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Timeline of Xanth

The timeline covers everything from Official Timeline of Xanth, which goes through Swell Foop that takes place in Xanthian year 1101. The pdf goes through Pet Peeve that takes place in Xanthian year 1105. A Spell for Chameleon, the first novel in the series, took place in Xanthian year 1042. It is now Xanthian year 1117.

After A Spell for Chameleon, 1042, many events happen almost every year. From Isle of View, 1089, onward; the novels happen every year thereafter. The only exception is Ghost Writer in the Sky, the last novel, which takes place two years after Isis Orb.

This list is separated by Kings and Waves, invasions or colonizations of humans from Mundania.

I am currently cleaning this up, my apologies for the mess at the moment.

Xanth connected to Mundania

Around the year 9000 BFW, Demons Gaia and Earth made a bet on the pronunciation of the place known as Mundania or Moondania. Both thought they won, and a landbound connection was made between it and Xanth. The matter was finally decided in 1107.

The arrival of X(A/N)th

Around the year 4000 BFW, before first wave, the Demon X(A/N)th is banished to realm of Xanth by other senior demons. The date is could be off by about ten thousand years as an accurate timeline is not possible. X(A/N)th's presence caused magic to slowly infuse the realm due to minor leakage from his essence.

Before the First Wave

In year 2200 BFW, a colony of humans arrive from Mundania. The colony grows for a while until Magicians and Sorceresses start manifesting. One of the early Sorceresses is the Sea Hag Peril, mostly unknown to others because of her frequent change of bodies. Many uncounted waves happen between this year and 2100 BFW.

Around year 2100 BFW, Xanth is cut off from Mundania, becoming a true island.

In year 1900 BFW, the human colony has failed by crossbreeding itself to extinction. The humans become assorted magic species through the crossbreeding or were changed by magic. Harpies, merfolk, nagas, sphinxes, ogres, goblins, elves, fauns, nymphs, fairies, various Winged Monsters, and other crossbreeds and variants are suspected to have derived from this. Most species tend to be close-mouthed about it, evidently preferring not to admit the debasement of their lineage by human stock. Thus this colony is unknown to history, except by the mute evidence of the surviving species.

In year 1000 BFW, the isthmus is restored and limited contact with Mundania is resumed. The last survivors of the human colony form the Interface to allow limited contact with Mundania, but it is imperfect. The city of Hinge is deserted.

Around year 800 BFW, the centaur species begins.

In year 85 BFW, Prince Harold Harpy delivered.

In year 73 BFW, Prince Harold Harpy exiled to the Brain Coral Pool.

First Wave

In year 0, the First Wave of human colonization arrives in Xanth, establishing current permanent settlement.

In year 1, the civilized voles leave their main camp near the Gap Chasm.

Second Wave

In year 35, the Second Wave invades Xanth. They kill the men and children of the First Wave.

Third Wave

In year 200, the Third Wave occurs.

In year 202, the Magician Roogna delivered to a Third Waver.

Fourth Wave and King Merlin

In year 204, the women surviving the Third Wave are lead by Magician Merlin in killing their rapist husbands and bring in better men, the Fourth Wave. Magician Merlin, whose talent is knowledge, becomes the first King of Xanth. Merlin serves until 226.

In year 206, King Merlin marries Sorceress Tapis.

In year 207, Jonathan is delivered to Tapis and Merlin.

In year 216, Taplin is delivered to Tapis and Merlin.

In year 218, Merara is delivered to Tapis and Merlin.

In year 219, Millie the Maid is delivered to the West Stockade.

In year 225, Electra is delivered to the West Stockade.

In year 226, King Merlin abdicates the throne and leaves on a mission to Mundania.

King Roogna

In year 228, Magician Roogna crowns himself king. He serves until 286.

In year 233, Electra goes to the Isle of View to help the Sorceress Tapis by making the Heaven Cent.

Fifth Wave


The events from Castle Roogna, Dor's trip through the tapestry to the past, happened.

The great Goblin-Harpy War begins. It ends when Prince Harold Harpy is released from Brain Coral's Pool, and the spell on goblin females is revoked.

On NoRemember 30th, during his adventure in Fourth Wave Xanth, Dor detonates the Forget Spell in the Gap Chasm.

Neo-Sorceress Vadne topologically transforms Millie the Maid into a book titled The Skeleton in the Closet. She is exiled to Brain Coral's Pool.

On Dismember 1st, Magician Jonathan, the Zombie Master, converts himself into a zombie in his grief.

Advance scouts of the Fifth Wave arrive in Xanth.

