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Locations in Xanth

These are the locations in and related to Xanth that have been introduced. Not all locations are listed, but new locations will be added over time as they are found.

Northern Xanth

This area of Xanth is north of the Gap Chasm.



There are six regions dedicated to some species of monsters in Xanth. These are listed from north to south from Ogre-fen-Ogre Fen. To the west are the Forbidden Regions. The Sane Jaunts River is to the east of the Regions of Birds, Griffons, Goblins, and Elves. The Regions of Flies and Dragons wrap around the Region of Air. They are all north of the Gap Chasm.

The Forbidden Regions

The five Forbidden Regions are in center of nothern Xanth, south of Ogre-fen-Ogre Fen. They were created in the battle between Hydrogen and Loudspeaker in 408. They were introduced in Ogre, Ogre.

These are listed from north to south.

The Gap Chasm

The Gap Chasm separates Xanth almost in the middle. It is about one mile deep and between three to ten miles across. It was called Orc Chasm at one time, however no one wanted to admit they were in Orc Chasm. In 236, Magician Dor detonated a forget spell on the Gap. It stayed in place until 1043, when it broke up during the Time of No Magic. Is it guarded by the Gap Dragon. It was first traveled in A Spell for Chameleon.


Southern Xanth

This area of Xanth is south of the Gap Chasm.




Lakes and Rivers


Gold Coast, Silver Coast, and Copper Coast are on the south-east coast of Xanth.

Other locations

Other communities

These communities are currently in an unknown location in Xanth.




Other locations

Fading Out Islands

The Fading Out Islands, at times called the Sometimes Islands, are off the west coast of Xanth. There is an island for everything, and here are some that have been visited or mentioned.

The Gourd

The Gourd is the realm of the Night Stallion and night mares. All areas of the Gourd are subject to change or disappear. It is accessed from Xanth by looking into the peepholes of hypnogourds.


Counter-Xanth is an alternate Xanth of Counter-terrene matter and accessed through the Cube Route. It reverses names, talents, and more. Some reversals can be cumulative. There are no puns here and many specialized areas. It was introduced in Cube Route. People began colonizing it in Currant Events.

Playground and Storage

The Playground was built by Dwarf Demon Gambol. It is free for children to use. Its Storage is overrun with what Gambol calles vermin. It was introduced in Five Portraits.

Idaʼs Moons

Ida's Moons were first introduced in Yon Ill Wind. There is a version of Ida on each moon with the next moon in the sequence. It was discovered the moons are not an endless line, but a loop of infinate worlds, ending with a Xanth moon.

The first moons

Ptero through Torus were explored in Faun and Games. Cone through Motes were introduced in Zombie Lover. Trapezoid through Fractal were introduced in Up in a Heaval.

  1. Ptero is a tiny moon the size of a ping pong ball which orbits Princess Ida's head. All the characters who ever existed, will exist, or might exist in Xanth live here. Travelling east or From, to the green, makes one younger. Travelling west or To, to the yellow, makes one older. Travelling north, to the blue, it gets colder. Travelling south, to the red, it gets warmer. It was named by Karen Baldwin.
    • Comic Strips are areas on Ptero that are filled with puns. To get from place to place on Ptero, one must sometimes cross them.
    • Prince Town is a city filled with unemployed princes being educated. It was visited in Zombie Lover.
    • Princess Town is another city on Ptero, probably similar to Prince Town.
  2. Pyramid is a four sided pyramid where each triangular face is a different color blue, red, green, and gray. The side a person lands on orients them to the world. One would need to be reoriented when going over the edge between sides. Generosity is power here.
  3. Torus is shaped like a doughnut. One who does a service for another comes to like that person or even love them. If you arrange to exchange favors, they cancel out.
  4. Cone is a world of crossbreeds. People live on both the inside and outside of the cone. The inside is filled with water and people can breathe in it. All breeding must be done at the rim. Ida lives at the inside point of the cone and is also a crossbreed with the body of a human and the head of a horse.
    • Nametag Castle is the castle of the nametaggers in Air Apparent.
  5. Dumbbell is where magic is related to physical strength.
  6. Pincushion is where all inhabitants live on the pins. Travel here is faster using a flew, which is a bug which makes you sneeze and fly for two minutes.
  7. Spiral looks like a galaxy.
  8. Tangle looks like knots of spaghetti.
  9. Motes is a swarm of small fragments, each big enough to hold a small village. It has a Mote Monster who particularly has a taste for new visitors.
  10. Trapeziod
  11. Shoe has every old woman and many children, so no one knew what to do.
  12. Implosion
  13. Puzzle
  14. Octopus
  15. Tesseract is a 4-dimensional hyper cube. 81 cubes, all the same size, all in one box, which are unlocked by square dancing.
  16. Fractal is one or two myriads of threads leading to other worlds.

The moons in between

The order of the following moons is known.

These moons positions is unknown with the above.

The last moons

These moons were introduced in Air Apparent and are listed in order of introduction.

  1. Obelisk is a world where the main function of the inhabitants is creating monuments. It is the fourth to the last moon in the chain of moons.
  2. Earth is ruled by the Demoness Gaia and directly after Obelisk. It is the third to the last moon in the chain of moons.
  3. Moondania is the real name of Mundania and directly after Earth. It is the second to the last moon in the chain of moons.
  4. Xanth was created by Ilene from illusion for the Ida on Moondania. It is the last moon in the chain of moons and is also Xanth proper.

Other worlds

From other series


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