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Princess Harmony

Princess Harmony of Human Xanth is a woman from Castle Roogna in Xanth. Her talent is singing or playing something real. She was first mentioned in Yon Ill Wind.

Harmony was delivered in 1096. She is the daughter of Ivy and Grey; triplet sister of Melody and Rhythm; sister of Abscissa, Ordinate, Green, Dol, Gerrod, Grant, Ilene, Isabella Emily Carylyn, and Revy; and girlfriend of Bryce. She is 22 years old.

Harmony has brown hair and eyes and wears a brown dress. She, along with her sisters Melody and Rhythm, switched with her adult self and created Castle Maidragon to contain the Dastard. She and her triplet sisters also created Fibot.

She traveled to Phaze with Cube. A contest was held for her hand in marriage. Her suitors were Piper, Arsenal, Lucky, Justin Kase, D. Pose, and Bryce. She chose Bryce but can not get him to commit because he thinks she is too young. She became Yellow Rose of Texas, Clementine, Jezebel, Irene, and Helen of Troy while trying to win him.

When Ragna Roc attacked in 1128, she escaped with her nieces Kadence and Aria to Three Moons. When she returned, she became King of Xanth.

Novels: Yon Ill Wind, Xone of Contention, The Dastard, Swell Foop, Up in a Heaval, Cube Route, Currant Events, Pet Peeve, Air Apparent, Two to the Fifth, Jumper Cable, Knot Gneiss, Well-Tempered Clavicle, Luck of the Draw, Esrever Doom, Board Stiff, Isis Orb, Ghost Writer in the Sky, Fire Sail, Jest Right

A Bold Title means she was a major character. A Small Title means she was only mentioned.

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