From Isle of View, Princess Taplin goes to Tapis to have a coverlet made for her sleep. However, there is an altercation between Magician Murphy and Sorceress Tapis at the Isle of View. Murphy's curse causes Electra to bite the apple and start the 1,000-year sleep originally intended for the Princess. Tapis and Taplin go to Castle Roogna where Taplin marries King Roogna.

From Ghost Writer in the Sky, Taplin enters the enchanted sleep in an alternate reality. Electra stays with Sorceress Tapis. Merara, her youngest daughter, goes forward in time to marry Emerald.


Fifth Wave proper begins. Magician Murphy retires to the Brain Coral Pool.

From Ghost Writer in the Sky; Tartan in Ted's body, Tara in DeMonica's body, Dolin in a host body, Emerald, and future Merara in Tata's body travel back in time from 1117 to see Sorceress Tapis in an alternate reality.


Jonathan Zombie encounters a phantom at Specter Lake.

Sixth Wave and King Rana

In year 286 King Roogna dies in a battle with the Sixth Wave. Sorceress Rana becomes the first female King of Xanth. She serves until 325.

King Reitas

In year 325 King Rana dies, and Magician Reitas becomes King. He serves until 350.

King Rune

In year 350 King Reitas dies, and Magician Rune, Rana's son, becomes King. He serves until 378.

Seventh Wave and King Jonathan

In year 378, King Rune dies. Magician Jonathan, a zombie at the time, becomes King. He serves until 478. During that year, the Seventh Wave comes into Xanth peacefully and settles.

In year 400, Seventh Wave settlers form the Talent Research Group under Hydrogen: Bond 007.

In year 402, the Talent Research Group perfects joint curses. The settlers call themselves the Curse Friends, known as Curse Fiends to outsiders. They settle around Lake Orge and convince the orgres to move. On OctOgre 2nd, Ogres Leave Lake Ogre to begin migration to Ogre-fen-Ogre Fen. On OctOgre 30th, Ogres Arrive at Ogre-Fen-Ogre-Fen.

In year 405, the secret of expanding talents is discovered.

In year 406, the Talent Research Group discovers how to modify talents. Hydrogen, Loudspeaker, and six others achieve Magician-level talents.

In year 407, Loudspeaker uses a Word of Power to destroy the opposition, transforming the other members of the Talent Research Group into chobees. The new chobees move to inhabit Lake Ogre, and it is renamed Lake Ogre-Chobee.

In year 408, Hydrogen, the only survivor of the Group, sets out to defeat Loudspeaker. His team's joint curses form the Forbidden Regions of Air, Earth, Fire, Water, and Void before destroying Loudspeaker.

In year 409, Hydrogen marries his assistant, Bec on Call.

In year 410, Hydrogen dedicates his life to hiding the secret of modified talents forever.

King Vortex

In year 478, the Zombie King abdicates the throne finding the job too rotten. Magician Vortex becomes King. He serves for an unknown period of time.

In year 495, the Simurgh's egg delivered.

In year 500, Roxanne Roc starts penance at the Nameless Castle, egg sitting for the Simurgh.

King Neytron

In year 548, Magician Neytron becomes King. He serves until 575.

King Nero

In year 575; King Neytron dies, and Magician Nero becomes King. He serves until 623.

In year 591, Gromden is delivered.

King Gromden

In year 623; King Nero dies, and Magician Gromden becomes King and serves from until 677.

In year 657, Magician Yin-Yang delivered.

In year 658, Threnody, as the result of the mischief of Demoness Metria, is delivered to King Gromden.

In year 659, Jordan the Barbarian is delivered to Fen Village.

In year 674, the Queen places a curse on Castle Roogna: if Threnody ever enters, the castle will fall.

King Yang

In year 677, the events of Crewel Lye: A Caustic Yarn happen as shown in the tapestry.

Jordan begins his adventure in medieval Xanth. One of the first things that happened is on NoRemember 8th, when Jordan had a tryst with Bluebell Elf.

King Gromden dies, and Magician Yin-Yang, whose talent is creating invokable spells, assumes the throne under his evil side's name Yang. He serves from until 719. He married Threnody, Gromden's daughter, to solidify his position. Because of her curse, he abandons Castle Roogna. Before leaving, Threnody dismembered Jordan to save his body from being incinerated and to prove her loyalty to Yang. Jordan becomes a ghost.

In year 681, Threnody commits suicide and becomes a ghost.

In year 682, King Yang remarries.

