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Night Stallion

Night Stallion is a night stallion from the Gourd. He was first introduced in Ogre, Ogre.

Night Stallion is the sire of Night Colt.

Night Stallion is the leader of the Night Mares and realm of dreams, the gourds, and the Void. He is in love with Helen. He is also known as the Dark Horse, Horse of Another Color, or Trojan.

Novels: Ogre, Ogre, Night Mare, Crewel Lye: A Caustic Yarn, Golem in the Gears, Heaven Cent, Man from Mundania, Isle of View, Question Quest, Demons Don't Dream, Roc and a Hard Place, Yon Ill Wind, Zombie Lover, Swell Foop, Up in a Heaval, Pet Peeve, Stork Naked, Jumper Cable, Luck of the Draw, Esrever Doom, Five Portraits, Isis Orb, Ghost Writer in the Sky, Fire Sail

A Bold Title means he was a major character. A Small Title means he was only mentioned.


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