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King Humfrey

King Humfrey of Human Xanth is a man from the Gap Village then the Good Magicianʼs Castle in Xanth. His talent is information. He was first introduced in A Spell for Chameleon.

Humfrey was delivered in 933. He is the brother of Humboldt and an unnamed sister; husband of Dara, Maiden Taiwan, Rose, Sofia, Gorgon, and MareAnn; father of Dafrey, Matt a Door, Rosetta, Crombie, Hugo, and an unnamed child; and nephew of Humbug. He was 147 years old when he went into an enchanted sleep in 1080 and began aging again when he woke in 1090. He was 174 years old in 1117 but he takes youth elixir to maintain the age of 100. He is 101 years old.

Humfrey was the seventeenth King of Human Xanth and served as King pro tem during the NextWave invasion. He is also known as Good Magician Humfrey. He typically charges a service of one year or the equivalent as the fee for an Answer to a Question. He is the youngest child of a tic farmer. When he became King, he married the demoness Dara. After their son Dafrey was delivered, she left him. He then married Taiwan who adopted Dafrey. Dara had some bits of soul left, so she came back and emulated Taiwan. The result was Matt a Door. When Humfrey abdicated the throne to Aeolus, Taiwan left him.

He rediscovered Castle Roogna, finding Rose living there. He and Rose married after he became a Magician. They had Roesetta. Rose was kidnapped to Hell; and because Humfrey could not get her out right away, he took Lethe elixir.

Figuring he needed a wife to help sort his socks, he married Sofia from Mundania. They had Crombie. When he trained Trent and Iris, he and Sofia neglected Crombie, leaving him to find another parent and found Metria. Sofia left him to return to Mundania.

He built Grundy sometime before he went on the quest for the source of magic with Bink.

He then married Gorgon, and they had Hugo.

He spent 10 years in an enchanted sleep, waiting in Hell to bargain for the release of Rose. After rescuing Rose, and the rest of his former wives and loves, from Hell, he finally married MareAnn. His unnamed child with MareAnn is on the Red Face of Pyramid.

Novels: A Spell for Chameleon, The Source of Magic, Castle Roogna, Centaur Aisle, Ogre, Ogre, Night Mare, Dragon on a Pedestal, Crewel Lye: A Caustic Yarn, Golem in the Gears, Vale of the Vole, Heaven Cent, Man from Mundania, Isle of View, Question Quest, The Color of Her Panties, Demons Don't Dream, Harpy Thyme, Geis of the Gargoyle, Roc and a Hard Place, Yon Ill Wind, Faun and Games, Zombie Lover, Xone of Contention, The Dastard, Swell Foop, Up in a Heaval, Cube Route, Currant Events, Pet Peeve, Stork Naked, Air Apparent, Two to the Fifth, Jumper Cable, Knot Gneiss, Well-Tempered Clavicle, Luck of the Draw, Esrever Doom, Board Stiff, Five Portraits, Isis Orb, Ghost Writer in the Sky, Fire Sail, Jest Right

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Human men and women will not have a species in their entries. Also, if the surname of the character is the character's species, it was dropped.

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Many species are single gender, so their entries will not mention it. The species are Fury, Muse, basilisk, cenmaid, cenmare, cockatrice, dryad, maenad, sand witch, sandman, and woodwife. Harpies and nymphs are usually female, and fauns are usually male; but there have been a few exceptions that are noted.

In some instances, I have made educated guesses on gender, species, and some birth years.


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