In year 684, Lord Bliss is delivered to Yin-Yang and his second wife.

In year 689, Stork holds nose when the Evil Magician Muerte A. Fid is delivered.

Eighth Wave

In year 698, the Eighth Wave occurs.

In year 704, Lord Bliss marries Lady Ashley Rose.

In year 705, Rose is delivered to Ashley Rose and Bliss.

King Muerte A. Fid

In year 719, King Yang is assassinated by poisoning, and Magician Muerte A. Fid assumes the throne. He serves until 753.

In year 721, Lord Bliss receives a poison-pen letter.

In year 725, Lord Bliss is assassinated by Muerte A. Fid, and Rose is sent to Castle Roogna for safety where Demoness Magpie helps care for her.

Ninth Wave and King Quan

In year 753 the Ninth Wave occurs. In the same year, Magician Quan, Muerte A. Fid's nephew, assumes throne. He serves until 797.

Tenth Wave and King Elona

In year 797, the Tenth Wave occurs. In the same year, Sorceress Elona becomes second female King. She serves from 797 for an unknown period of time.

In the year 830, Nightraven is delivered.

Eleventh Wave and King Warren

In year 866, Eleventh Wave occurs, and Warren the Ghost becomes King. He serves until 909. He had been also been killed by Muerte A. Fid.

In year 883, Magician Ebnez is delivered.

In year 897, Mare Imbrium foaled as a night mare; and Forrest, a faun, adopts a seedling sandalwood tree. The two will meet and marry.

In year 900, an event from Yon Ill Wind happens when Nimby, Chlorine, and Tweeter go back in time to retrieve the reverse thread from Gestalt, a vampire. Joshua, the reverse magician, had given the reverse thread to Gestalt. The party retrieves the reverse thread from Gestalt, then he is burned to ashes, causing the creation of mosquitoes. Joshua created reverse wood and was killed by a witch.

King Ebnez

In year 909, Magician Ebnez assumes the throne, after Ghost King Warren exorcised by people. He serves until 952.

In year 910, Calliope is delivered to Mnem and Ebnez.

In year 911, Euterpe is delivered to Mnem and Ebnez.

In year 912, Melpomene is delivered to Mnem and Ebnez.

In year 913, Terpsichore is delivered to Mnem and Ebnez.

In year 914, Erato is delivered to Mnem and Ebnez.

In year 915, Polyhymnia is delivered to Mnem and Ebnez.

In year 916, Urania is delivered to Mnem and Ebnez.

Twelfth Wave

In year 917, Thalia is delivered to Mnem and Ebnez. To protect their daughters from the Twelfth Wave, Mnem and Ebnez send their daughters to Castle Roogna. On DisMember 11th, the Twelfth Wave, also called LastWave, occurs.

In year 920, Clio is delivered to Mnem and Ebnez and sent to Castle Roogna.

In year 924, Clio finds her curves.

In year 926, Clio finds her talent.

In year 932, King Ebnez adapts the Deathstone into the Shieldstone to protect Xanth from Mundane Waves.

In year 933, Humfrey and MareAnn, Humfrey's first love and later his fifth and a half wife, are delivered to their respective parents.

In year 935, Clio babysits Humfrey.

In year 937, the daughters of Ebnez and Mnem become the Muses on Mount Parnassus.


King Ebnez hires the Good Magician Humfrey as Royal Surveyor to do a Xanth Census of Talents. Aeolus, the Storm Magician, is delivered.

An event from Knot Gneiss, the Maidens Tawain, China, Japan, and Mexico are saved by Nan Oʼ Tek and brought to Xanth. They found the Mai-Den Industrial Park in the Gap.

King Humfrey

In year 952, King Ebnez dies, and Humfrey is declared Magician and becomes King. He marries Dara, a demoness and his first wife. He serves until 971 when he abdicates the throne.

In year 953, E. Timber Bram appointed as Historian of Xanth, and he created this History. The Maidens China, Japan, and Mexico take a cruise on the Aquaintance Ship in Fanta Sea, and they can not leave.

In year 954, Dafrey is delievered to King Humfrey and Dara; Dara leaves Humfrey. Humfrey marries his second wife, Maiden Taiwan, to raise Dafrey. Dara returns in the image of Taiwan to seduce Humfrey to get rid of the last bits of soul.

In year 955, the tics mutate. Matt a Door is delivered to Dara who does not take care of him well.

In year 957, Matt a Door looks for his father but ends up under the Roc of Ages and sleeps his life away.

In year 969, Magician Arnolde Centaur is foaled on Centaur Isle.

