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Kings in Xanth

These are the Kings and other rulers of Xanth.

Kings of Human Xanth

Ivy is the current King of Xanth. There are no ruling queens; so no matter gender, the ruler of Xanth is King. The power of Sorceresses is equal to the power of Magicians; so when a woman becomes King, she is referred to as Magician. King Jonathan had the longest reign of 100 years, since he was a zombie. King Humfrey had the shortest reign of 19 years.

  1. Merlin ruled from 204 to 226.
  2. Roogna ruled from 228 to 286.
  3. Rana was the first female King. She ruled from 286 to 325.
  4. Reitas ruled from 325 to 350.
  5. Rune ruled from 350 to 378.
  6. Jonathan first ruled as King from 378 to 478. He returned to the throne pro tem in Centaur Aisle and Night Mare.
  7. Vortex ruled from 478 to 548.
  8. Neytron ruled from 548 to 575.
  9. Nero ruled from 575 to 623.
  10. Gromden ruled from 623 to 677.
  11. Yin-Yang ruled as Yang from 677 to 719. He was assassinated by Muerte A. Fid, his successor.
  12. Muerte A. Fid ruled from 719 to 753.
  13. Quan ruled from 753 to 797.
  14. Elona was the second female King. She ruled from 797 to 866.
  15. Warren, after being assassinated nearly 150 years prior by Muerte A. Fid, ruled from 866 to 909 when he was exorcised.
  16. Ebnez ruled from 909 to 952.
  17. Humfrey first ruled as King was from 952 to 971 when he resigned in favor of Aeolus. He returned to the throne pro tem in Night Mare.
  18. Aeolus ruled from 971 to 1042.
  19. Trent ruled from 1042 to 1067 when he resigned in favor of Dor. During the Next Wave in Night Mare, several magicians acted as King pro tem.
    1. Dor served as King pro tem previously in Centaur Aisle and becomes King at the end of Night Mare.
    2. Jonathan was the sixth King of Xanth and served as King pro tem previously in Centaur Aisle.
    3. Humfrey was the seventeenth King.
    4. Bink
    5. Arnolde, a centaur, is the first non-human Magician to rule Xanth in any capacity.
    6. Iris
    7. Irene was classified a neo-Sorceress until Night Mare when she was elevated to full Sorceress so she could take the throne.
    8. Chameleon is not a sorceress, however, she was the most intelligent person available to be king.
    9. Mare Imbrium is a night mare who became king as she was the only one who could break the chain.
  20. Dor ruled from 1067 to 1107 when he resigned in favor of Ivy. He called upon Murphy to act as King pro tem in Isle of View.
  21. Ivy became King in 1107 and is the current King of Xanth. She will serve until 1128.
  22. Harmony will become King in 1128.

Other Kings and leaders


Dream Realm






During Ragna Rocʼs reign

On Distaff

Aria became queen of Greenia on Distaff and appointed Thirza as her regent.


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