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Clio is a Muse from the South Village, Castle Roogna, then Mount Parnassus in Xanth. Her talent is reversing a situation, windback. She was first introduced in Dragon on a Pedestal.

Clio was delivered in 920. She is the daughter of Mnem and Ebnez; sister of Calliope, Euterpe, Melpomene, Terpsichore, Erato, Polyhymnia, Urania, and Thalia; wife of Sherlock; and mother of Ciriana. She was 17 years old when she moved to Mount Parnassus and became the Muse of History in 937 and began aging again when she left to live a normal life in 1104. She is 31 years old.

Clio was born under three curses that her father was able to mitigate. The first was she will not have feminine curves of her own, but will find some. She got them from the bark of a nymph tree. The second was she will have daily danger, but a means to nullify it, her talent. The third was she may die young, but will be young a long time.

She was sent to Castle Roogna to join her sisters in 920 by her father to protect her from the Twelfth Wave. While she was living in Castle Roogna; Agora was her nursemaid, and Medi was her friend. When she got older, she babysat Humfrey. She writes the magical history texts of Xanth. Drew and Drusie accompany her during her Quest.

Sherlock reversed her curses, and she left Parnassus to live a normal life with him and Ciriana, who they adopted. She returns to Parnassus to write new history texts.

Novels: Dragon on a Pedestal, Man from Mundania, Isle of View, Zombie Lover, Swell Foop, Currant Events, Air Apparent, Two to the Fifth, Ghost Writer in the Sky, Fire Sail

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Character notes


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