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The Second Amendment

This is my opinion about the Second Amendment. It is only supported by what I have read or heard, so I could be wrong. I am open to others' opinions, though I may not change my mind. If you feel strongly about this issue, please comment below to tell me what you think. You have the power to change my mind, and if you do, I will change what is here accordingly.

I feel the Second Amendment of the United States Constitution has been grossly abused by those that just want to own a gun for fun. The Second Amendment is there to insure that there is a well armed militia in case of emergency. I don't know of any government recognized militias in my area. If a person wants to own a gun, they should be part of a government recognized militia. Those members should have to pass rigorous tests; mental, physical, and psychological. They should have to report in on a regular basis for extra training. I don't feel there is a need for hunting. If the population of a certain animal is growing too much, the government should try to find out why. If it is because their natural predator has been removed from the ecology, then try to reintroduce it or introduce another non-human one.


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