King Aeolus

In year 971, Humfrey abdicates the throne to Magician Aeolus. He serves until his death in 1042. Matron Taiwan abdicates her marriage and leaves Humfrey. Humfrey re-discovers Castle Roogna.

In year 972, Humfrey earns a degree from the Demon University of Magic, becoming a true Magician of Information. He marries Rose of Roogna, his third wife.

In year 973, Rosetta Bliss Humfrey is delievered to Humfrey and Rose.

In year 975, King Aeolus decrees that any resident without a magic talent will be exiled from Xanth.

In year 986, Girard Giant rolled to Giant Village by battalion of storks.

In year 994, Rosetta marries Stone. Cherie Centaur foaled south of North Village.

In year 997, Magician Trent delivered to North Village.

In year 1000, Rose goes to Hell in a handbasket, and Humfrey takes 80 years' worth of Lethe elixir. Humfrey believes he needs a wife, so marries Sofia, a Mundane and his fourth wife.

In year 1001, Sorceress Iris is delivered to an unwary family, and Jethro Giant is delivered.

In year 1002, Crombie is delivered to Magician Humfrey and Sofia Mundane.

In year 1004, Randi boards the Acquaintance Ship.

In year 1005, Magician Humfrey trains Magician Trent. Cynthia is delivered to the North Village.

In year 1007, Magician Humfrey trains Sorceress Iris.

In year 1017, on AwGhost 6th, Bink is delivered to Bianca and Roland in North Village.

In year 1021, Magician Trent transforms the fish in Fish River into lightning bugs and transforms Cynthia into a winged centaur filly who flees to the Brain Coral Pool.

In year 1022, Magician Trent attempts a coup d'etat. On Apull 27th, he transforms Justin into a tree. Trent is betrayed and exiled to Mundania. Chameleon is delivered to the Gap Village.

In year 1024, Sorceress Iris betrays the Master Slaver.

In year 1025, the twin sisters Gorgon and Siren are delivered.

In year 1027, Bink loses the middle finger of his left hand in a non-magical accident.

In year 1032, Bryce is born in Mundania.

In year 1033, Herman Centaur exiled from the herd for having a magic talent.

In year 1035, Sofia, Humfrey's fourth wife, returns to Mundania.

In year 1036, the Sea Hag takes over her last human body in historical times.

In year 1039, on FeBlueberry 19th, Humfrey animates Grundy Golem.

In year 1040, Donald becomes a shade.

Thirteenth Wave and King Trent


The events of A Spell for Chameleon


The events of The Source of Magic



Graeboe Giant found in Giant Village.


Goldy Goblin is delivered to Gorbage Goblin.


Chem Centaur foaled to Chester and Cherie Centaur.


Xavier is delivered to the witch Xanthippe in South Xanth.


Wira is delivered to an undistinguished and probably undeserving family.


Melantha is delivered.


Gorgon returns to Xanth and asks Good Magician Humfrey a Question: Would you marry me? This results in her having to give one year's service before Humfrey will answer her question.


The events of Castle Roogna




The first Winged Centaur, Cheiron, is foaled.


The events of Centaur Aisle



The events of Ogre, Ogre



Todd Loren is born in Mundania.


Tracy Berry McLian is born in Mundania.

Fourteenth Wave and King Dor


The events of Night Mare




The events of Dragon on a Pedestal



The events of Crewel Lye: A Caustic Yarn



The events of Golem in the Gears




From Vale of the Vole

From Question Quest

From Currant Events, Cricket is delivered.




The events of Heaven Cent




The events of Man from Mundania



The events of Isle of View


The events of Question Quest


The events of The Color of Her Panties and more

Fifteenth Wave


The events of Demons Don't Dream


The events of Harpy Thyme


The events of Geis of the Gargoyle


The events of Roc and a Hard Place


The events of Yon Ill Wind


The events of Faun and Games


The events of Zombie Lover


The events of Xone of Contention

From Ghost Writer in the Sky, Dolin is killed by the Sea Hag in an alternate reality.


The events of The Dastard


The events of Swell Foop


The events from this year forward are not in the official Timeline.

The events of Up in a Heaval


The events of Cube Route


The events of Currant Events

Sometime between 1104 and 1110 the Maidens China, Japan, and Mexico leave the Aquaintance Ship on the Fanta Sea. Maiden China returns to Mundania. Maidens Japan and Mexico appear later in Knott Gneiss.


