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Eli is a man from Xanth. His talent is a different talent with a curse on each day of week. He was introduced in Isis Orb.

Eli is the boyfriend of Cylla Cybin.

Eli has the following talents and curses. On Sun-Day he feels burnt out but can produce light and even start a fire. On Monday he has no talent but also no curse. On Two's Day he sees two of everything, but whatever he does is twice as effective. On Wetness Day he is constantly rained on, but can control local wet weather. On Thirst Day he is thirsty but can quench anyone else's thirst, literally or figuratively. On Fry Day he can cook anything into something edible, but it's so greasy it can be sickening. On Saturn Day he is surrounded by rings of dust that separate his from others but can also make them spin at high velocity to use as a weapon or defensive shield.


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