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Families in Xanth

These are the known families of the characters of Xanth though not all of them. Trees are drawn if there are five or more people across two or more generations.

The families of Kings and Magicians

There are many interconnected families in this large extended family through possible children on the moons of Ida that started in Faun and Games and alternate realities from Stork Naked and Ghost Writer in the Sky.

Ebnez and Mnem

Ebnez and Mnem are the parents of the Muses. Roland is their descendant, however, which daughter left Mount Parnassus and had a child is not clear. Roland married Bianca, and they had Bink.

While Trent was exiled in Mundania, he married and had a son. Their deaths were the catalyst of his return to Xanth. He became king on the condition that he marry, so he married Iris. They have Irene. Trent took youth elixer in Harpy Thyme, and Iris took youth elixer in Geis of the Gargoyle. After they were rejuvinated, they had Ilene and Irenti or Trentia. Trenris is the possible son of Iris and Trent in Yon Ill Wind.

Bink and Chameleon had Dor. They took youth elixer in Zombie Lover. After they were rejuvinated, they had Auspice and Anima.

Irene and Dor had Ivy, Ida, and Dolph in the main Xanth reality. Io, instead of Ivy, is their daughter in an alternate reality from Stork Naked.

Ivy, Ida, and Dolph all have complications in their families, so they are below.

Ivy and Grey

Ivy and Grey are the parents of triplets Melody, Harmony, and Rhythm.

The twins Abscissa and Ordinate were supposed to be Ivy's and Grey's children. They were dropped off at an orphanage when Ivy and Grey took too long to marry. They were introduced in Roc and a Hard Place.

In Faun and Games, several possible children of Ivy and Grey are introduced. Revy, Grant, and Isabella Emily Carylyn live on Ptero. Gerrod and Ilene live on the Blue Face of Pyramind. Dol was introduced in Xone of Contention. Green was introduced in The Dastard.

Melanoma, on Ptero, was mentioned in Cube Route.

Kadence was delivered in Two to the Fifth when Rhythm was 12 years old, artificilly aged to 22. She was returned to the storks to be delivered at a more appropriate time.

In an alternate reality in Stork Naked, Ivy is married to Naldo.


In the main Xanth reality, Ida married Hilarion, and they had Ione and twins Ion and Hilda.

Idaho is a possible daughter of Ida with Ho, however the Dastard kept her from being born. Idyll is another possible daughter of Ida, but her possible father is unknown. Both were introduced in The Dastard.

Ida married Jaycn on Pyramid.

Dolph and his daughters

In the main Xanth reality, Dolph married Electra married and had twins Dawn and Eve. Crescendo is their possible son introduced in Faun and Games.

A long time ago, Pluto was married to Persephone. He was also an ex-lover of Sharon. In a recent bet with Xanth in Jumper Cable; he attempted to seduce the party, lead by Jumper, away from their mission to fix the cable. He slept with Maeve, Wenda, Olive Hue, Phanta, Dawn, and Eve. Phanta also slept with Jumper.

Maeve, Wenda, Olive Hue, and Phanta all married by the end of the adventure. Maeve married Warren Warrior, who adopted her daughter Mae. Wenda married Charming, and they adopted Alex later. Olive Hue married Dick Philip. Phanta married Shepard. Jumper married Eris. Eve married Pluto, in spite of everything he did during the quest. All the cermonies were performed by Dawn.

In an alternate reality in Stork Naked, Picka Bone was married to Surprise.

In an alternate reality in Ghost Writer in the Sky where Electra did not enter the magical sleep, she will date Eleph.

Eris and Jumper

Eris is the mother of Dysnomia and both are Dwarf Demons. Both Jumpers are jumping spiders. Jumper I traveled back in time with Dor. Jumper II is a many generation descendant of Jumper I who was transformed into a human. Prior to marrying Jumper, Eris was the lover of Sharon, the sister of Charon. Charon married Haughty. Sharon is also an ex-lover of Pluto. During Jumper's adventures in Jumper Cable, he slept with Angie Ina and Phanta.

Merlin and Dolphʼs alternate families

Merlin married Tapis, and they are the parents of Jonathan, Taplin, and Merara.

After Jonathan and Millie were restored to life after becoming victims in the magical fight between Roogna and Murphy for the throne, they had Lacuna and Hiatus.

Lacuna was retroactively married to Vernon; and Ryver, Jot, and Tittle are their retroactive children in Question Quest. Lacky is a possible daugther of Lacuna and Vernon introduced in The Dastard.

Hiatus married Desiree, and they had Piper.

In an alternate reality from Stork Naked, Jot is married to Surprise.