The events of Pet Peeve


The events of Stork Naked


The events of Air Apparent

King Ivy


The events of Two to the Fifth


The events of Jumper Cable

Demon Pluto severs the cable between the Xanthian Outernet and Mundanian Internet. Jumper along with several others are sent by Humfrey to repair the cable. Pluto tries to distract the female members of the team with seduction.


The events of Knot Gneiss

Wenda is experiencing bad mood shifts, so she sees Humfrey. She is sent on a quest to retrieve and return to him a knot of reverse wood.


The events of Well-Tempered Clavicle


The events of Luck of the Draw


The events of Esrever Doom

A reverse bomb is set off in Xanth.

Kody is in a medically induced coma in Mundania. He is brought into Xanth to help reverse the effects of the reverse bomb. He gets help from Maiden Yukay, Zap, and Ivan.


The events of Board Stiff and Five Portraits

An Anti-pun virus ravages Xanth. Kandy is turned into a board at a wishing well. Ease is looking for his dream girl. Humfrey sends them on a quest to find the anit-pun virus antidote. Astrid is assigned to be a bodyguard for Ease. The only clue to find the anit-pun virus antidote is "merge the hair".


The events of Isis Orb

Hapless, Feline, Zed, Nya, Quin, and Faro gather the totems of the Regions to harness the power of the Isis Orb to grant their wishes.

Hapless is tied in a Love Knot with Merge.

Zed and Faro stay together, as do Nya and Quin.

Hapless marries Merge and adopts Myst and is invited to Caprice Castle to become their conductor.


The events of Ghost Writer in the Sky

The Night Colt brings the stories Goar, a Mundane, writes into Xanth.

Tartan and Tera, Mundanes, come to Xanth in ghost form to help stop Goar and the Night Colt. Tartan and Tera use the bodies of Ted and DeMonica, respectively.

Prince Dolin, from an alternate reality, seeks a princess to marry so that he can exist in the main reality.

Princess Emerald seeks a human prince to marry to secure relations between dragon and human kind.

The group goes back in time to 237, in an alternate reality, to see Sorceress Tapis and young Merara and Electra.

When the group goes forward in time, they make a mistake and wind up in another alternate reality where Prince Drew, son of Prince Dolph and Princess Nada, exists.

The group goes to Ptero, from another alternate reality, where Dolin and Drew meet their main reality sisters Dawn and Eve.

Dolin marries DeMonica. Emerald marries Merara in the first lesbian marriage in Xanth.

The events of Fire Sail

Lydell and Grania begin a search for the owners of Fibot, only to find out they are the new owners of the fiery boat.

Lydell and Grania marry after she is youthened. They adopt Ula.

Rhythm and Cyrus get married.


The events of Jest Right

Kadence is officially delivered to Rhythm and Cyrus.

Aria is delivered to Melody and Anomy.

The Night Stallion and Day Stallion will briefly switch places, giving good people nightmares and bad people good dreams.

Jess and Magnus begin their quest to help future Xanth from Ragna Roc. Along the way they get help from the children from the future; Myst, Santo, Win, Squid. They travel on Fibot, which is controlled by Grania and Lydell.

Kadence and Aria from 10 years in the future come to the past to get help. They are hosted by Ula and Noe.

Mare Imbrium and Mairzy Doats, a night mare and day mare, join the mission. They are hosted by Win and Myst.

The tunnel from Xanth to the World of Three Moons is built.

Ira meets and marries Platina on Three Moons.

The Sea Hag is permanently banished to the Void.

Magnus abates Jess's curse by changing his name to Nobody so he can take her seriously and marry her.

The Future

In year 1124, the Dragon King's Castle emerges from Storage and becomes the capital of all of the dragons in Xanth. The children from the future remember the Human/Dragon War beginning at around this time.

King Harmony


The events of Jest Right

Ragna escapes his prison and attacks the people of Castle Roogna and deletes King Ivy and Princesses Melody and Rhythm.

Princess Harmony escapes with Princesses Kadence and Aria to the World of Three Moons through the tunnel built 10 years previously.

Eventually, Ragna is defeated by Jess and party. He undeletes all the people he deleted, and he and Em Pathy are banished to Stench.

King Ivy steps down as King.

Harmony becomes the King of Xanth.

A statue is built to honor Jess.

Other events

In year 1154, Firenze will be delivered.

In year 1156, Santo will be delived.

In year 1158, Squid will be delived.

In year 1159, Win will be delivered.

In year 1160, Myst will be delivered.

In year 1164; Firenze, Santo, Squid, Win, and Myst will be taken to the year 1114 to save them. Xanth is being destroyed!


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