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Welcome to Lady Aleena's movie lists, thoughts, and opinions about movies. This started as simply a list of movies I or my fiancé liked. Over time I have been adding movies that were on various lists of movies I have collated over the years. At one time I collected as many movies with disasters and monsters, so I added all of them to my list. I also collated movie series, my favorites at first. I then became interested in all of the horror series I could find, so I added a lot of horror movies to my list so I could present the series. I do not even like horror movies much. I added many television series that cross over with various series I like, and I also track crossovers.

So now movies my fiancé or I like are mixed in with others I have collected. You can see what we really like by what I will admit we own.

You can get more information about the movies from Wikipedia, Allmovie, IMDb, and where noted.

What is a movie?

A movie is any motion picture no matter its length. A film is a movie that is normally 88 to 120 minutes long (without commercials). A miniseries is a movie shown in two or more parts with each part as long as a film, though not always. A television series is an episodic movie with each episode being under 50 minutes in length (again without commercials). A commercial is a movie that advertises a product or service. There are plenty of other movie forms such as music videos, webisodes, full web series (which I include in television series for now), and more. So if the picture is in motion on your screen, it is a movie.

Series lists

My movies series lists is a mix of film series and stand alone television series. Some series include films, miniseries, and television series.

Night of the Living Dead

I feel the need to make a special note about the Night of the Living Dead. With the original Night of the Living Dead being public domain, many have tried to connect their films with it. Using the work of others, I have attempted to just make lists of the various series. Only three series are connected to the original Night of the Living Dead. I collated my Night of the Living Dead from the following sources: "Genealogy of the Living Dead: UPDATED!", "The Zombification Family Tree: Legacy of the Living Dead", and "Zombi series" on Wikipedia.


If a film is a remake of a film in a series, it is not added to the series since it does not share continuity. A remake will be in a series of its own if the remake has its own sequel or prequel. I may one day add lists of whole franchises I am interested in in the future.

Genre lists

The movie genre lists started off as lists of disaster and monster movies and movies about teachers and coaches but has since been expanded to all genres and themes within the genres.

List of genres

Family and childrenʼs movies

I do not consider family or children a genre so movies that would be categorized as such elsewhere are not listed in those categories here. Those films will be mixed in with more adult movies.

Horror movies

You will see a lot of horror movies and series on this list. I like to read the stories in horror movies but do not watch many. My fiancé has watched more horror movies than I could handle. I prefer to just read the story lines especially in series of horror movies. You can read more about horror and monster movies and me here.

Monster movies

I have created a genre for monster movies. Monsters are in so many speculative fiction genres, it is hard to say a monster is purely horror or fantasy or science fiction, with some monsters as super heroes. The monster genre is a mix of any paranormal or supernatural creatures from angels to zombies.


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