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Piper is a man from Caprice Castle in Xanth. His talent is making music. He was first introduced in Well-Tempered Clavicle as a major character.

Piper is the boyfriend of Anna Molly and ex-lover of Pundora and Granola.

Piper was a fine but homely piper, then Demon Pundit made him handsome and able to use his music to summon and store puns in Caprice Castle. When the puns were lost, he was changed into a a gelatinous monster and cursed. His curse was that he had to find a beautiful princess to marry and stay in the castle with him. He had a music battle with Picka Bone for mastery of Caprice Castle. While he was a suiter of Harmony, she gave him a magic piccolo. He took the hypnotic gem. He is also known Music Monster.

Novels: Well-Tempered Clavicle, Luck of the Draw, Isis Orb

A Bold Title means he was a major character. A Small Title means he was only mentioned.


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