In an alternate reality from Ghost Writer in the Sky, Dolph married Taplin, and they had Dolin. Dolin became real in the main reality and married DeMonica. Merara, from the past and the same alternate reality, also became real in the main reality and married Emerald.

In another alternate reality from Stork Naked, Dolph and Nada were married and had Donald. However they undid their marriage and their son by taking a Guilt Trip. In yet another reality from Ghost Writer, Dolph and Nada were, again, married and had Drew. He began dating Jody, a descendant of Threnody and Jordan.

The families of Humfrey

Humfrey is the magician of information and was the seventeenth King of Xanth. He has five and a half wives and six children. He has a very large extended family.

Humfrey and Dara

Dara is the first wife of Humfrey and a demoness. Humfrey got her name wrong and calls her Dana. After Dafrey was born, she left Humfrey. A year later, Dara assumed the likeness of Taiwan and conceived Matt a Door to get rid of the remaining bits of soul attached to her.

Humfrey and Taiwan

Maiden Taiwan is the second wife of Humfrey. When she married him, she lost the title Maiden and became Matron Taiwan. Maiden China is Taiwan's actual sister, while Maiden Japan and Maiden Mexico are spiritual sisters.

She and the other Maidens were saved by Nan Oʼ Tek and brought to Xanth from Mundania. They formed Mai-Den Corporation Industrial Park in the Gap chartered by King Ebnez.

Taiwan left Humfrey when he abdicated the throne.

Humfrey and Rose

Rose of Roogna, daughter of Lord Bliss and Lady Ashley Rose, is the third wife of Humfrey and mother of Rosetta. Bliss is the son of Yin-Yang by his second wife. Yin-Yang was married the Threnody, daughter of King Gromden and Metria. Before marrying Yin-Yang, Threnody was romantically involved with Jordan. Jordan had a tryst with Bluebell.

Bluebell and Jordan had a son, and Threnody and Jordan also had a child. Rapunzel, Repulsive, and Prima Donna are descendants of Bluebell and Jordan. Jody is a descendant of Threnody and Jordan.

Rapunzel married Grundy. They had Surprise. Glitter is a possible daughter of Grundy and Rapunzel introduced in Faun and Games. Grundy was built as a golem by Humfrey and given life by Xanth.

Metria went on to marry Veleno. They had Ted and Chaos.

Pia Putz and Breanna conjectured two possible sons for Ted and DeMonica, Tedmon and Monted, in Xone of Contention.

Isis, a former Egyptian goddess, is currently trapped in a Comic Strip near the Forbidden Regions on Xanth. She can interact only through sharing the bodies of others. She is the lover of Ted through Amara and Goar through Nydia.


There are several alternate reality versions of Surprise, Umlaut, Che, and Cynthia in Stork Naked. They were traveled by Surprise and Che while she was searching for her daughter Prize, and he was searching for the Simurgh.

  1. In the main reality; Surprise is married to Umlaut, and they have Prize. Che is married to Cynthia with their own foals.
  2. In the first reality, Surprise and Umlaut have a son.
  3. In the second reality; Surprise is married to Che, and they have a foal. Umlaut and Cynthia are married.
  4. In the third reality, Surprise is married to Picka Bone.
  5. In the fourth reality, Surprise is married to Brusque. Earlier in Up in a Heaval, Brusque was offered to Surprise as a substitute for Umlaut, and Becka was offered to Umlaut as a substitute for Surprise.
  6. In the fifth reality, Surprise is married to Jot.
  7. In the sixth reality, Surprise and Umlaut are soulless. Surprise is also possessed by Morgan Le Fey. They married the much younger Epoxy and Benzine respectively. Surprise and Umlaut then had an affair to get Prize so Morgan Le Fey could have a younger body.

While in Mundania, Morgan Le Fey and King Arthur Pendragon had Mordred.

Humfrey and Sofia

Sofia is the fourth wife of Humfrey and mother of Crombie. She was given the last name Socksorter by him.

Crombie was transformed into a griffin for a mission; and while transformed, he was given love potion by Grinelle. Their daughter Griselda was born a griffin with human intelligence.

Jewel is a nymph. Her daughter Tandy by Crombie is half-nymph. Crunch is an ogre. His son Smash by Sleeping Beauty, an unnamed Curse Fiend, is half-ogre.

Eskil married Bria, daughter of brassies Blythe and Brawnye. They had Brusque and twins Benzine and Epoxy in main Xanth. In Faun and Games, they have two additional children on Ptero, Briskil and Astrid.

Brusque married Becka, the weredragon daughter of Draco and an unnamed woman. Draco is a firedrake. Brusque and Becka had Ben.

Briskil is married to Nina, a naga, and they had Nora.

