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Welcome to Lady Aleena's miscellany, a collection of geeky thoughts, political opinions, and other things I have written or found and collated over the years. Some are serious considerations, while others are quite silly and giggle worthy and written for fun. Most is old and outdated, but have been kept for some reason. I have been doing other things and not updated these in a long long time. I am sharing these with anyone willing to to read them. Some of these thoughts may turn out to be something great some day, if I ever get back to thinking about them. In the mean time, have fun looking at them and have a very nice day!

Short thoughts

Here are some of my shorter thoughts to get things started.

I like you for our similarities, I love you for our differences.

Twitter, the place where there are short conversations over long spans of time.

I am for women being able to go topless, however, I am too indoctrinated against to just let hang out that I would not go topless for long.

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