “Put the Fun Back in Functional”
  10. “Finish It or Pitch It”
  11. “Taking Back the House”
  12. “Collectible Madness”
  13. “Live for Today”
  14. “Depressed over Depression Glass”
  15. “Fashion for Clutter”
  16. “Barbieʼs Fantasy Clutter House”
  17. “Teachers Learn a Lesson”
  18. “Hickory Dickory Dock, the Ratʼs Nest in the Clock”
  19. “Computer Clutter Warehouse”
  20. “Micro-Brewery, Macro-Mess”
  21. “Two Lovebirds, One Messy Nest”
  22. “Sock It to Me”
  23. “Meditation on a Mess”
  24. “Aloha to a Lot of Stuff”
  25. “So Many Books, So Little Storage”
  26. “Thanks for the Memories”
  27. “The Toy Factory”
  28. “Proud Mary Keep on Purging”
  29. “A Toast to Organization”
  30. “Storming the Palace”
  31. “Drowning in Debris”
  32. “This Little Piggy Went Away”
  33. “Friends Donʼt Let Friends Keep Leisure Suits”
  34. “Everything and the Kitchen Sink”
  35. “Mooooving Out the Mess”
  36. “Organizational Sand Trap”
  37. “All-American Mess”
  38. “They Were in Stitches”
  39. “Organization? Bring It On”
  40. “Princess Learns to Purge”
  41. “Some Bunny Loves Ya”
  42. “Tune In for Tips”
  43. “Hey, Whatʼs This in the Nursery?”
  44. “Itʼs a Jungle in There”
  45. “Last Train from Clutter Town”
  46. “Waking from a Nightmare, Living a Dream”
  47. “Rush to Organization”
  48. “Paper-palooza”
  49. “Jonesing for Organization”
  50. “Ready? Set? Purge!”
  51. “Girls Gone Cluttered”
  52. “Handbag Hell”
  53. “Save the Last Receipt for Me”
  54. “Big Daddyʼs Dusty Chair”
  55. “Mess About the House”
  56. “Relatively Messy”
  57. “Six Degrees of Disorganization”
  58. “Mother-Daughter Disaster”
  59. “Gold Medal Mess”
  60. “Disco Disaster”

Season two

(61 episodes)

  1. “Tackling the Toys”
  2. “Everyday is Like Christmas”
  3. “Live and Let Go”
  4. “Zero to Organized in 48 Hours”
  5. “Bye-Bye Bird House”
  6. “So Many Shoes, So Little Time”
  7. “Monster Sized Mess”
  8. “The Few, The Proud, The Unorganized”
  9. “Taming the Wild Clutter-bugs”
  10. “Escape from Magazine Mountain”
  11. “Lord & Lady Mess-A-Lot”
  12. “Youʼve Got a Friend in Clean Sweep”
  13. “One Stormy Sort”
  14. “Sports of All Sorts”
  15. “Rec Room Rescue”
  16. “Yours, Mine & Finally Ours”
  17. “Goinʼ to the Chapel of Clutter”
  18. “Hanging On and Letting Go”
  19. “Cure for Clutter”
  20. “Bringinʼ It All Into Focus”
  21. “Tools for Organization”
  22. “The Clean Sweep Awards: The Best of the Messed”
  23. “Experiments Gone Wild”
  24. “Sewing the Seeds of Organization”
  25. “Let It Go, Let It Go, Let It Go!”
  26. “When Family Gets Messy”
  27. “The Great T-Shirt Purge”
  28. “Going, Going, Gone!”
  29. “The Clutter Brothers”
  30. “Hello Kitty, Good-Bye Mess”
  31. “Clothes Make the Mess”
  32. “Mother-Daughter Chaos”
  33. “Five-Alarm Mess”
  34. “Living Room of Lost Toys”
  35. “Dressing Room Disaster”
  36. “Shipping out the Mess”
  37. “DJ Clutter In Da House!”
  38. “Trash Can Crazy”
  39. “Jazzer-sort!”
  40. “Rec Room Wreckage”
  41. “Portrait of a Clutter Bug”
  42. “Doing it for Mom”
  43. “Caught in the Mouse Trap”
  44. “Clutter Comes Alive”
  45. “Printing Press Mess”
  46. “Battle for Bruce Lee”
  47. “Antiques Unload-Show”
  48. “Aloha Clutter”
  49. “Bean Bag Blowout”
  50. “Messy Baby, Messy!”
  51. “Where the Toys Are”
  52. “Hot Rod, Cold Clutter”
  53. “Viva la Clean Sweep!”
  54. “Out of Tune Rooms”
  55. “Clean Sweep, Fresh Start”
  56. “Clean Me Up Scotty”
  57. “Clutter Under the Bridge”
  58. “Clothing Explosion”
  59. “Out of the Clutter”
  60. “Sigma Alpha Messy”
  61. “Digging Out the Man Room”


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