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Crombie is a man from the Good Magicianʼs Castle in Xanth. His talent is direction, can point to anything. He was first introduced in A Spell for Chameleon.

Crombie was delivered in 1002. He is the son of Sofia and Humfrey; brother of Dafrey, Matt a Dor, Rosetta, Hugo, and an unnamed sibling; husband of Jewel; and father of Griselda and Tandy. He was 91 years old in 1093 when he took youth elixir and became 81. He is 106 years old.

Crombie was neglected by his parents who were busy training Trent and Iris. He went looking for a new parent and found Metria. She spoiled him; but when she abandoned him, he began hating all women. He became a soldier. His marriage to Jewel has only modified his misogyny a little. Missile Toe was his monster under the bed.

Novels: A Spell for Chameleon, The Source of Magic, Castle Roogna, Centaur Aisle, Ogre, Ogre, Night Mare, Dragon on a Pedestal, Golem in the Gears, Question Quest, Harpy Thyme, Xone of Contention, The Dastard

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Character notes


Human men and women will not have a species in their entries. Also, if the surname of the character is the character's species, it was dropped.

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In some instances, I have made educated guesses on gender, species, and some birth years.


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