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Fictional artifacts

This is a small list of real, mythological, and fictional artifacts and where they are stored that have appeared in several films and television series.


Places where artifacts are stored

There are several warehouses of artifacts in fiction. They house some of the most dangerous items, both mundane and magical. Real places like Areas 51 and various DARPA labs have been shown to house artifacts.

Vendrediʼs Antiques

Vendredi's Antiques from Friday the 13th: the Series was the shop of Lewis Vendredi who sold evil and dangerous artifacts to his customers. When he died, Micki Foster, his neice, and her cousin, Ryan Dallion, renamed the ship to Curious Goods and stated trying to collect those artifacts back and store them in a vault in the basement.

The Library

The Library from The Librarian series was first in the New York Public Library in New York City, New York. It had been disconnected from the world in the pilot of The Librarians. At the end of the first season, it was reconnected to the world in Portland, Oregon.

The Warehouse

In Warehouse 13 the Warehouse was located in South Dakota in the United States of America. There had been twelve Warehouses before Warehouse 13.

  1. Warehouse 1 was in the Kingdom of Macedonia in Greece.
  2. Warehouse 2 was in Egypt during the Ptolemaic Dynasty.
  3. Warehouse 3 was in Italy while it was part the Western Roman Empire.
  4. Warehouse 4 was in the Hunnic Empire.
  5. Warehouse 5 was in Byzantium.
  6. Warehouse 6 was in Cambodia during the Khmer Empire.
  7. Warehouse 7 was in Mongolia during the Mongolian Empire.
  8. Warehouse 8 was in Germany while it was part of the Holy Roman Empire.
  9. Warehouse 9 was in Turkey during the Ottoman Empire.
  10. Warehouse 10 was in India during the Mughul Empire.
  11. Warehouse 11 was in Moscow, Russia.
  12. Warehouse 12 was in London, Great Britain.
  13. Warehouse 14 was in Beijing, China briefly, however Warehouse 13 was restored.

There are also dangerous technologies and artifacts stored in Eureka, Oregon.

You can read more about the Warehouses elsewhere.

Bureau for Paranormal Research and Defense

The Bureau for Paranormal Research and Defense from Hellboy is in New York City, New York. It is also where Hellboy lives.


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