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Wira is a woman from Xanth. Her talent is sensitivity. She was first introduced in Question Quest.

Wira was delivered in 1054. She is the wife of Hugo and mother of Liz and Wigo. She was 36 years old in 1090 when she took youth elixir and became 16. She is 43 years old.

Wira was a blind woman whose body was asleep on the Isle of Illusion. She met Hugo in the dream realm. She lost twenty years of her life; but with Gorgon's help, she was youthened to her conscious age. She has brown hair and pink eyes. Later, by participating in a Quest, she was granted her sight.

Novels: Question Quest, Demons Don't Dream, Harpy Thyme, Geis of the Gargoyle, Roc and a Hard Place, Yon Ill Wind, Faun and Games, Zombie Lover, Xone of Contention, The Dastard, Swell Foop, Up in a Heaval, Cube Route, Currant Events, Pet Peeve, Stork Naked, Air Apparent, Two to the Fifth, Jumper Cable, Knot Gneiss, Well-Tempered Clavicle, Luck of the Draw, Esrever Doom, Board Stiff, Five Portraits, Isis Orb, Ghost Writer in the Sky

A Bold Title means she was a major character. A Small Title means she was only mentioned.


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