In an alternate reality from Stork Naked, Brusque is married to Surprise. In another reality, Epoxy and Benzine are married to the soulless Surprise and Umlaut respectively. In that reality, Surprise and Umlaut have an affair.

Humfrey and Gorgon

Gorgon is the fifth wife of Humfrey and mother of Hugo.

In Faun and Games, Wigo is a possible daughter of Hugo and Wira. All the possible children in this family appeared in Faun and Games.

Siren is a freshwater mermaid who married married Morris from the Water Wing, and had Cyrus. Melantha is a saltwater merwoman who was married to Merwin and had Merci. Cyrus and Merci married; and Cerci, who is both fresh and salt water merfolk, is their possible daughter on the Gray Face of Pyramid.

Magician Hydrogen and Bec on Call are the ancestors of the merfolk in the Region of Water.

Nabob is king of the Naga and father of Naldo and Nada. Nera is Nabob's sister and married to Nathan, a human.

Naldo married Melantha, and they had Nadine. Nigel and the twins Mourning and Knight are possible sons of Naldo and Melantha.

Nada married Vore, the son of Grossclout, and they had DeMonica. Grossclout is the king of the demons. Demos is a possible son of Nada and Vore.

Humfrey and MareAnn

Humfrey and MareAnn have an unnamed child on the Gray Face of Pyramid in Board Stiff. MareAnn is related to HellAnn, SpartAnn, and TrojAnn; but their relations to her are unknown.

The family of Chester

Chester is the mate of Cherie, and they had Chet and Chem.

Chet met an unnamed seacow at a love spring, and they had Cencow. Cencow was also the victim of a love spring with an unnamed griffeness; and they had Merei, Mesta, and Dell who were delivered human though they are griffin, seacow, and centaur in origin.

Chem mated with Xap, a hippogryph; and they had Chex, an alicentaur.

Chex eventually found Cheiron; and they had Che and the twins, Chelsy and Cherish.

Cynthia was a human who was transformed into an alicentaur by Trent. She went into the Brain Coral pool because there were no other alicentaurs at the time. When she returned to Xanth, she met and married Che.

In the main reality and the first alternate reality in Stork Naked, Che is married to Cynthia. In the second reality, Che is married to Surprise and they have a foal. Cynthia is married to Umlaut.

The families from Ogre, Ogre

During his travels, Smash met the imp Ortant, Mayor of Imp Perial. He is the father of Quieta. Quieta is the mother of Trenita.

Several families were created in Ogre, Ogre.

Bria and Eskil married and have three children.

(Tandy, Smash, Blythe, Brawnye, Siren, Morris, and their children are all in the family tree of Kings and Magicians.)

Relationships from Two to the Fifth

Members of Cyrus's troupe formed couples during their tour of Xanth. D. Kay, Dragon Lady, and Shaunna did not find mates in the troup however.

Rhythm and Cyrus had an illicit relationship in this novel. (see Kings and Magicians)

The rocs Ragna and Roc Ette are together, and she will make his life a living hell.

The families from Jumper Cable

Several families were created in Jumper Cable.

In a bet with Xanth; Pluto attempted to seduce the party, lead by Jumper, away from their mission to fix the cable. He slept with Maeve, Wenda, Olive Hue, Phanta, Dawn, and Eve. Phanta also slept with Jumper.

All the cermonies were performed by Dawn.

(Dawn, Eve, Pluto, Jumper, and Eris are all in the family tree of Kings and Magicians.)

The families from Five Portraits

Several families were created in Five Portraits.

Firenze, Santo, Squid, Win, and Myst are very close and adopted each other as siblings.

Additions from Fire Sail

During Fire Sail, Grania and Lydell married and adopted Ula.

Santo started dating Noe to keep people from questioning Santo's sexuality and stop boys from bothering Noe. They have become close, just not romantically. Those closest to them know the truth. Noe is the daughter of Noleta.

Ula and Noe have been adopted as siblings by the siblings from Five Portraits.

Centaur families

Dragon families

Goblin families

The family of Gorbage

Hardy is a male harpy. Gloha and Harglo are winged goblins. The harpies Grand Harridan, Grobigatail, and Hoary Harributtes are said to be aunts to Gloha and Harglo; however the relationship may be more distant.

Graeboe was an invisible giant who was transformed by Trent into a winged goblin. Graeboe has two cousins, Greatbow and Girard. Girard married Gina in the Dream Realm.

In Faun and Games, Kerby is the brother of Graeboe and Ghina and Geddy are large invisible winged goblin children of Gloha and Graeboe on the Red Face of Pyramid. Gim and Gine are possible sons of Girard and Gina on Ptero.

