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Maiden Mexico

Maiden Mexico is a woman from Mundania then the Gap Chasm in Xanth. She was first introduced in Currant Events.

Maiden Mexico was born in 927. She was 26 years old when she boarded the Acquaintance Ship in 953 and began aging again when she escaped in 1105. She is 39 years old.

Maiden Mexico was saved by Nan Oʼ Tek, who brought her to Xanth, and founded the Mai-Den Industrial Park in the Gap in 949 with Maiden Japan, Maiden China, and Maiden Taiwan. Clio met her while she was on the Acquaintance Ship, a fairy boat, on Fanta Sea in 1104 along with the Maidens China and Japan and Cricket, Randi, and Tran. Sometime after that she escaped, but when is unclear. Her name is a play on Made in Mexico.

Novels: Currant Events, Knot Gneiss

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Character notes


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