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Tandy is a female crossbreed from Xanth. Her talent is throwing explosive tantrums. She was first mentioned in Centaur Aisle.

Tandy was delivered in 1044. She is the daughter of Jewel and Crombie, sister of Griselda, wife of Smash, and mother of Eskil. She is 74 years old.

Tandy has brown hair and blue-green eyes. She rode Mare Imbrium to the Good Magician's Castle to get help with D. Fiant. She has tantrums that are explosive detonations, capable of temporarily dismembering a demon. In payment for helping her escape the Void, she paid half of her soul to Mare Crisium even though Mare Vaporum gave her the ride. Her problem with D. Fiant was taken care of when Smash tricked him into a Gourd, and she also got her half soul back.

Novels: Centaur Aisle, Ogre, Ogre, Night Mare, Golem in the Gears, Vale of the Vole, Heaven Cent, Question Quest, Harpy Thyme, Roc and a Hard Place, Faun and Games, Swell Foop, Up in a Heaval, Cube Route, Jumper Cable

A Bold Title means she was a major character. A Small Title means she was only mentioned.

Character notes


Human men and women will not have a species in their entries. Also, if the surname of the character is the character's species, it was dropped.

If the character is a child, it will be in the description. The child will more than likely be an adult by this time in the Xanth series.

Many species are single gender, so their entries will not mention it. The species are Fury, Muse, basilisk, cenmaid, cenmare, cockatrice, dryad, maenad, sand witch, sandman, and woodwife. Harpies and nymphs are usually female, and fauns are usually male; but there have been a few exceptions that are noted.

In some instances, I have made educated guesses on gender, species, and some birth years.


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