Ogre families

The family of Okra

Okra was born ugly by ogre standards, so found it difficult to find a husband. Her aunt Fannie considered Crawling Banks, Fast Comb, Slow Comb, and Zoltan Dread Locks as prospective husbands for her. Okra landed Smithereen when she kissed him while fighting in a championship for the Chieftainship of Goblin Mountain.

Major and Dwarf Demon families

The family of Nimby

Nimby, which stands for "not in my back yard", is the major demon X(A/N)TH in his dragon-ass form. He met and fell in love with Chlorine during Yon Ill Wind.

The clouds Cumulo Fracto Nimbus and Happy Bottom (Hurricane Gladys) married and had Fray and Wynde Tchill.

Nimbus is interested in Fray.

Human families

The family of Arjayess

Arjayess is a mundane who wrote letters to Xanthians in Up in a Heaval.

The Baldwin family

Jim and Mary Baldwin entered Xanth in Yon Ill Wind with their children. Sean is Jim's son by a previous marriage. David is Mary's son by a previous marriage. Karen is the daughter to both Jim and Mary. They traveled with their pets Woofer, Sean's dog; Midrange, David's cat, and Tweeter, Karen's bird.

The Baldwin family pets got old in Mundania, so they traveled back to Xanth to continue living. Woofer and Rachel had Rowena, Wolfe, and another unnamed pup. Midrange and Erin Kitty Litter, a werecat, are mates but have not had any known kittens. So far, Tweeter has not found a mate.

The Poole family

Jean Poole is working on Always-Always at the Llost and Ffound in Stork Naked. She and her family may be from Xanth.

The family of Silhouette

Cube used Silhouette to visit Mundania in Cube Route.

The family of Xavier

Xanthippe and her son Xavier are human. Xavier fell in love with Zora, a human zombie, and later married her.

Xander and Zelda are possible human children of Xavier and Zora on Ptero in The Dastard.

The Sette family

The Sette family was seen briefly in Air Apparent.

The Champions of Xanth

In Demons Don't Dream, Edsel bet Dug a date with Dug's then girlfriend Pia Putz that he would like the Companions of Xanth video game. Dug gladly lost the bet because he met Kim.

Sofiaʼs play

Miss Take, playing Raven, and Miss Inform, playing Robin, were actresses in Sofia's play who married Justin Case and Justin Time to save the play on Ptero. The characters Ruben and Rowena are the parents of Raven and Robin.


These people are together whether it be married, dating, or went off together somewhere.




Other families

The family of Adora Bull

Pundora was dating Attila the Pun until his death when Dawn revealed he was a pun. Pundora became the lover of Piper, the music monster, initially to keep him from taking Attila then to get revenge on Dawn. She went off with Gattila the Gun.

Piper was dating Granola, an invisible giant, until he became a suitor for Harmony. He met and fell in love with Anna Molly. Anna Molly is Justin Kase transformed into a woman.

Adora Bull went off with Battila the Bun.

Adora Bull has many half siblings by the Minotaur. The siblings with the second name Bull have bull heads and human bodies. The siblings with the first name Bull have human heads and bull bodies.

The siblings of Attila, Battila, and Gattila are all human.

The family of Cadence

Cadence and her family were introduced in Stork Naked and are in Xanth Reality 6.

The Can family

The family of Cans were in the Region of Madness created by John in Two to the Fifth.

The family of Com Pewter

The family of Jenny

Wolverton is the King of the Werewolves on the Isle of Wolves and sire of Jeremy. Jeremy married Jenny, an elf from the World of Two Moons from ElfQuest. Jenny and Jeremy had Jerry Welf and Jone Welf. Jone died in an accident brought on by a curse. Jerry will marry Princess Froma from the World of Three Moons. Jenny and Froma are Wolfriders.

Greek family

In Greek mythology, the Cyclopses and Furies are the children of Gaia and Uranus.

From the Isle of Fellowship

These relationships were undone by the Dastard.

Same species couples

Interspecies couples

From other series

The Apprentice Adept

The Apprentice Adept series is tangentially connected to the Xanth series from Stile being mentioned in Question Quest and several characters from Phaze appearing in Cube Route.

Stile and the Blue Adept are mirrors of each other between Proton and Phaze.

Sheen is a robot from Proton.

Neysa, Chip, and Fleta are unicorns from Phaze.

Mach and his descendants are cyborgs.

Agape is an amorphous alien from Proton.

The Incarnations of Immortality

The Incarnations of Immortality series is tangentially connected to Xanth from Zane being mentioned in Questions Quest.


The Mode series became tangentially related to Xanth when Humfrey mentions Darius in Question Quest. There was a land suspiciously like Xanth in DoOon Mode too.



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