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Species in Xanth

These are the species in and related to Xanth that have been introduced. Not all species are listed.



The humanoids of Xanth are the remains of what is left of the original human settlements. The first humans in Xanth were so warped by its magic that they changed or were changed through carelessness.


There are many magical animals in Xanth such as magical cats, tigers, and other felines; dogs and wolves; horses and donkeys; cows, oxen, and other bovines; gnus, goats, sheep, and yaks; fish such as bass, piranhas, and sturgeons; snakes and other serpents; along with various bats, bears, gators, mice, pigs, spiders, and voles.

The animals may be smaller or much larger than is in Mundania. Some may have more legs or tails. There may be crossbreed animals, such as a donkey with wings. There are several animal and human crossbreeds that have become fixtures in Xanth such as centaurs, fauns, merfolk, and harpies.


There are many species of birds in Xanth such as hummingbirds, parakeets, rocs, and storks.


The are many species of insects in Xanth such as ants, bees, butterflies, and flies.


A tic is an insect that, when in a clock, measured time with tocks. In 955 the tics mutated and several sub-species appeared in Question Quest. The subspecies are listed in order of appearance.


There are several sub-species of voles in Xanth. The largest are the diggles. The smallest visible voles are the wiggles. There are also medium sized voles called squiggles. The smallest voles are the giggles that are invisible.


Demons, with a lowercased "d", are mischeivios souless creatures who can change their shape, size, and mass to whatever they want. It is unknown how long they live.

Half demons can change their shape, size, and mass to whatever they wants; but it is very slow. They have souls and can die like mortals.

The Demons are higher order demons who are forces who see normal people as akin to ants. They compete with each other for status. They can do anything they want, so all magic is available to them. The lesser of these Demons are called dwarf demons. They were introduced in The Source of Magic and the dwarf demons were intoduced in Well-Tempered Clavicle.


A dragon is a huge reptilian creature with wings. At one time there were only three types of dragons: fire-breathers, smokers, and steamers. These dragons were soulless. These were introduced in A Spell for Chameleon.

In Currant Events, it is found that the soulless dragons are dying off. 3,125 new species were brought from Dragon World to repopulate to Xanth.

These new dragons come with one of five traits from five categories.

A firedrake is a relatively small, ornate, fire-breathing dragon. They were introduced in Heaven Cent.

Dream horses

The night mares are black as night female horses who deliver bad dreams to worthy sleepers. They are lead by the Night Stallion. There is only one Night Stallion at a time usually, as the Night Stallion kills competitors. He will even kill day stallions.

The day mares are brightly colored female horses who deliver good dreams and day dreams to worthy sleepers. They are lead by the Day Stallion.

From the Gourd

There are many species and creatures that come from the Gourd


A crossbreed is a creature born of parents of different species.


The centaurs are the result of three humans from the First Wave drinking from a love spring with their horses. They have human torsos and heads and horse bodies. They have since become an established species in Xanth, and some have talents. The Centaur Isle centaurs find talents in centaurs abhorrent and banish those from the Isle who have them.

Creatures are still centaurs if they breed with other pure equine species such as donkeys or zebras. Like with talents, some centaurs are prejudiced against those crossbreeds. They are even more prejudiced when it comes to the alicentaurs.

They were first introduced in A Spell for Chameleon.

The alicentaurs are winged centaurs. They lighten their bodies, and their ridesrs, with their tails since their wings are not strong enough to lift them. Currently there is only a small family of alicentaurs, but some humans and centaurs are choosing to be transformed to help establish the species. Those who are transformed may lose their talents. They were first introduced in Vale of the Vole and named in Roc and a Hard Place.

A hipporoc is a roc and centaur crossbreed with monstrous wings, a type of alicentaur. They were introduced in Esrever Doom.


The merfolk are creatures with the heads and torsos of humans and the tails of fish. They include mermaids, merwomen, and mermen. Mermen swim in either fresh or sea water. Mermaids are fresh water creatures, and merwomen are sea water creatures. Some of the merfolk can change their tails to legs and walk on land.


There are many weres in Xanth that are the result of crossbreeding. There are werecats, werecentaurs, a weredolphin, weredragons, a werehorse, werewolves, and a wericorn.

Other established species

These species have been in Xanth long enough to become established.

Other crossbreeds

Some of the craziest crossbreeds come from Cone where everyone and everything is a crossbreed.

Machines and Robots

Other creatures and monsters


Xanth has a few undead species: ghosts, vampires, and zombies.


Changebreed are creatures born one species but transformed into another. For example, humans and centaurs are approached to be transformed into alicentaurs to help establish the species. Justin was transformed from a human into a tree and back again. Graeboe was transformed from an invisable giant into a winged goblin to be with Gloha. Nator was transformed from a human into a goober because the goobers needed direction.


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